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ITS Tactical Added to the MSB

As many of you know Bryan and Kelly Black of ITS Tactical are personal friends of Dorothy and I.  Well about a week ago we had them over to our place for dinner and Bryan asked if I would be willing to do a discount for my members in his gear shop.  Of course I said yes.  So I got you guys 12% off all ITS Tactical Gear.

Bryan and his team have long been providing the best Trauma Kits and Medical Equipment you can source since 2009, along with our USA Made Nylon Gear, Lock Picking & Security Tools and Morale Patches that are sure to brighten your day!

Their skill-set related content is second to none and their products support the skills they advocate and discuss in the articles The ITS Website.

They’ve been manufacturing in the USA since their founding in 2009 and they do their best to ensure every product we carry is made in America and supports American-based businesses.

Visit to check out all they have to offer and the code to get 12% off every order is already in the Benefits Section of the MSB.

If you are not yet an MSB Member this is just another great discount added to the more than 70 we already provide to our members, so consider joining today.

Please Remember the Real Meaning of Memorial Day

Today We Honor the Fallen

Today We Honor the Fallen

There will be no episode of TSP today in recognition of Memorial Day. I do want to take a moment to remind everyone today of what Memorial Day is all about. Many well meaning people even get it wrong in a way. My inbox tends to fill up with “thanks for your service” emails around Memorial Day. I appreciate it, there is nothing wrong with thanking a vet today, yet it is not really the day to thank vets many seem to believe it to be.

It seems to me that many think Memorial Day is like Veterans Day Part Two, it isn’t.  Again no day is a bad day to thank a vet but if we become convinced that Memorial Day is about those of us that served and came back home, we miss the point.  Memorial Day is more somber, it is about those who fell in battle and never again got up, it is about those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, it bluntly is about those who died.

Today at some point just pause and think about that.  Think about the 4,400 of our US service members that have fallen in Iraq, the 2,300 in Afghanistan, the 47,000 in Vietnam, 33,000 in Korea, 291,000 in WWII, 53,000 in WWI or perhaps the 212,000 that fell on both sides in the War Between the States.

You don’t have to be for any war past or present to respect men and women who will give their lives for what they believe and fight the wars that politicians initiate.  There are days for just about everything now.  Days for bosses, secretaries, days for this and that and anything Hallmark can come up with.

What you won’t find in most greeting card stores is a Memorial Day Card, because those who would receive the card can’t open it, read it and feel good that someone cares.  All they can hope for is that someone remembers their sacrifice, perhaps a flower or a wreath on their graves (if they even have one) or a comrade who is now living with a zeal for life in their memory.

Memorial day my friends is to remember those who served and died.  Enjoy the day off if you have it, just try to remember the cost of this day. Some say you can’t count the cost, sadly you can and the numbers are very large. If you want to put it in perspective, just view the US Military Casualties of War Page on Wikipedia.

I will end with this though.  There are some that begrudge all the back yard BBQs, trips to the beech and flat out enjoying of a day off.  They seem to feel we should all wear sack cloths and put ashes on our faces today.  I disagree, in fact very much so.  While I truly feel our nation should stop interfering around the world in so many ways, I know the hearts of those who serve.  They believe in what they are defending.

And a family in a back yard, joyfully sharing each others company symbolizes that better than any statue, wall or memorial ever could.  It is okay to be happy today, those who fell would want you to, just take a simple moment in this day and recall their sacrifice.

Bacon, Trolls and an MSB Sale – Read fully to appreciate this!

We have an annoying shit pot stirrer at the TSP Facebook Forum (located here by the name of Travis. He constantly posts crap in our group about veganism and socialism, clearly he doesn’t get the TSP Ethos, or he does and enjoys trolling.

His latest troll attempt is a meme that says the Non Aggression Principle (NAP) applies to cows, pigs, etc, you get it.

I was going to ban him, because he really adds nothing to the discussion.   

To be clear we do have other vegetarians and vegans that don’t constantly stir up shit, so that would not be anti vegan, it would be anti shit stirring troll. I have nothing against vegans until they attempt to shove their beliefs down your throat so banning him would be totally worth doing.

But I have a better idea, an idea I got from the AWESOME John Willis.

Here is the deal for the next week the MSB is on sale for 25 dollars a year and that locks in that price for renewals, the code to get this amazing deal in honor of Travis is “bacon”, yes yummy yummy bacon.

The catch is if you use the code you must swear on your honor to eat at least one pound of bacon in the following week in Travis’ honor. This pound of bacon must be in excess of the bacon you would have consumed anyway during the same period of time.

