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TSP Nov Workshop on Nine Mile Farm – Sold Out

Once again our fall workshop sold out before it was available beyond the MSB.  If you would like to be put on a waiting list in case anyone cancels email me at jack at with TSPC Workshop in the subject line.

TSP Fall Workshop at Nine Mile Farm Now Open For Registration.

Okay guys and gals the TSP Nine Mile Farm Workshop is now open for those that want to sign up to come this fall.

To get full details and to make your deposit log into the MSB.  On the main login page the link is posted in giant bold letters on the top.

Hope to see many old and new faces this time around.

Crypto Mining Opportunity Coming Soon

I have mentioned this a few times on the air but my good friend and partner in several ventures Ben Fitts will soon be opening a new business to provide mining services for crypto currency.

His service is unique, it will work like this.  You will determine what equipment you want to buy, yes buy, you own it.  That equipment will be set up by Ben and configured to mine crypto currency for you.  Right now they focus mostly on Etherium.

As that cryptocurrency is mined it will be set to your personal wallet, again it is your rig.  In return Ben will charge a percentage of what is mined to pay for the service and the power required to perform the mining and keep the equipment cool as well.

The advantages here is clear, you can at any time sell your equipment or take delivery of it and mine for yourself.  You can over time if you want reinvest earning to buy more GPUs or upgrade equipment.

Some will say, I don’t know this, I can set up and mine my own crypto, to those I say, the do that, that is what YOU SHOULD DO.  Personally I only have so much time for so many things in my life.  Crypto investing has been good to me, so I am taking some of my earnings and reinvesting into mining with Ben and his team taking care of things.

You might wonder why I would put so much faith in Ben?  Simple, years of working with him have built a huge amount of trust between us.  Ben and I ran a company together for a while, he has built multiple scripts and sites for me and after working with him on various things for 17 years now, he has let me down zero times.  So when he told me about this, I was in from the start.

In fact while Ben is not yet ready to launch I am going to be his first official customer at Crypto Gulch!

I have also agreed to set up a referral agreement with him.  And will be letting anyone that wants to know, know when you can sign up for his new service.  To make sure you find out about it when it is available just fill out the form below.  As always when I do an email list it will only be used to let you know about Crypto Gulch and nothing more.

Ben does have a place holder site up at the moment, they are working though what they are actually going to charge and not taking orders yet.  The pricing there for the time should simply be seen as place holders.  But you can get a feel for the service here at

Again the short of it is, you buy your own GPU equipment from them, they set it up, configure it, maintain it and run it for you.  They take a fee in crypto for running it and for the energy requirements, your crypto is deposited to a wallet of your choice as it is mined.

I will have Ben on the air to answer questions in a mini segment before the launch, you can post questions in the comments below but likely I will wait until I have Ben on to get them fully answered.

If for any reason the form does not display in your browser just use this link for another version of the form

Good News and Bad News On Coming Interviews

Well, I screwed up guys!  I ended up setting a filter in my email program that was sending all guest interview requests to a folder I had set aside for spam.  Fortunately the saving grace is I didn’t empty it for over 90 days.

We were actually concerned, interview requests had ground to a halt, so last week I put out an open invitation to interviews.  I also reached out to several fan favorites and special guests and said, he get a form filled out and we will have you on.

And do you know what happened?  NOTHING!

What the hell!  So I filled out a test form, it didn’t show up.  Uh Oh!

So I went into the spam folder and did a search for wufoo (the form manager I use for interviews) and in the words of Penny from Big Ban Theory, “Holy CRAP ON A CRACKER”, there were 26 requests sitting there, some over a month old!


Okay so here is the bad news, 26 weeks at one interview a week is 6 months of shows.  That means for some who filled out the form you could be waiting that long to be on. It also means I am taking the guest form down for a quite a while as we deal with back log.  We may do a few weeks with two interviews to catch up but will make that decision after our coming vacation (which apparently I need badly).

