Cholula Hot Sauce – Item of the Day — 5 Comments

  1. I like Cholula.  One of my grandsons, Liam, age 8, has loved Cholula for 3 or 4 years, now.  But, I have to say that my favorite is Texas Pete.  Just as you say, Tabasco is just too hot for my enjoyment.   All you taste is hot, whereas Texas Pete and Cholula give you the flavor of the peppers, but not so much hot that you lose the flavor of everything else you have it in or on.

  2. Cholula is good, and has a cool-looking cap. Valentina Extra-Hot (available at Walmart) is IMO a bit better. Their regular heat stuff is also decent.

    Cholula does have the best packaging, though.

    I found Tabasco rather watered-down after my taste buds aged, so it is back in the Frank’s Red Hot category. Not bad, not great.

  3. I’ve always made hot wings with Frank’s Red Hot as that’s what I’ve generally understood what most restaurants use for their hot wings. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of using Cholula instead, that sounds amazing… in fact, I bet the chipotle Cholula would be pretty good too.

  4. I used to prefer Tabasco as well, until I came across Franks Hot Sauce.

    My goodness I put that stuff on everything!

    I will give this Cholula a try.  I’m open to anything hot, but I agree with Jack, it shouldn’t be so hot you can’t taste anything for an hour afterwards.