You must also promise to give a gift of bacon to a friend of your choice.  Any friend, any form of bacon but you must promise to spread the bacon addition.

This offer can only be used online if you are a new customer, or if you have an expired account because you can’t renew early online. However anyone can use the mail in form to renew early at any time and for as many years at one time as you wish.


You can sign up or get the mail in form for a membership at this page.

P.S. – If due to religious beliefs you don’t eat pork, you may substitute the meat of your choice on the consumption and gift side of the coin.

Stop Behaving Like Idiots Over Boy Scouts of America Letting Girls In

I am going to ask you to do something people seem to have a hard time doing anymore.  That is to understand the facts about something controversial before forming an opinion on it.  While that seems like a reasonable position it has been relegated to obscurity in modern times.  Take for instance the current controversy about Boy Scouts of America letting girls into Boy Scouts.

Ever since Boy Scouts of America announced that they will allow girls to be part of scouts, the internet has been manic with criticisms.  The problem is most of this criticism is totally divorced from reality.  This often posted meme is a perfect example, I must have seen it 50 times in the last week…

Now this meme is stupid on its face, as it infers that if you let boys and girls do things together girls will always get pregnant.  We could continue this line of objection and point out how scouts teach morals, are far more supervised than most other activities boys and girls do together every day, etc. but we don’t even need to.


This meme is based on a total falsehood, the concept that boys and girls will even be engaged in activities together in scouting.  This at least as it relates to this “big change” it totally false.  To understand that please see this organizational chart below, then we can further discuss this like reasonable and logical people, at least that is my hope.

So let’s start off with something most people seem to not understand.  Those nice young men in their uniforms helping grandma across the street were not members of “Boy Scouts of America” (here after referred to as BSA) but rather “Boy Scouts”.  BSA is the main organization which manages all six scouting organizations under them.  As you can see this change doesn’t even affect four of these groups, those being Venturers, Explorers, Sea Scouts and STEM Scouts.  The first three are engaged in many outdoor activities and they are 100% coed and have been so for over half a century.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that teen pregnancy in those groups is likely a lot lower than the national average.

However, the bigger issue here is under this new system in Scouts BSA (new name for Boy Scouts) and in Cub Scouts girls and boys won’t even be in the same groups.  They are remaining gender separated and for good reason.  That reason is one big purpose of Boy Scouts is to put young men around adult men and do good stuff together, hence modeling solid male behavior to create a new generation of good young men.

And while some sub groups are fully coed it is good that there be a place where men can be men.  It is also good that there be a place where young women can be young women for the same reasons.

So BSA has LISTENED to is market (primary the tens of thousands of volunteers that work their asses off for free as Scout Masters, etc.) and added an option for girls to pursue the Scouts model fully.  That is all, there is no more.   Again note the chart, for Cub Scouts there are single gender dens and for Scouts BSA single gender troops.

This debate has raged for a few years now and opponents often say, “why don’t the Girl Scouts fix their program”?  Well, I don’t know, you will have to ask them, the Girl Scouts organization isn’t part of this decision, they sure didn’t lobby for it.  This leads us to the next bit of confusion.

Many people seem to believe that this change is driven from outside scouts by a bunch of leftists morons like the ones in the above picture.  That say the government, a court decision, a lobbying group or something like that is behind it.  You know part of the vast progressive, liberal, commie conspiracy to deny any difference exists between the 21 or what ever made up number of genders they have now are.  This is nonsense, said folks are far more concerned about Stormy Daniels then the scouts.

To understand this change you need to understand the men and women that actually are the organization.  These people number in the 10s of thousands and they do all the work they do for free.  Because they love children, scouting and teaching young people how to become solid well rounded adults.  And this runs in many families.

Talk to many scout leaders and you will find they were a scout, their father was, etc.  These people generally have children and shocking as it may be some of them are girls.  Often these girls join “Girl Scouts” which again has NOTHING to do with BSA at all but they are bored.  Now a boy in this family is going for Eagle, and man folks that opens doors.  If you go to a job interview and competition is fierce and you are pretty much an equal to your competitor but you are an Eagle and the guy hiring you is an Eagle, you are likely to win out.  That is but one door.