Last night Dorothy and I sat down and rated the forms for priority based on

  1. When they came in
  2. Timeliness of the topic
  3. Did I personally invite the guest

It isn’t a perfect system but it is the best we could do.

The good news?  We have some amazing stuff coming up, like major awesome people and major awesome topics!  It is just going to take awhile.

If you are one of the folks who submitted a form and are going to have to wait a while, I apologize.  But again, man folks do we have an exciting 6 months of guests to look forward to.

Tickets for the TSP Fall Workshop Go On Sale Thursday Sept. 14th

Just a quick reminder. Our fall workshop this year will be from Nov. 8-12. and tickets will go on sale for MSB Members beginning 9AM Thursday September the 14th.  For the first 48 hours tickets will be available to MSB members only.  If and it is a BIG IF any remain after that time they will be open to any and all.

As always seating will be limited and we expect to sell out fast.  Basic schedule as follows

  • Wednesday the 8th, show up, set up camp if you are camping, social night with beers and brats.
  • Thursday – Saturday – 5 classes a day, meals served. Barter blanket on Friday night. Lots of fun as always.
  • Sunday – All students to leave property by 11 AM so Dorothy and I can recover.

Instructors this year, confirmed so far….

  • David Seigler – Automation and High Production Food Systems
  • Nicole Sauce – Building Sites with Word Press and a Second Session TBD
  • Vin Armani – Two great sessions on Crypto Savagery and Crypto Currency
  • Nick Ferguson – Awesome stuff on permaculture as always.
  • John Pugliano – Building Wealth and Building Lifestyle Businesses
  • Patrick Roehrman – Will be doing a knife building class. Limited seats.
  • Michael Jordan – Making Hot Chocolate Mead
  • Some Guy Named Jack – Lots of cool stuff.

Each day will end with a panel, my view is the panels alone are worth the cost of admission.

  • Day One Panel – Panel of Jack Spirko, Vin Armani, David Seigler, Nicole Sauce (topic entrepreneurship)
  • Day Two Panel – Panel of Jack Spirko, Nick Ferguson, David Seigler (topic High Production Food Systems)
  • Day Three Panel – Panel of ALL INSTUCTORS (topic ask us anything)

More details to come, on Monday’s show. Right now I plan to open the class for deposits on Thursday, the 14th next week. If you want to check into rough air fare in advance, the best airport is DFW but you can also look at Love Field.

Again more details to follow. As always for the first 48 hours we open to MSB only. Generally we sell out in that time.

Dates Announced for the TSP – Nine Mile Farm – Fall Work Shop

Just a quick preliminary announcement.  Our fall workshop this year will be from Nov. 8-12.  Basic schedule as follows

  • Wednesday the 8th, show up, set up camp if you are camping, social night with beers and brats.
  • Thursday – Saturday – 5 classes a day, meals served.  Barter blanket on Friday night.  Lots of fun as always.
  • Sunday – All students to leave property by 11 AM so Dorothy and I can recover.

Instructors this year, confirmed so far….

  • David Seigler – Automation and High Production Food Systems
  • Nicole Sauce – Building Sites with Word Press and a Second Session TBD
  • Vin Armani – Two great sessions on Crypto Savagery and Crypto Currency
  • Nick Ferguson – Awesome stuff on permaculture as always.
  • John Pugliano – Building Wealth and Building Lifestyle Businesses
  • Patrick Roehrman – Will be doing a knife building class.  Limited seats.
  • Michael Jordan – Not yet confirmed but Mead is the plan.
  • Some Guy Named Jack – Lots of cool stuff.

Each day will end with a panel, my view is the panels alone are worth the cost of admission.

