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Aquatics and Aquaponics Update for 5-11-17

Just a quick walk though the aviary checking our mainly the wicking beds, lots of tomatoes set, zucchini is doing great, training winter squash vines, feeding the fish and more.

Focusing on the things we are learning with this system so that we can implement our major expansion this summer in the old garden area.



Aquaponics and Aquatics Update for 5-4-17

Today we take a look at some of the growth inside the aviary including some banging squash and tomato plants, some cloning propagation techniques and the beds running expanded shale that are going to need rebuilding due to poor drainage.

New YouTube Videos 4-25-17

We have added four new videos to the YouTube channel.  They cover some stuff with the ducks, clipping goose wings and naturalized vegetables on Nine Mile Farm.

First on Season Three – Episode Sixteen – Little Ducks Have Joined the Big Ducks on the Homestead Scene we start at the gate, the gate to the holding area that is as the big ducks and little ducks have been fully integrated.  We then travel a bit around the property and finish up with a little look at things in the aviary.



Then on Season Three – Episode Seventeen – The Young Ducks Have Settled into the Routine  we visit the young ducks and the old timers at bath time.  It is getting to a point where we can’t call them babies any longer.

We also take a look at how they are working the land and laying a lot of the tall grass flat, controlling the undergrowth but keeping the ground covered.

We stop by the mulberry trees for a late breakfast of both black and white berries.



Then in this follow up video to Episode Seventeen of The Duck Chronicles we find the mystery plant was just scarlet Nantes carrot that has gone naturalized on my property.



This final one was actually recorded in the fall of 2014 and got lost, I found it doing some clean up on my PC today and rendered it out for youtube.  It is us rustling up the geese and clipping their wings.



Walks With Jack Episode One – Free to Everyone

I recently decided to add Patreon as a revenue source and needed to come up with rewards for people that support us at various levels.  Right now the highest level of support we have is 5 dollars a month.

To those supporters I have pledged to make at least one “Walks With Jack” video a month, if we have enough support and questions and suggestions there will be two most months.

To show what these will be like I am allowing everyone Patron or not to see the video.  The only catch is you have to visit my Patreon Page to see it.  Just click the image below to see the post with free embedded video on Patreon and while there consider supporting us.

I have heard from a few MSB members about the fact that if you support me though that program what about adding some sort of incentive for you guys to make things more fair.

Well here is the deal, MSB members who also support me on Patreon at the 5 dollar level will get a 25 dollar a year discount on the MSB, or fully half price as one of that tiers rewards.  I hope you enjoy episode one, we talk a lot about how to develop true wealth in your life and a new view of the concepts of investment and wealth.

See this Video For Free on Pateon

P.S. – 3 Dollar a month members do not get these videos but they do get other rewards and a 15 dollar a year discount on the MSB.

Duck Chronicles – Episode 14 – Little Ducks in Fields of Green

Today on Season Three – Episode Fourteen – Little Ducks in Fields of Green –  we start out with the babies giving them first crack at the newly filled pools before the “big kids” come take over.

Then we let the adults out and Charlie finally draws a bead on the “bad bird” we always have him looking for.  You will see the bird dog come out in him as he instinctively goes into a point, even though the bad bird (a Blue Heron) is about 35 yards away and about 50 feet up.

Charlie has done a great job of chasing off both hawks and herons.  We are constantly keeping him on the look out, today it just worked out that one actually showed up.

Videos from Nine Mile Farm – 4-5-17

First we have Aquatic and Aquaponics Update 4-3-17 in this video I go over some new things we have added to our system.   Specifically two new flood and drain beds installed in the aviary, along with the growth in the wicking beds.  We also check out how well the water cleared up in the garden ponds and some new water plants for 2017.


Next up on The Duck Chronicles we have S3- Episode 13 – Big Ducks, Little Ducks and Gooses in Between in this video we have begun the integration of the babies to the main flock, I hope to have them fully integrated in about 14 days.  The biggest concern is that all the babies get big enough to not be able to get though the fence.


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Three New Survival Podcast Videos This Week

I put out three videos this week on our YouTube channel but with all that has been going on I am just now getting to post them on the blog.

First up in the Duck Chronicles, I have two new episodes out.

Season Three – Episode Eleven – Free Range Grass Is Heaven – The new flock of baby ducks gets their first taste of real freedom and are set free on the back pasture at nine mile farm.



Season Three – Episode Twelve – Into the Swales We Delve – Thanks to a good over night rain there is a bit of water holding in the upper swale and the babies get their first taste of swimming and playing in mud.




Aquatic and Aquaponics Updates – 3-29-17 – The garden ponds have had three ebb and flow beds added, more for filtration than true growing of food.  These are simple beds you can build all in for 20-25 dollars depending on what media you use and where you get it.




S3 – Duck Chronicles – Episode Nine – Eating Greens and Feeling Fine

Today the ducks are munching on lettuce, plantain, comfrey and chicory.  We hang out with them a bit and discuss why the additional 40 ducks just are not coming this year.

An Explanation of Swales As a Design Element

I get a ton of questions on Swales many about things like will it create a marsh?  Well, no, that doesn’t happen because swales spread water rather than concentrate it.

People ask about sealing swales to make ponds?  Well, that would be a pond and a swale is too shallow for that.  The questions keep coming and most seem to be trying to make a swale into something it isn’t, like say, can you raise fish in a swale?  Well, no, because most of the time a swale is dry and doesn’t have water it, so they would all die.

This video is my attempt to give the viewer a greater understanding of what a swale is, how it actually functions and why we use them.

Also to explain that they are not right for every situation.  They are but one design element and should be used only when they fit the land form and over all design strategy.

Note – I keep getting a ton of questions about the video quality going up.  These are shot in 1080 at 60 frames per second on an iPhone 7.  I discovered I can shoot that high and upload that high if I download the videos to my computer before uploading them to Youtube.  It takes longer but the quality seems worth it.  The iPhone 7 will actually shoot 4K video but the file sizes are just stupid and I don’t think Youtube will show anything higher than 1080 anway.

Additionally here is another video that is just a short walk on part of our property from yesterday, 3-9-17.

Duck Chronicles Episode Eight – The New Water System is Effing Great

Today we check in with the baby ducks who are mostly napping after partying all night long.  We discuss their new water buckets and the drinking cups I build them with.  We also discuss why I don’t give them this type of system in their first week even though it is easier for me.

You can find the watering cups I use on Amazon at this Link.