The accomplishment of Eagle is a big achievement and it isn’t just the doors it opens, those doors open because a young person getting it done has proven something about who they are.  In simple terms, the program works.  Those that achieve Eagle become better people in doing so.  So little Debby naturally wants to know why her brother is doing all the cool stuff and has this great goal to work for and man Dad, Mom, Grandma, etc. are all so proud of him, the family is a scouting family and she wants to do it too.  Now she may do Explorers or Sea Scouts but she really wants to do Scouts.

Now her mom and dad have likely given thousand of hours of free labor to Scouts too and they want a program for her and THEY ARE WILLING TO SUPPORT AND RUN THAT PROGRAM.  Do you get it yet?

BSA is a private organization and they would be out of business tomorrow without all the men and women that do all the real work for free.  If those people were opposed to this, it would not be happening.  The reality is all these objections are coming mostly from people not involved in Scouts, most of them never even were say a Cub Scout as a kid.  To be blunt since they are not part of the organization, it really isn’t even their business.

They don’t have a effing clue as to all of these things, they are just upset by the most recent “outrage de la semaine” and with no comprehension of the facts at all, it just gets lumped in with more lunacy from the left.

In the end these people generally say something like, “why can’t girls just create their own organization”?  My response is why is that your business in the first place?  And regardless of what some other group does essentially that is what BSA has done here.  Basically what they have said is….

Okay we already have a great product, the people who run our organization for no money are willing, ready and able to run one for girls too, and they have told us they want to.  All we have to do is make a few changes that largely won’t affect current scouts and lets girls have their own troops, so since that is easy, since our customers and members want us to, let’s do that.

And even when you explain all this you still get sad and tired objections such as…

  • Its a slippery slope!
    Sorry the slippery slope is a logical fallacy, specifically with zero supporting evidence of the slope.
  • But why don’t the girl scouts get any flack for not letting boys in?
    Sorry that isn’t relevant to this discussion.  These two things are not connected, at all.  Girl Scouts is a private organization they make their own decisions.  Last I checked no significant demand existed for Girl Scouts to create a program for boys.  Whereas, the market boy scouts serves and the labor force who provide free service wants a program for girls.

In the end this decision is the decision of a private organization, it was made by their board of directors driven by feedback from their members and their market.  They found what appears to be a very good solution, one that gives girls the opportunity they want without ham stringing boys in their own pursuit thereof.

Now actually I have some real problems with a lot of recent decisions by BSA, such as scouts not being able to play paint ball or shoot each other with water guns, etc.  I find this to be utter stupidity!  But I have also had enough discussions to know that the people in the field largely ignore such moronic directives and run their own troops their own way as much as possible anyway.

And in conclusion that is the final point here, unless the people that give their time, money and labor as volunteers will support this change, it won’t work.  It isn’t like cops are going to escort little Susan to Troop 144’s meeting and make the boys let her in, and some of you seem to act as if that is actually what is going on here.

No unpaid, under appreciated adults will have to provide the support for these new female troops and do so of their own free will.  If you have a problem with those people being eager to do so, well, you really have a problem in your own heart.


P.S. – I am sure some of my regular listeners and readers are thinking, “why isn’t Jack taking his own advice and simply ignoring stuff that doesn’t effect the temperature of the water in his pool”.  To a degree you are right!  But not really.

Here is why, first due to my platform and reach, this issue is in my circle of influence.  While I am sure I will get a lot of flack here, I do know this will actually change a lot of opinions simply by showing the real facts vs. the mythology around the issue.

Next my job is chiefly an educational one, and one thing I am big on is the use of logic and reason.  The objections here being so divorced from logic and reason made this a unique teaching opportunity.  Usually hot button issues are ideological but here, many of the objections exist solely from lacking facts.

I think most reasonable people no mater their political leanings would be fine with this if they simply had the facts about it.

That said for those still upset about it, those asking why I would even bother here have a point, put it in your journal and get with me in about 8 weeks time.

Ask Me Anything Video Series – Next Up Food Forestry

Recently I did a video called “Ask Me Anything about Aquaponics” due to a lot of confusion, misinformation and some well, out right lies about aquaponics on our ReGen Ag Group at Facebook.  In spite of the reasons for doing it, 95% of the questions came from a very positive space and I really enjoyed doing it.

It has led me to want to do a series of “ask me anything” style videos.  Not all will be agriculture/permaculture based but the next one at least will be.  I am doing the next one on food forest systems.

Please note I am taking questions here and in two other locations.  These are the Facebook Regen Ag Page Post or the MeWe Regen Ag Group.

So ask away.  Now just like aquaponics I do not claim to be an expert here just someone with some real world experience.

