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The Duck Chronicles Episode Three – A Dry Brooder for Me

Watch Us Grow Up on Youtube!

Watch Us Grow Up on Youtube!

In Episode Three of The Duck Chronicles – A Dry Brooder for Me.  The water system is working perfectly as it the ceramic heater.  Amazon however jacked up the heaters to 18 bucks from 7.  The ducks have an average weight of 1.81 ounces.  Each group consumed about a cup of food.

Make sure to ask any questions you have about our ducks and their systems and I will include answers on a future update.

The Duck Chronicles – Episodes One and Two

Watch Us Grow Up on Youtube!

Watch Us Grow Up on Youtube!

Today we had 51 White Hybrid 300 Layers from Metzer Farms arrive.  We decided it would be fun to do quick daily updates about them until they are ready from full flock introduction.

In The Duck Chronicles Episode One – Arrival at the Post Office the ducks arrive.  We cover shipping, pick up and why getting them shipped is okay to do.  Picking up your birds before the Post Office is even open is not only okay, they call you and ask you to do it.  You get a sneak peak in the box before we even leave the parking lot and more.

In The Duck Chronicles Episode Two – Into the Brooder With You! We cover the heater, the feeder, the water situation and more.  You can see more about the water system at this link,

To find the heaters we use just go here. to get the clip on light fixture you can use this link but please know that they cost about 7 dollars at Lowes, Home Depot, TSC etc. and are over ten bucks on Amazon.

PermaEthos Plant Propagation Course Opens Friday

Just a quick heads up that the PermaEthos Plant Propagation course will open on Friday.  Those preregistered will get emails this week about how to get your discounts.

As a bit of a preview here is the intro for the course.  Tomorrow I will share a short free chapter with all of you on layering.  Until then, enjoy the intro.

Basic Propagation Intro from Nick on Vimeo.

The Last Day of the GenForward IndieGoGo

Today is the last day of the GenForward IndieGoGo campaign.   I have made this video to ask you to consider supporting us in the final push, to thank those that have supported us and ask you one more question about what you might want to preserve for your children, grand children and future generations.

Two Questions You Can Answer to Help With GenForward

This will be one of the last major posts on TSP about GenForward.  As always when I launch a new endeavor and involve TSP I do so with the commitment not to turn TSP into an infomercial for it.

That said GenForward I feel is critical for many of the values we discuss on TSP and tomorrow is the last day of our Indiegogo campaign.  If you haven’t done so consider becoming our customer at a big discount to help fund our development.  Again the big news is we did develop the core of the platform and will have a beta out in the next few days.

We are now working on functional features and building the data base.  Even if you don’t wish to financially back us at this time you can still help with our core mission.  Just watch these two videos and post your answers to them.  It will help us build a data base for our members.  One that will spur them along in their efforts to create a living legacy for their families both today and tomorrow.

Smoking Deal on Val Riazanov DVDs – All Of Them

This was simply easier to do in a video, if you just want to see the deal visit


Again if you want this great deal just visit

A Special Update on GenForward

To support our campaign and get your GenForward Membership at a big discount just visit

New MSB Only Video – Episode Three – The Nine Mile Farmstead


I have started a new MSB Video series about our work with Nine Mile Farm which is Dorothy’s new farmstead business and the work we are doing, the results we are having and the way we are marketing and building a customer base.

We want to make these videos really cool for members of the Support Brigade, so after watching it please be sure to leave questions and comments for what you want to see in next weeks updates.

The purpose of these videos is to give MSB members a behind the scenes look at what we do at the the Spirko homestead and with the operations of the TSP business itself. This will generally be things that we are reserving for our private members only.

All the MSB Only Videos videos are posted to Vimeo and are password protected.

The pass code will be the same for all videos and it is prominently displayed on the main page of your MSB Private Area. If you ask for the password or tell me a you can’t see the video in the comments here, you comment will be ignored.  

You will see it as soon as you log in. You can’t miss it. It is in BOLD RED at the top of the page when you log in.

The video is located at

Remember you can always find all our MSB Only Videos at

MSB Farmstead Update 1-3-14 from Jack Spirko on Vimeo.

This Editions Video Notes and Resources…

  • We got new signage, the first signs were too small
  • The weather has been cold wet and miserable
  • Why local is more than a fad or a niche, it is good business
  • The duck egg business is growing faster then our ability to provide eggs
  • We got a surprise big customer for chicken eggs
  • Exactly what is a “photo egg”, this will make you laugh
  • New ducks on order, why I chose “hybrid layers”
  • Could there be a new MSB discount from Metzer Farms, we shall see
  • Do you want 60 free ducks, I tell you how you can get them for meat if you want them
  • Why my Swedish Drakes are likely not Swedish at all
  • We added nine muscovy ducks, 7 ducks, 2 drakes
  • Matthew does battle with the geese, not the best video but you will see it if you look for it
  • The muscovy ducks are short term layers, long term meat producers
  • How I miscalculated thinking chicken eggs would out sell duck eggs (sort of)
  • Some pictures of muscovy meat that will make you hungry
  • Need an incubator, get some muscovies instead
  • The plan to cull some geese, any male without a mate is toast!
  • Buddy is a girl, she has a boyfriend named Joe, they now both sleep with the ducks
  • Why geese are a perfect meat animal for our grass cycle
  • The first chickens to be culled will be the “Houdini Chickens”
    The Red Pharaoh project is canceled, I want to focus on ducks and plants
  • I might have found a really good quality plucker that is only about 500 dollars
  • Meat production is going up, we may even sell some
  • The chicken saddle is great for any of your over “ridden” hens and may save one of my favorite birds
  • A little secrete about the coming Plant Propagation Course
  • True insider only information about something VERY BIG that is about to happen in Arkansas
  • The PermaEthos PDC is 100% published other than Q&A and some Adjuncts
  • Some really big news about a huge free bonus coming for Class 001 and Permaethos Founders

Resource Links for this Episode

What Would You Make with a Mini Aluminum Foundry

This idea is really cool, I am absolutely going to make one this winter.  Now let me tell you how I found this video.  One of my listeners sent me the following email about it…

Could you see a DIY smelting device to melt aluminum or other metals as being useful in self-reliance/self-sufficiency/permaculture? If so, how?

I think everything about this is fricken ingenious.  The only part that needs special tools is a torch to make the crucible, a local metal shop would do it for you for about 5 bucks I bet.

But you tell me, what can you think of to make with this?  Comment below with your answer, coolest answer gets something cool from me that I will mail to you, what exactly to be determined.

Merry Christmas from The Survival Podcast

Every year on Dec. 24th I publish our Christmas special, “A Survivalists View of Christmas” and at the end I play O Holy Night by Martina McBride.   Tomorrow I will again publish our Christmas special but today I wanted to send this out to the entire TSP community.

At one time I had a CD of this song with the acapella intro and then the version with music following it. I can’t find the CD, nor can I find the CD for sale. I think it is an older version. So I made my own and decided to share it with some Christmas pictures. I hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas!

Let me say to the TSP Community, please take a moment and listen to and watch this short video with your family this season. It is one of the most amazing vocal displays I have ever heard. This year it is my Christmas gift to the entire TSP community. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and may your family be together this season.