Date Announced for the Gary Vaynerchuk Private Session

Last month Gary Vaynerchuck joined us on TSP to discuss developing personal brand and building your own business as a form of prepping.  Gary is the author of several books and is a New York Times best selling author.    He was so blown away by the communities personal response to his appearance on twitter and facebook he agreed to do a private session with any member of the TSP audience that would purchase 5 copies of his book and email the receipt to him and to myself.

I am also doing two sessions after Gary’s session for some more personalized consulting.  Full details on this opportunity are here.

I just wanted to update those who are participating, the date for the session has now been set for April 20th, looks like 5PM Mountain, 7PM Eastern.  Full details will be set to all participants before the session.   I am also setting a final date for anyone who still wants to participate of April 15th, aka Tax Day.  Not my plan it just worked out that way.

If you have any questions about this session PLEASE read the original post about it before asking. Those who have sent in their reciept you should have gotten a response from me.  If you didn’t please email me and let me know.

3 Responses to Date Announced for the Gary Vaynerchuk Private Session

  1. Mark in Colorado


    I will only be able to catch the first 30 minutes. Since I am sure people will probably ask similar questions that I would ask, I was wondering if an audio download of the session would be available later for those who participated? I really want to be there for the entire session, but as much as I dig Gary V, I love my 8-yr old daughter even more. She had a school performance get scheduled for that same night and I’d never forgive myself for missing it. Anyway, it would be cool if I could somehow download it later, to catch up on what I missed.


  2. Modern Survival

    @Mark I will try to make that happen.

  3. Mark in Colorado

    Cool. Thanks, Jack : )