Episode-67- Choosing between MRE’s or Rice and Beans

There is another great thread in our forum going on about the choice between “MRE’s or Rice and Beans” and it has gone well enough I decided to do a show on the topic.  I also however, open today’s show with some thoughts on the Senates approval of the “improved bail out bill”.  Meaning they loaded it up with pork.

Tune in today to hear…

On the Bail out

  • Call your Senators and tell them they are fired, if yours voted no, tell me who they are so I can let people know who those with a spine are.
  • How we are being forced to buy a 1 trillion dollar ticket to an event we don’t want to see
  • More on stock market voodoo
  • Is that pork I smell, why does it stink so bad?
  • A shell game with the profits, you bet
  • Who really is going to get rich on this, it isn’t the “damn CEOs” from the screwed companies
  • One quadrillion in derivatives is the real problem

On the main topic today

  • MREs are useful but expensive, bulky and get “old” fast
  • How to create variety even with boring “rice and beans”
  • How rice and beans doesn’t always mean just rice and beans
  • How to make boring dry beans into an awesome soup
  • The simplistic beauty of quick beer bread
  • How you can “test” survival food before you stock it
  • Adding potatoes and pasta to the rice and beans regiment
  • Teaching yourself to cook like our grand parents did
  • The way to truly store what you eat and eat what you store
  • Not everything you store needs to be canned, dried, etc. use your freezer
  • Using affordable food to cut your budget and live the live”
  • Simple Potatoes that people will prefer to steak
  • The humble Shepperd’s Pie

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10 Responses to Episode-67- Choosing between MRE’s or Rice and Beans

  1. Oooh, that beer bread sounds great! I’m definitely going to have to try this. After recently moving out of my parents house and away from my father’s amazing cooking I’ve been really feeling the little plastic hammer tapping at my head telling me that need to learn to cook so thanks for reinforcing that from another perspective. Beer-bread may just be my first attempt 🙂

  2. Modern Survival

    John, you won’t regret it. A few important things….

    1. A flour sifter is cheap spend a few bucks for one

    2. Be patient once it is finished, let it cool for 10-15 minutes before taking it out of the pan. Other wise you risk a busted loaf as the bottom will separate from the top.

    3. Use real butter, not margarine. (margarine YUK!)

    This stuff is positively addictive. Try a cup of grated cheese some time, etc. That said first time, white flour and no adjuncts. That will give you a good baseline to fairly judge modifications. I made herb one time, over used them and was very glad to know that I screwed up with too many herbs, not that the bread sucked as a whole.

  3. Christopher Tarver

    These senators are the ones who voted NO…

    Allard (R)Barasso (R)Brownback (R)Bunning (R)Cantwell (D)Cochran (R)Crapo (R)DeMint (R)Dole (R)Dorgan (D)Enzi (R)Feingold (D) Inhofe (R)Johnson (D)Landrieu (D)Nelson (FL) (D)Roberts (R)Sanders (I)Sessions (R)Shelby (R)Stabenow (D)Tester (D)Vitter (R)Wicker (R)Wyden (D)

    he rest should be strung up in the best Texas thievery style

  4. Try making your own butter… It’s easy and tastes so good. It’s quite simple to do.

  5. Made two bread batches this weekend. First came out crumbly (but still good). Second one, I added more beer and sifted the flour…came out perfectly.

    Came up with some potential alternatives…
    *Chop up some garlic and add some herbs
    *Add some sour cream to the batter (no clue how this will turn out, but I’m quite experimental, so I’m eager to try it)

  6. Jeremy pointed me to this site for bread stuff: http://www.thefreshloaf.com/ Looks like a good resource for recipes and ideas. =-]

  7. We’ve made beer bread for a few years and is one of our favorites. I never would have thought of it as a “survival” food, just goes to prove that you can eat better and cheaper with basic, long-term storable food items in your pantry.

  8. hey a where do I buy some “Potatas” ?

  9. Modern Survival


    Where do you think, from the potata store, ;>)

  10. I ate rice and beans for two years of my life every single day. Never got old simply because the seasoning varied a bit. Cool thing is that seasonings can be in dry form and stored for extended periods of time.