I have built a pretty amazing 3/4 forest based system on what for all intents and purposes is a slab of limestone. Been involved with several other large and small installations. That said my personal niche is really small scale stuff, 1/10th to say 2-3 acres. I am happy to take questions about larger systems, but really I hope to gear this mostly toward helping folks transform the smaller parcels most of you have to work with.

Additionally if you have earthworks questions please only those specifically tied to food forestry for now. We may do an earth works one later, but I may ask Geoff Lawton to tag team that one with me if we do it.

So below ask me anything you ever wanted to know about establishing and managing food forest systems.

Also here is the first video in the series on Aquaponics to give you a feel for how these videos go.



Some Updates from Jack

Travel Plans

First we have travel planned in June and we are going to be in need of a house sitter.  For this I would prefer someone from this community.  Total duration is about 11 days in June more specifics will be given to interested parties.

We have had folks do a “hand off” in the past, say one person do half the time and the other come spend one day with them to get briefed and do the other half.  We are paying 50 bucks a day for this and it is a lot like being on a free/paid vacation.  With the ducks gone there is may be 30 minutes of work a day and checking on the aquaponics system say twice a day.

There is no need to be here all day long and you can come and go as you please.  We do need the person to spend the nights here though as the old dog just doesn’t make it though the night any more with out needed a pee break.

In return you can hang out on our property, use our pool, our hot tub, internet, cable, etc.  In the past people who have done this have included home school families with their kids and we are fine with that.  Most people who have done this have really enjoyed it.  Interested parties should email me at jack @ thesurvivalpodcast dot com with TSPC House Sitter in the subject line.  Once I verify who you are more info and specific dates will be given.

Biltong for Breakfast

So we have really upped our game at  We brought in our friend Hatch and invested in better audio gear.  Since then we have released two new episodes and the quality is really great.

It sure ain’t your daddy’s cooking show, lots of fun and banter between David and I and some really simple but elevated food.

The two new episodes are, Jerk Bird Salad and Snack Peppers and Cow Flesh – Part 1 of 2.  I also put my famous Acorn Squash Soup into a slide show video.

On top it it all we started something fun called the “Foraged Mary” and you guys can participate in that one.  Every Thursday I put out David and my Wednesday evening foraged Mary, and we will feature and photos from fans in that post who participated in any given week and provided a photo.

Here are our three latest videos and consider subscribing to us in any of the various ways we have available.  Its all free of course.





A Call for Expert Council Questions

Do to travel next week to Tennessee Nicole Sauce’s awesome “Living Free in Tennessee” workshop there will be rewinds all week next week.  I will do an expert council show tomorrow but that will take me to dangerously low amounts of content even with a week off.

If you have always wanted to get a question into the experts, now is a great time, most of them have a clean slate (except for two on the pikers list, YOU KNOW who you are).  So check out the Meet the Expert Council Page to remind yourself of all the amazing people we have and get some questions sent in.  Remember to email them to jack at thesurvivalpodcast dot com with “TSPC Expert” in the subject line.

Farewell to Alice the Cat

Yesterday we had to make the always tough decision to have our little cat Alice put to sleep.  She was quite old an had and incredibly good life life, dare I say a spoiled existence.  She was likely the sweetest cat we have or ever will know.  Got along great with the dogs and never met a stranger she didn’t want to sit with.

She was certainly a “special kitty” in other ways, crossed eyed, 90% deaf and not exactly the sharpest tool in the drawer.    Due to all this she had to live most of her life as an inside cat.  But in her old age unable to get over a fence she got quite a bit of outside time in her final weeks and seemed to really enjoy it.

I buried her in our special spot for past pets, she now lays along side Blackie and Ralph.  Farewell Alice you will be missed, but your litter pan won’t be.

Thank You

Here at the end of these updates I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you.  Today I walked around my property and did some pictures of my various aquaponics systems.  Even I am amazed at how things are going this year.  But this is just one of so many blessings that Dorothy and I have in our lives because of you guys.  To all of you who have supported me for the last almost 10 years on this insane journey, simply thank you, so very much.

~ Jack

Final Reminder – Last Day to Get MSB at 30 Bucks for Life

The MSB is and always has been a fantastic value, but in 2018 I have really grown the program so far adding ButcherBox, Ridge Wallet, OMG Leather, and Eden Brothers Seeds.

And trust me, while we had some challenges early this year in our home and with travel, etc. I ain’t done with 2018 yet.  In fact there are over 70 different companies you get discounts from in the MSB, they are all listed on the MSB Sign Up Page Here.