  • Day One Panel – Panel of Jack Spirko, Vin Armani, David Seigler, Nicole Sauce (topic entrepreneurship)
  • Day Two Panel – Panel of Jack Spirko, Nick Ferguson, David Seigler (topic High Production Food Systems)
  • Day Three Panel – Panel of ALL INSTUCTORS (topic ask us anything)

More details to come, this week and on tomorrow’s show.  Right now I plan to open the class for deposits on Thursday, the 14th next week.  If you want to check into rough air fare in advance, the best airport is DFW but you can also look at Love Field.

Again more details to follow.  As always for the first 48 hours we open to MSB only.  Generally we sell out in that time.

Updates on CAC Teams from Tom Patterson and Steven Harris – First Harvey now Irma!

Citizens Assisting Citizens (CAC TEAM) for short is actively engaged in relief for Hurricane Harvey, they are currently finding the small towns and individual people who have fallen between the cracks of the massive relief effort in Texas.  We still need your help, specifically as a responder or as someone who can provide a safe haven for responders to sleep, get a shower, etc.

And now we have eyes on Hurricane Irma, which currently is on track to either gut Florida or rip up its east coast and slam into the outer banks.  It also may enter the gulf and hit the Florida gulf coast, or it may rake the west side of Florida and make main landfall in the Florida panhandle, Alabama or Mississippi and Louisiana.

The truth is current computer models are conflicting and we just don’t know yet.  A week ago I was concerned it might move up the Atlantic and slam into the Delmarva Peninsula.  I am still not sure but my current bet is a gulf coast landing.  The only good news is it isn’t going to make it over to Texas and do a one two punch on the Houston – Beaumont area.

Personally my best guess now is an entry that hits Key West head on, turns north and strikes somewhere in the Alabama – Mississippi coast.  Irma is going to be a bad storm but a different type of storm than Harvey.  There will be flooding but not the same scale, it is going to move inland no matter where it lands much faster.  Storm surge, wind damage, spawned tornadoes, etc. will be more wide spread.  What I am predicting is a lot less flooding but a lot more people with out power, cell phone service, access to water, etc.

I also fear because so much has gone into Harvey there will be an even greater need for help that will go unanswered.  Irma formed over the Cape Verde Islands, that means it has had weeks to develop, it is very powerful and very organized.  Please if you live on the Gulf Coast or Atlantic Coast monitor this storm, if a direct hit looks plausible in your area, GET OUT!  This is a good time for everyone to go over their bug out plans.

Here is a current report from Steven Harris and Tom Patterson of CAC Activities.

 From: Steven Harris, Chairman of the Board and Tom Patterson Executive Director of

To:  The TSP Community – We need your help,  not only in Texas, but maybe for Irma coming in, and if not for Irma, there will be another one in days to years from now coming in.

We need 2 things.    We need Safe Havens, a kind of FOB or forward operating base.  This is where you notify us that members of our team can come to your place, either to pitch a tent in the yard, or you have a spare bedroom that 6 of them might cram into.  They can get a hot shower at your place, someone else can come in and drop off supplies for these guys who are going into the area of disaster the next day.  This has proven to be one of the most valuable and enabling things in our response in Texas to Hurricane Harvey.

This is an established best practice and we are going to continue with this and move it forward.  We need safe havens all the way from Texas to Maine.  Any place that can be affected by a hurricane.   We also need safe havens anywhere in the USA because disasters can happen anywhere.   So if you are in IOWA, don’t be shy to sign up to be a safe haven.

DON’T WORRY WE WILL CALL BEFORE SENDING ANYONE TO YOUR LOCATION!!!   We will call you LONG before they arrive, tell you who’s coming, make sure its ok, and get them vectored into you.  There will be no late night surprises for you.  Also, if you are in a zone of no power our guys will be self contained and bringing in power and illumination and they will have their own food and water and other supplies.  They just need a safe spot.  2 people might arrive in 2 vehicles, but then those 2 team up and go into the zone of destruction in 1 vehicle leaving the other vehicle behind nice and safe at your location.

