David Crawford (AKA Halffast) to Appear on the Survival Podcast

David Crawford (known on most forums as Halffast) and author of  Lights Out
will be on The Survival Podcast sometime in the next week or two.  I communicated with David and confirmed him as a guest.  I will be calling him tomorrow to set up the actual time.  David is also going to get some singed copies that we can give away to listeners as prizes.  Well at least as soon as he gets his hard copy, he is still waiting for them to ship like many of us.

David is an awesome guy who’s work has done a ton to spread the prepping message.  We will be discussing the book, its inspiration and prepping in general.  So stay tuned and as soon as we have a firm date for David’s interview I will let you know.

Lights Out focuses on the disaster scenario of an EMP attack and the resulting aftermath. Lights out doesn’t go from from a typical day to the apocalypse overnight with the onset of the attack. Instead it presents a worsening spiral where things go from okay to bad to worse on a more realistic time frame then most similar books of the survival/apocalyptic genre.

So if you are one of the 5 million who downloaded the PDF and always wanted a hard copy or just want a book that is just an awesome read and a great way to spur the mind about prepping from the tactical to the practical check out Lights Out.

Get Your Copy of Lights Out

10 Responses to David Crawford (AKA Halffast) to Appear on the Survival Podcast

  1. I am SO looking forward to the podcast with David Crawford!
    I have read his story on line several times then burned it to disk and read it a couple times since.
    I also order the hard copy. I LOVE “Lights Out”!

    The problem with reading it online (no longer available) or from the disk is that I couldn’t take it to work with me to read.

    I have been waiting “forever” for the hard copy.

    Just one of his fans………….

  2. Got mine coming from Amazon. I’ve read the PDF several times over the years. It gave me a lot of good ideas about what I could add to my preps that would be handy in a shtf situation.

  3. Fantastic! I can’t wait. I have it downloaded, but I find that a book like this is something I will pick up in hard cover so I can loan it out.
    I did this will One Second After and now each of the 4 people I loaned ito ut to is prepping! I KNOW this book will have even better results.

  4. Looks to be interesting. It is amazing how dependent people are on the system. Our entire area for about a mile square loses electricity every summer for 1-3 days straight and it’s amazing how unprepared people really are…

  5. I am so excited that this book is available. I downloaded two chapters last winter and it was great.

  6. Amazon shipped mine today. Looking forward to reading it. Again 🙂

  7. Been looking forward to this since he hinted it might be coming out in hard copy. Awesome stuff; just needed a little polish and editing.

  8. I wish there was a kindle version. I like reading on my iPhone and would gladly pay for an eBook version.

  9. YAHOO!!!
    I received my copy of “Lights Out” today!!!

    (Boy! That was quick!) ;^ D

  10. Awesome book! It’s on my Christmas list. Can’t wait for the interview…and it to be made into a movie (I wish) 🙂