Crown Bees and Holler Roast Coffee Added to the MSB

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Log In or Join the MSB for this and Other Great Discounts.

So just a few weeks ago I brought you a new discount vendor in Vin Armani’s Counter Markets.

This week I am bringing you two more.  I am really excited about these.

These two benefits alone may easily pay for your annual membership.  I am working very hard right not to further improve the MSB with some new and exciting discounters for 2017.  If you have been considering joining the MSB now would be a great time to do just that.

Now to the new TSP Discount Vendors…


First as many of you know Nicole Sauce who runs Holler Roast Coffee recently joined our MSB.  I was really impressed with Nicole’s coffee at our fall workshop.  So when she recently did a kickstarter to raise enough money for a new roaster I of course supported her.

Now she is in big time production mode and I have gotten you guys a great discount from her.  MSB members get a $2 per pound discount on premium coffee. Experience simple freshness. Each season, we carefully taste many different coffee beans from small farms around the world to choose the “Holler Roast” blend. All coffee is roasted to order to ensure that you get the freshest possible product. And when the beans are gone, we start another tasting cycle. Coupon code is good for one-time orders and for coffee subscriptions.  The discount code is already in your MSB Private Area in the “Benefits” section.


Next just today I had Charlie Mohr of Crown Bees on the show.   Crown Bees provides everything you need to build colonies of peaceful pollinators on your property.  Specializing in mason and leaf cutter bees and all the supplies you need to attract your own or you can get bees from them as well.

Their website is a wealth of knowledge and provides anything you can imagine for “hole bee” habitat.  The best part MSB Members get a full 20% discount on all items on their website.  With that one or two purchases from them alone can completely cover the cost of your MSB membership.

Learn more at and if you want the kit I have in my own back yard with everything you need including mason bees and leaf cutter bees to stock your new bee house check out this kit, The Dual Season Bee Chalet.  The discount code is already in your MSB Private Area in the “Benefits” section.


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3 Responses to Crown Bees and Holler Roast Coffee Added to the MSB

  1. Thanks for your diligence Jack in finding great resources for us. BONUS for one here in the NW!

  2. Thierry Perraut

    I contacted Crown Bees a few months back and told them about your podcast and the form to fill, and why I thought the TSP audience would be a great fit for them. I’m glad they did it. They are also a local company for me 🙂

    Now I almost regret having that last large order before the discount was provided :-). Thanks Jack for adding another discount for MSB members.

    I’ll get my leafcutter bees on July 10 (likely to be received on the 11th). So far my Mason bees (cocoons from a friend, but all gear from Crown Bees) did very well, with over 30 tubes filled. Each tube is 6-8 cocoons, but not all survive of course. Going from 50 cocoons (25 females max) to likely over 180 cocoons in 1 season is neat. And these bees are super tame.

    I think from the interview he forgot to add that the Mason bees fly at quite low temperature, 55F, and I believe can fly in some drizzle. Useful for me near Seattle WA.

  3. Jack,
    Another great guest and interview. The passion that Charlie exhibits makes it just plain fun to listen too.

    I have been using Crownbees for the past two seasons and my fruit tree and garden yields have doubled! I am not in a position to have honey bees so the mason bees and leaf cutter bees make it a viable/cost effective alternative.

    Having the bees has also made my family more aware of the other bees in my neighborhood. I also found out we have an endangered species of native bumble bees here in Iowa, The Rusty Patched Bumble Bee.