If you decide to join them….great.  If you have stay home with the kids, that is fine as well.

From here on OUT.  EVERYONE who is volunteering to be a safe haven or volunteering for CAC *WILL* have a background check done on them.  NO ONE showing up is going to be a person with DUI’s or a felon or a drug user and we expect the same from you as a safe haven.

We are switching operations in Texas from one of relief to one of recovery.  We have been dropping off water and hygiene kits and food and ice and diapers and now we are switching from that mode, which is relief, over to recovery.

In recovery we are going into people’s homes and helping them rip out dry wall above and below the flood level, opening the walls to be ventilated.  Rolling up carpet, helping to take all of this out to the curb along with destroyed furniture etc.

So if you are coming to help you’ll need to bring face masks, like an N95 face mask, eye goggles and eye protection (mandatory) along with hammers and nail pullers, crow bars, sledge hammers, cordless saws all with different blades or corded saws all and other power tools but if you have a generator to power those, please bring it.  Oh.. and you’ll need a good pair of leather gloves to protect your hands when working with all of this destroyed or removed items and you’ll need a good pair of rubber gloves because you might be handling muck and stuff that is contaminated.

Speaking of muck, bring flat blade shovels and push brooms and regular brooms and dust pans and everything needed to push out mud from the inside of the house.  If you do not have these items, then for stuff like the goggles, gloves, crow bars, hammers, sledge hammers and other basic hand tools we are paying for these, we want you to buy from Harbor Freight first, Home Depot, Lowes or a hardware store second.  Harbor freight is the best value for the money.  We are also paying for your fuel to come and help.

What we are not paying for, we’re not paying for hotels or motels, generally not paying for meals, but we are paying for any food or water you need to buy to go into the zone of destruction.  When you drive down you need to have enough fuel in your vehicle or in cans to drive INTO the zone of help and be able to drive back out.

You need FOOD for yourself and your team and you need your own supply of water.  The safe havens do not have to supply these for you.  If they end up making a nice chicken dinner for everyone, then that is great.  So if you have a tent, bring it.  Do you have a house trailer or a travel trailer for yourself to sleep in?  Then bring it.  Come as self contained as you possibly can.

Does this sound rough, does this sound unfair?  Charity is giving of ones self, we are making the funds we have go as far as they can.  $100 hotel rooms for a week is not a good expenditure of our funds, plus, if you are in the effected area there are probably no hotel rooms to be had.  Either they don’t have power, or they do have power and they are full of people who have evacuated.

CACTeam is about being able to pivot on a dime, being able to be there first.  Being there before the Red Cross and FEMA show up plus we help the people that Red Cross and FEMA missed.   We have done this over and over and over in Texas and Louisiana.

So make no mistake about this.  This could be camping out in a tent in a back yard in 90 degree heat with 85% humidity for days to a week with no shower, limited bathroom facilities and working 12+ hours a day doing manual labor just to help others after you’ve driven for 12+ hours straight through just to get to this location.   Yes, we have people coming from Virginia Beach driving to Southern Texas just to help.  This is about the worst case you’ll see.  Anything else is just better.

You are going to help people save their homes from having to be destroyed because of a mold infestation.  You’ll be doing this for people who really can’t afford to hire someone to do this.  On the news, the big piles on the curb you see, many of those are $500,000 houses throwing out $5000 couches.  They can pay for their help.  We’re here to find those who can’t afford that.

So… I’ve painted a little bit of a grim picture for you.  Do you want to drive 12 hours just to sleep in a tent and then work 12 hours a day helping others and doing this with limited power and light, no AC etc?

Well tell you what.  This will be an adventure of a life time.  This will be stories you’ll tell for 20 years.  You will get no higher form of satisfaction than helping these people in need.  Have teen age kids who are addicted to their smart phone, bring them on down.  Show them what it is to work for the benefit of someone else.  Get your friends and neighbors together and get in touch with us and come on down.   I promise you that this is going to be an adventure.

