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Some Humor and Fun – Charlie Dog Takes Out Jeff D.

Friend of the Spirko family Jeff D (not sure he wants his last name published so I will leave it at D) stopped by the TSP homestead. Charlie decided to have some fun, it really is a good thing Charlie is a friendly dog. Can you imagine what would have happened if this was an attack vs. just Charlie playing!

FYI for drive by visitors that don’t call first! Charlie doesn’t like strangers until they are introduced, he is part of our security protocol. But as you can see once introduced he is as friendly as they come though a bit rough in his play.

This is the “dangerous pit bull” that has been so hyped up by the media.  Sure he will defend his home and his family but would not any good dog?  The truth is simple dogs of any breed are a product of their upbringing.  Charlie is a clown, he gets into trouble but he is as friendly as they come.

We just got DNA results on Charlie, he is part Stafford Terrier, part Bull Terrier and part Pointer.  So basically a pit bull and pointer mix.  Oh the horror, oh the terror of a dog that licks you so viciously, plays with such reckless abandon.  Something must be done, pit bulls must be stopped, won’t someone think of the children, won’t someone think of the Jeff!

Enjoy, it is pretty damn funny!

You Guys Broke the PermaEthos Server

Okay here is the deal, when I set up the PermaEthos Blog I did so on a shared account on one of my accounts.  Apparently the show today has taken it the heck out!

Here is a direct link to the video promo for the PDC on YouTube.  We will move PermaEthos to our main dedicated server but we can’t do that today.

And just to make sure here is the video in an embed in this post.

Chicks, Ducks and a Goose First Days Out on Pasture

An Interview with Bob Wells

Hey folks I am literallly slamed hanging out with a huge group of TSP folks and attending some amazing workshops and presentations but we did get this video up for you guys.  This is from last week when Josiah and I went out to Lindale to meet Bob Wells.

TSP Homestead First Year in Review on Video

So it seems crazy but we have been on our new homestead about a year at this point.  In that time we lost our friend Blackie and gained an incredible new one “Charlie Daniels Spirko“.  We ran our first ever internship program and were so lucky to have chosen Josiah Wallingford as our intern who has become part of the family.

As to our property for our first year we focused mostly on infrastructure design.  Right now we have over 100 fruit and nut trees in damp sand waiting for our April planting workshop with a hundreds more on order.   When you look at the property now it doesn’t yet have the hundreds of varieties of plantings and frankly it is still winter so a lot of stuff is still brown, but when we really took it in, the first year was quite incredible.

We decided to document the entire property for you guys.  Likely it is a good thing we did so because in a year or two I don’t know that anyone will ever believe how this property started out without seeing it for themselves.    I am providing this video which is over an hour and 20 minutes in full 1080i HD in place of a show today.

Ill be in California until Tuesday so there won’t be any episodes officially until Wednesday next week but I will be uploading some raw audio and video from California and will try to put something new up every day for your guys.

Jacks Rants – Episode 3 – Let’s Put 12 Medals in the Olympics to be Fair

To comment at YouTube see this video here at Lets Put 12 Medals in The Olympics to be Fair – Jack’s Rants Episode 3

Of course I am not serious but doesn’t it make more sense to give an Olympian a medal for 12th place then to give a trophy to a child who never won a game even one time.  Doesn’t it make more sense to give an Olympian a 5th place medal then to not keep score during a basket ball game so that no  one feels bad about losing.

As I say here, it isn’t our children that can’t handle failure, it is our parents.  Wake up America!


New Video for All, Starting Apple Trees from Seed

First if you are MSB and were having issues with the latest MSB Video, that problem is now resolved.

For everyone MSB and non MSB alike we also shot this video this week on starting apple trees from seed.  Hope you enjoy it and more videos are coming soon both MSB only stuff and stuff for everyone.

MSB Week in Review 009

Here is this weeks MSB insider’s only video of our week in review. We want to make these videos really cool for members of the Support Brigade, so after watching it please be sure to leave questions and comments for what you want to see in next weeks updates.

The purpose of these videos is to give MSB members a behind the scenes look at what we do at the the Spirko homestead and with the operations of the TSP business itself. This will generally be things that we are reserving for our private members only.

All the videos are posted to Vimeo and are password protected. The pass code will be the same for all videos and it is prominently displayed on the main page of your MSB Private Area. You will see it as soon as you log in. You can’t miss it. It is in BOLD RED at the top of the page when you log in.

This Video Covers…

  • How we store food in our coop
  • Our coop watering system
  • Our first goose eggs
  • Jack vs. the white chicken, Jack loses
  • Pruning a tree with a really bad shape
  • Progress on starting trees from seed
  • Plans for the “batwing hugul”
  • Another 25 foot long hugul in progress
  • And more

You can view this weeks video at

Remember you can always find all our MSB Only Videos at


Jacks Rants – Episode 2 – Our Educational System is Run by Morons

To comment at youtube see this video here at “Our Educational System is Run by Morons – Jack’s Rants Episode 2

Our education system is run by morons, teachers and admins in Illinois are now concerned that no guns allowed signs for schools have a picture of a gun on them.  You just can’t make this shit up.

You can see the story about no gun signs with a picture of a gun concerning school officials here.

The story of the kid suspended for chewing a pop tart the wrong way is here,

The story of trying to make a deaf child change his name because the sign for it looked like a gun is here,

New YouTube Segment – Jack’s Rants – Today Episode 1 on Bitcoin

I have decided to do very brief vblogs on youtube a few times a week.  Please comment with your thoughts and the stuff you want me to talk about next.  I plan to make these no more then 3-4 minutes tops per each.

Bitcoin is Awesome But Don’t be Stupid with It