Episode-1153- David Crawford and Travis Fox on the “Lights Out Saga”

We are joined on TSP today by Travis Fox and David Crawford.   Travis Fox is a  security consultant, disaster planning specialist, and firearms instructor, Fox is the owner of Reel Equity Funding (REF), the film production group responsible for securing the rights to produce Lights Out as a film.

David Crawford is best known as the author of Lights Out a story that revolves around a full on grid down scenario which requires a local community of ordinary people to band together to survive.  He wrote the original story years ago and originally gave it away at no cost in a PDF.

Today the printed version has done very well and combined the modern ebook, original PDF and printed book have reached over 2 million people with a message of preparedness for the everyday person.

They join me today to discuss the production of the Lights Out Saga an eventual trilogy based on David’s book.  We also discuss why they are remaining independent.  Why Hollywood types really hate this type of story and would want to change it and struggles with fund raising due to anti 2nd amendment policies of companies like Indigogo and Kickstarter.

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19 Responses to Episode-1153- David Crawford and Travis Fox on the “Lights Out Saga”

  1. lowwattliving

    I just can’t wait for the movie it’s going to be awesome!

  2. It’s been a great 5 years Jack! Keep up the great work!

  3. Congratulations on 5 years Jack – I feel like I’ve been on this journey with you for the past 3 years or so. My wife and I have fundamentally changed our lives due to the advice you’ve given us and we could not be happier with these decisions. We’re still a long way off from where we want to be ultimately, but we’re up to the challenge and look forward to listening to you for many more years into the future.
    All the best Jack,

    John and Kate

  4. The Solar Druid

    thanks for the heads up I just downloaded the PDF book, I’ll read it & it looks pretty good so far ! I wonder just how much HOLLYWOOD here in L.A. is gonna try & butcher it too fit their Ideas ? So I’ll read it first & then go see the Movie.

  5. Roundabouts

    Haha Don’t support stupid! Love it. independent fund raising I can support that.

  6. LICountryboy

    Happy Anniversary Jack.
    It’s been fun.
    I found you July 8th 2008 and have been hooked ever since.
    Thanks for the years and may TSP have many more.

  7. I’ve been waiting for a ‘Backwoods Home Magazine’ sponsor day..

    I just got my first copy and all I can say is ‘holy cow, why didn’t I get this sooner’!!?

    Its jam packed with exactly the type of information anyone who listens to this podcast would be highly interested in.

    Simply awesome.


  8. One movie I dont want to miss. Good luck finding the funding. I noticed a lot of heavy reverb about half way through the ‘cast. Could be my setup, but thought Id mention it. Happy Five year anniversary Jack. Although Ive not been a listener that long, I delve into the older shows on the weekend while at work.

  9. Big gratz man! Happy 5th!

  10. Happy Anniversary!!!

  11. Congrats on 5 years Jack. You’re doing an awesome job, and looking forward to the next 5!

    Can’t wait to see the movie. The book was awesome, and I’ve used it as a tool to introduce several people to the idea of preparedness.

  12. Congratulations on five years and thank you for your show.
    Best regards to your wife as well, hope she is feeling better.

  13. The New Mike

    Congrats brother on 5 years. Definitely living the dream, and well earned.

  14. MoutainStatePrepper

    Happy Anniversary! You’re special day shares the same day as the birth of my great state of West Virginia!

    –Montani Semper Liberi

  15. John Paul Smajda

    The term for the “Manna from Heaven” type of situations you see in literature or other kinds of narratives is “deus ex machina”

    It translates “God from the Machine”. Or simply God did it. Thank you for trying to avoid it, as it is considered to be a very cheap device authors use to write them selves out of a situation.

    • John Paul Smajda

      To clarify, I was meant to address David Crawford in my previous comment, hoping he is reading.

  16. Great show, Jack! Loved hearing from David Crawford and Travis Fox. I had been wondering what was slowing everything down and now we know.
    Hey, David & Travis. Don’t worry about Indiegogo or Kickstarter. Just let us know where we can donate to. I’d be willing to donate $$ for a copy of the dvd after the movie gets released. I think you guys need to come up with your own website ask for donations and start offering up “pre-purchase” dvds. I’d still go to see the movie in the theater even after paying extra. Just a thought. We’re with you.

  17. @David and Travis
    For a crowd-sourcing website that doesn’t appear to be anti-liberty, take a look at RocketHub. Here is a link to a campaign for 80% AR lowers that made it well past funding: http://www.rockethub.com/24384 Too bad I didn’t see it sooner! 😉

  18. David , for every book down loaded or sold my guess would be your book lights out was read by 6 to 8 people. My down loaded copy was loaned out 12 times , I could not find it so I bought a copy . I’ve loaned it out 5 times now. It is the first book I go to when I run out of new books to read, 20 to 25 times so far.