So… you have a choice. You can stay at home, wake up in your bed, take a shower, go to work for someone else, have nice AC to work in and be nice and comfortable in your freshly washed cloths.  Take the blue pill and you’ll wake up tomorrow and not remember any of this and you’ll continue on with your life.


You can drive into the uncertain and the unknown to help others and be out of AC and in the heat and the sun and the mosquitoes and you can do this by taking the red pill and I will personally show you just how deep this rabbit hole goes.  We promise to give you nothing but the truth.  We can’t tell you what you’ll find in the disaster because you must experience it for yourself to know what it is.

Go to and click on DONATE and the money you donate can literally be in the hands of a CAC TEAM volunteer in an hour or less and turned into baby formula, diapers, wipes, food, water, ice, medicine, fuel and much more.

I’m dead serious.  Can anyone else promise you that?  That money you give NOW… will be used in less than an hour?  And that we will get those items into the hands of people in less than another hour?  That’s a hell of a statement.  Find someone else who can do that.  That is what Jack Spirko envisioned when he started the formation of this group and that is what it has become.

There is also another area you can volunteer to help us with.  If you are an expert in this area.  We need keyboard warriors.  People who can be on our communications net (called Zello) and you can field questions from people in the field and get them directed to the right location.  You can call ahead to shelters to see what they need and do general assistance like this for us.

Being at home on a computer with full internet and full home phone or cell phone is very very powerful when we have people in the field.  This has worked out extraordinary well for us.  We need people to sort through emails, call people back, we need people who can post on Instagram and facebook and twitter and we need people who can edit photos and videos into a formal presentation video for others to see in facebook and youtube about what we are doing with our boots on the ground.

We need help in all of these areas.   So if you can be a keyboard warrior for us, make sure to mention it in the comments area when you sign up to be a volunteer.  HAM RADIO operators are ESPECIALLY requested to help in this area because Zello is a simplex form of communications and when things get busy we run zello like a Ham Radio communications net.  If you’re a ham, you’ll know what I am talking about.   If you are not a ham you’ll learn quickly what we are talking about.

Also, people volunteering to be a safe haven or a person going on deployment you get full access to ALL Steven Harris training videos and audio for FREE.  This will give you critical skills for you to use when you are deployed.  You must be in constant cell phone communications with us, unless there is no cell service, and that was VERY RARE in Hurricane Harvey.  We had cell service almost everywhere.  We have our own blue force tracker.  We can see you on a map with your cell phone running an app called glympse and we are in constant communications by audio with zello from

We are very well organized and we have your back.  Are you ready?  Want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?  Red pill, or blue pill?

I applaud Steven and Tom for being so honest about the situation and the work required of responders.  If you want to help…

A Call for Guests – And No Show Monday

First up would you like to be on TSP or do you know someone you think would make a great guest.  We had shut down bookings for a while do to being so full but we sort of lost track of things, right now I have guest bookings open as early as September 13th.

If you want to be on the show just fill out the guest form here and Dorothy will take care of getting you booked.  Please fill it out in full as it helps us do a better job for you in the interview.

If you know someone you think would make a great guest, please send them a link to the guest form and ask them to fill it out.  PLEASE DO NOT fill it out for them unless you are their designated representative for such things.

Also just a quick update, Monday the 4th is Labor Day, as such I am taking the day off to do some fishing with a friend.  We plan to grab some video of the trip specifically deploying jugs for catfish.

Again if you Want to be on TSP, Just Fill this Form Out and We Will Be In touch Soon.

P.S. HEY EXPERT COUNCIL – If you are a council member but have not yet been on the show as a guest, consider doing so, it will help the audience get to know you better.

CAC Teams Now In Port Author – We Need Your Help with Places for Our Responders to Sleep

Okay we are now seeing CAC do what we built it for, find the people not getting enough help and helping them.  Houston is being over loaded with help, don’t get me wrong they need it desperately but what is on TV?  Houston, Houston, Houston.  But this is what we just heard….

