Episode-2094- Expert Council Q&A for 10-6-17

Today its Friday so it’s time for expert council show. To ask a question for a show like this, just send an email to me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com with “TSPC Expert” in the subject line.

Today the expert council answers questions on crypto currency, farming, permaculture, childbirth, coffee, road rage and more.

In the body of your email first tell me the council member your question is for. Second ask your question concisely in one to two sentences maximum. Third any and all details after that. This is the formula to give you the best chance of getting on the air.

I do what I can to get as many of your questions as possible on the air but can’t always get to all of them. Our council is made of a wide variety of experts in everything from the tactical to the practical and everything in between.

To get more information on our Expert Council visit our “Meet the Expert Council Page” to learn more about them and their specific areas of expertise.

Join Me Today As Our Experts Discuss

  • An update on Crypto Gulch – Jack
  • Considerations when raising heirloom hogs – Darby Simpson
  • Putting together a “birthing kit” – Nurse Amy
  • Dealing with road rage – Dan Ohmann
  • Improving soil on a large permaculture property – Geoff Lawton
  • How fees are kept low on a shift debit card for BTC – Brandon Todd
  • Making the perfect cup of coffee at home – Nicole Sauce
  • Did John Rich giving his gun to a cop at the Vegas shooting make sense – Jack

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4 Responses to Episode-2094- Expert Council Q&A for 10-6-17

  1. “Put the spandex on and make a video…”

    Thanks Mr. Lawton… That made my weekend.

  2. RE: Nicole’s various coffee making suggestions.

    I typically use a FrenchPress and like my coffee strong.

    Nicole mentioned she pours her coffee after only 60 seconds of actually adding the water to the grounds. Does the coffee get stronger the longer you allow the grounds to steep before? For instance, if you wait say 10 minutes instead of 60 seconds will the coffee be that much stronger? Or does it not matter?

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

    • The coffee grounds when kept on hot water will continue to release flavor into the water. However, if you go TOO long, you will get a high level of acidic flavor and acid in your coffee. I have a stomach that does not like acid so I tend to make my coffee in ways that reduces the amount of acid in it.

      For a formal cupping, you leave the grounds on water for 4 minutes. The official word on how long to leave them in the French Press is also 4 minutes, but you as the coffee brewer get to choose the amount of time that you like best.

  3. Lily Gonzalez

    Great coverage about how to have a baby in bad times. As a former RN of nine years, I was astounded to consider just how utterly helpless society would be if healthcare facilities were threatened. The info presented was amazing!

    I would add that there are millions of non-working RNs in the U.S. alone and most are a wealth of knowledge.

    Also, many elder women and women from undeveloped countries can be a huge help. These ladies have had to be resourceful in their own lives. So never underestimate what these unsung heroes can do for pampered Americans who can’t tie their shoes without following some legal instruction manual.