I hear from members all the time who tell me that the 50 bucks I charge is an incredible value because they get several hundred dollars in total discounts a year in return for it.

Well today that great deal is even better.  We have closed down the first quarter of 2018, time is marching on, this is the time for planting in much of the country or it soon will be.  Just in our seed partners and nursery discounts alone what you can save on planting this year, can easily cover the cost of MSB membership, but man, if you take this deal, getting your money back will be a lay up.

How is this folks, 30 bucks a year, and that DOES APPLY to renewals for life.

Yea you read that right, become a member this week and you get the MSB for 30 bucks and as long as you remain an active member that rate locks in for life.  And if for some reason your renewal fails, (it happens) as long as you contact me soon after that, I will make sure you get your lifetime rate back.

To get this discount just use the discount code tsp18 and select a 12 month term, this sale is for 12 month terms only.  To do so you can sign up online here and pay with any major credit card.

If you want to pay by crytpo currency, you can do that here, just adjust the payment accordingly when you are given an address to send crypto to.

If you want to pay by US Mail and cash, check, money order, etc you can use the mail in form here.  Just write the code on the form and we will honor the rate.

This sale is open to new members or those with expired accounts only.  As always this isn’t me being like Verizon or something, the system we use and payments solution just won’t let us do an early renewal, if we did that it would create double billing to your account.  I hope that makes sense.

In any event this is a great deal with a lifetime discount, so please consider signing up by credit card online, with crypto or by cash, check or silver today.



Get a Food Forest in a Box from Grant Shultz

We did this last year and it was a huge hit.  I have hooked up with Grant Shultz to get you this offer once again.  This is a smoking deal if you want to get a forest started this spring.  Here is the email from Grant on what is available.


1) TSP Food Forest Bundle  80 trees for $297  ($3.71/tree)
Fan favorite, have offered this for several years.
17 bundles available –


2) Chestnuts, Oaks & Apples  50 trees for $197

An assortment of seedling (full size) and semi-dwarfing rootstock apple trees, oaks bred for heavy acorn yields, and chestnut trees. The apple trees will produce unique fruit or can be grafted to a variety of your choice.

9 bundles available –


3) Chestnuts and Chinkapins 50 Trees for $197

Chinese Chestnut and Allegheny Chinkapin trees.  Early yields, perfect for silvopasture

15 Bundles Available


These are available first come first served and no code is needed, they are available to all of you not just MSB, when they are gone for the year they are gone for the year.   Grant expects to have everything shipped by April 21st.

Any and all questions should be sent directly to Grant at his email address which is versaland at as I am not Grant I can’t speak for him or make any commitments on his behalf so please don’t ask me product questions, because my answer is going to be, ask Grant.  Hope this helps some of you get your properties off to a great start in 2018.



Nine Mile Farm to be Featured in a Great Documentary

Guys and Gals last year Justin Rhodes approached me about supporting a kick starter to travel the entire country and document regenerative agricultural practices and permaculture in tons of different properties in every climate in our nation.

Of course I said yes, and I also agreed to have him come to our farm and document our operation.  You can see the video he did about that here.

Thing is he ended up with so much footage it was a challenge paring it down into a single documentary, but he did it and we made the cut.  So he reached out to me about letting you guys know about a free watch party for this documentary, here are the details from Justin himself.

Justin Rhodes here.

You know… the guy that traveled All of America last year to find and showcase the Greatest Farms.

I’m happy to say Jack’s profitable duck operation was so cool it will actually be featured in the documentary.

You can see Jack’s farm (and many others) in the documentary for free for a limited time, April 14th – 16th, HERE:

Watch the adventures of my Family:

  • Turn an old school bus into a fabulous home on wheels.
  • Close down their farm (including ALL their animals).
  • Explore the Greatest Farms in ALL 50 states (Alaska and Hawaii too 🙂
  • Meet regular folks who are doing extraordinary things.
  • Overcome several bus breakdowns
  • Uncover the unimaginable beauty of farms and natural landscapes
  • Laugh along with the unique humor from their children and their hosts.
  • Discover THE Greatest Farm in America (the answer might surprise you 😉
  • Premiere Planned to Begin APRIL 14th, 2018

Register to watch the Documentary for FREE (limited time):

No Show Today

I just completed a great interview and my issues continue.  While there were no problems I or the guest could hear during the interview ONLY the guest can be heard on the recording.

I am having Dorothy postpone all further interviews until such time that we come up with a new system of recording interviews.