Right now Port Author is getting pounded, rescues are being made and rescuers are dropping people off on dry land but with no idea where to put them or where to send them.

This is the report that just came in from a responder we have in the area.  And these is what we need help with now.

 A Place for Our Repsonders to Sleep, Get a Shower, Etc. 

And we need your help with a places for our responders to stay.  If you are near Port Author and can put people up please let us know.  Our folks don’t need much a floor and some bedding and a place to take a shower and grab some sleep is a real help right now.

We can also use safe housing for responders just about anywhere near the effected areas, including Houston, Corpus Christi, Rockport, etc.  We may not even need you right now but may need you in the future our teams are remaining mobile and going to the least served areas as designed.

Over the next week the effort will turn more and more to clean up and things like tearing down dry wall in flooded houses to try to save them from mold and other things like that.  So if you have the ability to put any of our folks up please let us know.

Someone That Can Pull A Trailer Down to the Port Author/Beaumont Area 

Do to the evolving situation in Port Author we have redirected a team that was stopping by my place strait into Port Author.  So what we now could use a person with a truck who can pull a trailer down to that area to meet up with out team in the next day or two.

This person doesn’t have to be heavily involved in the effort, it is pretty much a delivery effort.  Pick up the trailer, deliver it and head home.  The pick up location is in the Fort Worth Area.

If you can help with either of these needs, it is highly appreciated.  To do so please contact Steven Harris at support =at= knowledgepublications (dot) com with “Safehaven” in the Subject Line, let him know where you are and how many people you are willing to provide a place to sleep to.  Or let him know that you are interested in delivering a trailer full of supplies to our teams in the Beaumont/Port Arthur area.

CAC Team Status Report as of 8-30-17

This is just a smattering of what is and has been going on.  Right now we have at least 7 people active on the ground in South Texas.  We have people currently north of Houston and all the way over to the west in the Aransas Pass area just east of Corpus Christi.

We have been directly helping people on the side of the road, supplying clothing, food, water, hygiene products, etc. to shelters and our people are now hooking up with work crews to provide labor to clean up debris and more.

Right now we have one group that will be arriving at my place tonight to rest before heading south in the morning, that group alone is made up of 6 more responders.   A friend of mine right now has gone out and worked with others to fill a trailer with supplies, he is bringing it to my place today, and the team of six will be taking it south with them.

CAC is doing exactly what I envisioned, totally unconstrained by bureaucracy we are able to adapt to the situation and make best use of opportunities as they present themselves.  Here is one example.

A gentleman named Chris was one of our first responders to come down, he stayed at my house for two nights.  The first day he and two others drove south an actually had a hard time finding people in need of aid.  They made a decision to relocate further south the next day to another safe house.

During that first day though they did locate a church which was in need of clothing for evacuees.  They had a pretty specific list of stuff they were in most need of.  That same day on I located a neighbor that said she had a 10×10 filled floor to ceiling with clothes.  I connected Chris to her, she got the list and started pulling stuff aside based on it.

The next morning Chris and the other two gentlemen rolled out with two vehicles stuffed to gills with this clothing.  So yes we are using our funding to buy food, hygiene, water, etc as needed but we are also using our man power to find any resource and any need, match them up and put them together.

With this I ask you to please if you have not done so consider donating to CAC Team today.  I don’t know of any other group that is putting 99% of all donated funds DIRECTLY into supplies for those who need them.  Our staff takes no salary and the only costs we cover for our field responders is gasoline.

To help you you can find out how to become a responder by emailing Steven Harris at support =at= knowledgepublications (dot) com with “I Want to Help CAC” in the subject line or you can make a financial donation at our website here.  Check out this video of our responders in action below

Learn how you can help at video was edited and produced by our team member the Awesome Nicole Sauce