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Your Questions about GenForward Answered

We are off to a great start with the GenForward Indiegogo Campain but quite a few questions have popped up.  Rather then answer them one at a time in text I did a quick video answering them.

Keep the questions coming and I will answer them about once a week.

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New Video of the Red Pharaoh Chickens

Quick little video here for those who haven’t seen it.  This shows a Red Pharaoh Rooster and two Hens at the age of about 15 weeks.  The girls are laying, they lay very lightly tinted brown eggs.  They are about the size of a typical medium sized chicken egg, much larger than a pure Fayoumi.

The Red Pharaoh Chicken is a cross of a Egyptian Fayoumi Hen and a Rhode Island Red Rooster.

Two Quick New Homestead Videos

First one is just a bit of after action review on processing two cull roosters. Both were RIRs and both were starting to get the hell beat out of them daily by UPPGRAYYEDD.

Next is an overview of the Red Pharaoh Chickens so far. SADLY the night this was filmed something got into our brooder and killed all but one of the chicks.

Note this was our brooder in a closed and locked building not the little chicken tractor you see in the video.

I have some “have a heart traps” set but when I catch the killer, a heart for it I will not have!  What ever it was chewed though metal screen and left a hole about the size one would expect of a large rat.  It also though left some turds about the size of my thumb, I don’t know I am thinking opossum or may be weasel.  Either way it is dead when I get it, and get it I will.

So I lost all three of the Red Pharaoh chicks.  It is a bit late to incubate more this year.  So I will just see how the two gals and one little cockerel I do have work out.

Every Morning with the Birds at the TSP Ranch

What is life like at the TSP Homestead?  Well, every morning I get up, get the coffee going and this is what I see to next.  Yep, I don’t miss the old life one bit!

Quick Easy Bruschetta from the TSP Garden

Making Bruschetta is a great use of those garden tomatoes, fresh garlic and all the basil that is in excess this time of year. It is beyond simple and tastes awesome. This is the most basic recipe you can add other things. Some people use sweet peppers as an addition and I do too at times. Others use sweet peppers but fire roast and peel them first, that is REALLY GOOD TOO.

I have seen other additions like corn and even some black olives, but when it comes to traditional simple Bruschetta this is the way. The one addition to the traditional recipe is the dehydrated onions, that is my secret to my Bruschetta. I guess it is a secret no more!

Watch this video How to Make Bruschetta directly on YouTube

New Video Series Dedicated to Comfrey – Episode One

The sheer number of questions about comfrey since I did episode 1371 has been pretty amazing.  I haven’t had as much follow up questions on an episode in a LONG TIME so I decided to do a whole series on comfrey.  Here is episode one.  The Basics of Comfrey Propagation with Root Cuttings.

Here is a link to the seller I bought from on eBay but now the huge quantity makes sense, apparently I bought a quantity of 2 packs of 10, there was still a SHIT TON of comfrey there, far more than 20 crowns and cuttings.  This is one of the best deals I have found on Comfrey.

Some Videos About Comfrey

Comfrey - A Proven Medicinal Herb, With a Undeserved Bad Reputation.

Comfrey is an Amazing Plant.

Did you know that TSP Workshops has its own Flickr and YouTube channels?  The fact is there are thousands of photos and hundreds of videos on them all from students of workshops at the TSP homestead.

I figured I would share a few videos with you about comfrey to help answer some questions that have come in since I did my episode on Comfrey.  These are all from the most recent workshop.  If you like these consider coming to our Food Forest Extension workshop this fall.

The first one covers the comfrey tractor concept that I have pretty much given up on and also covers stuff other than comfrey.  The next two are better videos for those specifically interested in just comfrey but I included this one because it shows the pots the comfrey cuttings you see in the other videos were grown in.  The reason I want to move fast with the pot is it had been colonized with fire ants and was absolutely full of them!

The plant in this video was one of the ones from the fire ant pot.  Just one of the three.

In the last video I show some other root cutting I got from a similar part earlier in the year and show some of the plants and crowns I bought from Coe’s Comfrey and how I take additional root cuttings from his plants before planting them.

