Episode-768-Craig Cole from The Outdoor Podcast

Craig Cole from The Outdoor Podcast

Craig Cole from The Outdoor Podcast

Craig Cole is an avid outdoorsman and hunter who decided to start The Outdoor Podcast as a method of sharing his passion for the outdoors with other people.

Craig’s passions range from hunting to canoeing to wilderness self-reliance skills and just about anything and everything outdoors.

He is currently a student of Dave Canterbury’s Phase 1 Course and was published in Issue #3 of Self-Reliance Magazine.  He joins us today to discuss ways we can all find more adventure in our lives and add a sense of realism to our self reliance skills training.

Talking to Craig was great, sort of like chatting to an old friend you had never actually met, I think this will be a great podcast to kick off a fall weekend.

Craig Joins Us Today to Discuss…

  • Adding realism to self reliance
  • Finding Adventure in your life
  • The law of the lowest common denominator
  • Canoes vs. kayaks
  • Skills over stuff
  • Real scenarios that are the most likely to require self reliance skills
  • Practicing skills within your daily activities
  • EDC and day kits
  • Butchering big game
  • Finding an outdoors mentor
  • Small game hunting

Resources for Today’s Show

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9 Responses to Episode-768-Craig Cole from The Outdoor Podcast

  1. Daniel Johnson

    Love the show Jack!!!
    Keep up the GREAT work!!

  2. Craig is a good guy. Met him this year at the mother earth news fair

  3. Below is a link to a deer processing dvd from Kentucky Afield for anyone who is looking for a good instructional video.

    dvd – https://secure.kentucky.gov/Mall/Store/7803440a42df458c815d9db55890b738/Product/5ec5d4530c384a58af441a914bf23317/

    youtube video of field dressing from the dvd – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECdaKBbmGnU

  4. Not that anyone that listens to the podcast is relying on the I will just go hunt deer method, but here is some info that with reinforce that this is not a good idea.

    I work on a military base that encompasses 55,000 acres, it is surrounded by subdivisions and farm land. It is approximately 50Km from a city of 290,000. It is basically a game preserve with a population of deer around 6000 (white tail and mule), elk and moose.

    So you can imagine that a significant portion of the the above city is planning on the base during SHFT. We currently allow hunting and it is well known.

    Last fall we had an exercise that involved only 200 soldiers that occupied the area for approximately 3 weeks. They were not using any weapons, just driving and a few demolitions (twice). So the deer population was under no hunting pressure, just an increase of people presence. Because of this the deer have left the area and are now just starting to return. I have worked here for over 8 years and have never seen less deer than this year. So much so that environment Canada has reduced the amount of tags for this zone this year.

    Can you imagine the effect a relatively small percentage of a good sized city would have on the deer? They would move out of the area and head for places most are not willing to go. Deer are not stupid and will not stay where there is lots of pressure.

    I feel sorry for the people that think they will just head out of the city and hunt for food if the need arises. Because there will be nothing there after a few hours as the deer move out of the area.

  5. For processing deer or wild game there is a video produced by the state of Virginia that is very good. It has a professional butcher showing you how to process the carcass after it has been field dressed and skinned.

  6. Our good friends at the Pathfinder School made this video a few years back. I think it’s really good perhaps because I am a novice. He admittedly is not a pro butcher but for my needs, I got a lot out of this two part video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYvP8Qc4Oyc&feature=related

  7. What was the cordage that was mentioned that Dave liked more than paracord now? Tard line or something?