Episode-149- Creative ideas for producing and storing your own food

Today we discuss some less often thought of options for production of food and storage of it.

Tune in today to hear…

  • A win fall at Home Depot
  • Growing strawberries in a pot for a lot less money
  • Dehydrated strawberries and ideas for their use
  • Oh let there be strawberry mead and beer
  • Why you can’t separate survival and gardening in the modern world
  • The 2 lunch a week challenge, can you loose a X from your XXL
  • The blueberry in container gardening
  • Dried figs, works in the Deserts and will work for you too
  • Using dried biltong, veggies and bullion for creating your own field rations
  • The U.S. is a net importer of food, what this means to us
  • Your grandparents saved money and planted gardens and trees, they were wise
  • How much food could we produce in the suburbs if 1 in 5 trees were fruit or nut trees
  • Asparagus 25 years of food and a beautiful fern every summer
  • Think about other creative crops, soy beans, pea nuts, etc.

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2 Responses to Episode-149- Creative ideas for producing and storing your own food

  1. Great GREAT show today– I love to hear people extol the virtues of making your land work for you, rather than plant ornamentals all over the place. It takes so little effort to reap so large a harvest…

    I read in a great book on Dumpster Diving (Book was hilarious, subversive and right-on-target!) about Guerilla gardening– tossing seeds in empty yards, back areas of the woods, etc. and checking on them later. Not a bad idea…

  2. excellent show. But man cantt live by veggies alone. What about combination with chicken raising, livestock,. and hunting..

    localized guerilla gardening and squatting vacant land for gardens is wonderful.