Parts 6-12 of the TSP Homestead Summer Review Have been Posted to Youtube

I just posted 7 more videos updating you guys on the TSP Homestead.  In part 12 I say we are done, but I now realize we are not done, likely 3-4 more videos at least will come in this series.

New Video Series of the TSP Homestead – Summer 2014 Updates

There will be about 5 more videos at least coming in this series in the next week, here is what we have so far.

Homestead Update 1

This video gives an update on the new geese, the sheet mulched small food forest, the rapid growth of sunflowers for support species, currants growing in Texas, “designer” Autumn Olives (Ruby and Amber), the results of a heavy apple pruning, Buddy and the ducks and what geese do to comfrey

Homestead Update 2

In part two we show you are set up for brooding out our baby ducks and introduce you to our 22 new baby ducks.  I talk a little bit about upgrading our feeders and using dog kennels for housing young fowl.  I also show you how even with small birds and flocks we are able to run a leader follower grazing system.

Homestead Update 3

In this video meet the new flock of 60 plus chicks being added to our homestead this year.  Again you will see our use of dog kennels for housing which is very simple and effective for young birds.  Our make shift shade using USGI shelter halfs.  I also show our new hybrid chicks which are a cross of Egyptian Fayoumi Hens and a Rhode Island Red Rooster.

For the chicken we are using 8 foot hog panels with nylon fencing tie wrapped to each panel to keep the small birds in.  I also talk about reusable zip ties, I think these belong on every homestead.

Homestead Update 4

In this video I show you the progress on the Urban Food Forest we are developing as a teaching tool at the TSP homestead and introduce you to a ton of unique plantings like

  • Azarole
  • Shipova
  • Ivans Beauty and Bell
  • Plumcot
  • Goumi
  • Currant
  • The Peach we saved
  • Several Variates of Israeli Apples
  • Apricots
  • Plums
  • Nectarines
  • Purple Figs
  • Wolf Berries
  • Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

Homestead Update 5

In Part 5 of this series I continue across the top swale of the Urban Food forest.  I also show you the sprinklers we finally found that work with our hard water and don’t clog.

Some of the plants we cover in this area include

Cow Pea, Vetch and Buckwheat (support crops)
Nugget Hops
Honey Berry
Pink and White Currant
Blue Berry
Lambs Quarters
Water Chestnuts
Paw Paws from Seed
Tibetan Chocolate Vine
Primacane Blackberry
Sea Berry

I also show you how we use the shaded area to pot up pants and get them ready to harden off.

Info Graphic and Video to Explain a Recent Podcast Rant

On Friday the 6th of June (yesterday for most reading this) I had an epic rant about an issue with our education system yet again.  A caller called in and stated, paraphrasing for brevity here,

My wife was complaining that a child was upset because he got a 33% on a test she had just given the class.  She said this was in spite of the fact that she even let him use an information sheet.  When I asked what that was she said she let her struggling learners write down whatever information they thought would help them on an index card and use it during the test.

Some defended this practice saying for math and some science etc. such information cards are not “cheat sheets” that one need not learn every formula, etc.   They advise me to consider the context!

I did consider the context!  The context is the struggling learners got the CHEAT SHEET and well, the “smart kids” I guess didn’t.  They all were then given the same test, the tests scored the same way, the grades of each carried the same weight and they passed or failed as equals, though they were tested as two different classes of intelligence.  This is a recipe for disaster!

To help share this message I made a very simple YouTube Video of the portion of the show and you can see it below.  The direct link to it on YouTube is

I also made a VERY SIMPLE info graphic to promote the video, here it is, clicking on it will give a full sized image.  Please use any of this to share this message about how this type of thing is hurting our children.


Please consider carefully my closing words from this rant,

If we do not challenge our children and let them know failure they cannot know success.

If we do not lets students experience the results of apathy, they cannot know the virtue of hard work.

When we give an advantage to those who are weak we cement them for life into weakness.

Thanks to all that hold our children to higher standards, who make them work hard and challenge them, because you know they are worth it!