Join Me for a Contour Bed Gardening Workshop May 23 -26

Update – This Event is Now Full Stay Tuned for Future Events

These dates are not ideal I realize but things just worked out this way.  I have notified all those who were on the waiting list and so far 6 of the 20 spots have been claimed so only 14 remain.  Once they are full, they are full.  If anyone manages to claim a spot after twenty are claimed your deposit will be refunded.


All the details and instructions to sign up can be found in this PDF.  Please read it fully before you sign up but here are the basics of the event.  There is a link to sign up at the end of the PDF.  Again please read it fully before you sign up.

Contour Based Wood Core Gardening Workshop

Location – The Azle Texas Area new Eagle Mountain Lake, address provided to confirmed attendees only.

Workshop Dates May 24th and 25

Property Open from the evening of May 23rd till the afternoon of May 26

Cost – $400.00 by PayPal or pay cash upon arrival and it is only $300.00 (A deposit of $25 dollars is required to hold your spot by PayPal)  Yes I am giving a 100 dollar discount for those that pay the balance in cash, it’s not a typo.

Limited accommodations on site, details in the PDF

What this workshop will cover

  • Site selection
  • Use of rotary laser level to determine landscape contour
  • Use of a A-Frame level for low tech contour based design
  • The how, what and why of wood core beds (aka Hugelkultur)
  • Dealing with first year nitrogen loss due to the carbon nitrogen cycles
  • Inoculation with fungal inoculant
  • Developing an underground shallow aquifer
  • Why improving irrigation efficiency is critical to long term success
  • Developing seed mixes and utilizing them for bed establishment
  • Developing micro food forests inside a typical annual garden layout
  • Choosing your plantings, setting first year expectations with this type of system
  • And more

Join us for a fun learning experience.  For this event we have a strict limit of 20 people.  Sorry but spouses, children, etc. will all count and require a fee.  This is our first workshop and we simply feel this is as many individuals as we can accommodate the first time around and do a good job for everyone involved.

There will also be a bonus, as we got a great rate on the mini excavator some work will also be done on our new 2700 square foot forest garden showcase.  While we will not be planting this area some of the main frame rough in will be done and the master plan explained to all students.

Get Full Details and Sign Up Here

14 Responses to Join Me for a Contour Bed Gardening Workshop May 23 -26

  1. This sounds like a great opportunity. I’d be seriously considering it if I were within driving distance. I know it won’t be the same, but will you be shooting any video for YouTube (or MSB)?

  2. Have to check but I’m excited to come!

  3. Really excited about this class. Jack I sent an email with a question about holding my spot, just some redundancy in case the spam folder picked it up.

    • Modern Survival

      Just so folks know this is first come first serve, get the form filled out and deposit made, we are not holding seats for people and having that cause others to not get a spot. We are no up to 8 spots claimed and only 12 remain.

    • Modern Survival

      Oh and I did respond to your email, please read my response in detail, in your situation I am willing to work with you on it. Details sent.

  4. I’m wondering about a You Tube video in the future as well.

  5. I’m fired up! This will be a first step for me in starting up an edible permaculture landscaping business. Booked my plane ticket last night! Only thing I need to figure out is if I can check some homebrew on in my luggage.

  6. Oh, and for anyone flying, Spirit Airlines was only like $150 a ticket from Boston to Dallas. Not bad considering we are only 2 weeks out.

  7. Also, Jack, should we do any pre-studying, or is there any recommended reading material?

  8. I’ve got the time and the ambition just not the cash. My wife was very enthusiastic until I mentioned the price. And, sorry folks, I happen to be within an hour drive too. 🙂

  9. The Morgan Hill Homesteading Project

    Is there an option to pay in silver Jack?

    • Modern Survival

      If you make the deposit with paypal and want to do the balance in silver at spot, Ill take it.

  10. Oldhomestead

    I looked in the forums but couldn’t find a thread for this workshop. Is there one out there already?

    looking forward to the weekend playing in the dirt.

    • Modern Survival

      I don’t know if there is a thread, did you register for the event, we are full up. Sorry if I don’t recognize your handle and connect it to your name.