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I have really enjoyed working with Vin Armani for the past few months.  The guy really has his stuff together.  His show is combination of deconstruction of the MSM narrative followed by great guests.

I just did my second appearance on his show yesterday.  Despite a technical issue (things froze and crashed on his end) we powered though and you can see the archive here or you can jump to my part here.  It was a great show.

Vin released “Counter Markets” a few months ago, he sent me the first three issues to review and I was very impressed.  Counter Markets is written from the Agorist perspective, how can you profit in the new economy?  What are the trends you should be following?  How can you profit from these trends?

I was impressed by the content, and that isn’t easy to do.  We live in a world where in many ways content is now produced in such quantity that getting someone to pay for more requires something special.  I think Vin and his team have nailed it in that regard.

In the first three issues, I have learned a lot about a booming trend in housing called the “Co-Living Trend”.  Most are high density dorm like housing for millennials in the tech industry.  They tend to be in expensive tech areas like Silicon Valley and even Austin Texas.  I would not use this trend as it is described but it has given me thoughts about a new way to market “Tiny House Living” on my property.

I also learned in great detail the story behind Uber and Lyft being pushed out of Austin, and how the gray market then created “Arcade City” with ride shares being accomplished on Facebook Groups. How that splintered into Swarm City and why the Swarm may become the disrupter of the disrupters in almost no time at all.  This understanding has changed the way I am viewing crypto currencies and block chain technology.

The cost of Counter Markets is 149.99 a year for 12 issues.  Each issue has about 60-70 pages of amazing content that drills down on the most important counter market trends of the current month.  That might sound expensive but it isn’t for the quality of the information you receive.  It is like having your own team to drill down and find the best information each month and prepare a concise report for you on Counter and Gray Market activities.  Frankly I am glad it is expensive, I am glad that you have to buy it to see what is inside of it.  I think it will give subscribers and edge in the changing markets.

Of course, when Vin asked me to promote it I asked him to do an MSB discount and I got you a BIG ONE, how about 50 dollars?  You do realize that is the entire cost of a year of MSB at full price, right?  The discount code has already been added to the MSB and you can find it on the benefits page.

To Get the Code and Discount Log into The MSB Here

Not Sure Yet?  How about getting to look inside first with a free issue? To do that just go to and sign up for your free copy.  But if you decide to subscribe after that be sure to use the MSB discount when you do.

3 Responses to Counter Markets Newsletter added to the MSB

  1. Thanks Jack, this looks great! I am always looking for more sources I can trust in the entrepreneur space and I am going to check out the first issue. On a slight tangent to more awesome stuff, I just checked out Paul Wheaton’s Kickstarter funding for his PDC/ATC. My jaw actually dropped in shock at the rewards. More great stuff to absorb and use.

  2. lasttexascowboy

    Read the freebie and I was impressed. It was really easy to read and understand. I ordered the newsletter with the discount. Thanks

  3. Read the june issue, and was impressed.