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CAC Teams – A Call Out to Help Hurricane Refugees in Texas

Guys in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy back in 2012 as I watched the Red Cross unable to find their ass with both hands I conceived of a rapid response agile non profit to help when something like this happened again.

This vision became CAC Teams (Citizen’s Assisting Citizens).  Realizing I didn’t have the time or the knowledge to run such an organization I assembled a team of folks to do so.  This team acquired non profit status, and built the organization I envisioned.  Today that group is run by our own Steven Harris.

Hurricane Harvey and its damage is exactly why I envisioned such a team and right now they are deploying into North Texas to support the refugees that have evacuated the area.  I just recieved this email from Steven Harris, it tells you how you can help the CAC Team Effort, as a responder or by contributing to the organization.

From: Steven Harris
Subject: EMERGENCY Callout for TSP Listeners – Hurricane Harvey

The entire state of Texas from Dallas SOUTH to Houston and that whole area is OUT OF GAS, OUT OF ATM CASH, OUT OF FOOD, OUT OF WATER, OUT OF DIAPERS.  There will be lots of places Dallas and SOUTH where you will be able to find people in need and churches or schools that set up a shelter for locals and the Red Cross and the Salvation Army IS NOT there and don’t even know that they exist.

HARVEY WILL BE WORSE THAN KATRINA.  Harvey is going to STALL over southern Texas and sit there and SPIN and NOT LEAVE until Late Tuesday or Wednesday.   This devastation will be going on for a week and then even more after the storm.  Your help is NEEDED NOW or even 7 Days from NOW.  You’ll be able to help people.   You DO NOT need to drive into the area of destruction.

No matter WHO you are, no matter HOW FAR you are from the Dallas and South Areas of Texas.  If you want to drive down with food, water and diapers and baby wipes and anything else you can go to walmart and get a ‘bluebird card’ and call me, Steven Harris, or Tom Patterson.  I’m the Chairman of the Board of, Tom Patterson is the Executive Director of  Tom can load money onto your bluebird card (at walmart) once you give him the card numbers.  If you show up to a place and there is red cross or salvation army is there, then LEAVE and go find people who don’t have these agencies there.  Like I say below, you’ll find people camping in their cars in walmart parking lots, and home depot lots etc… 

We are paying for the FOOD, Water, Diapers, Baby Wipes and anything else you are going to take down.   We are going to be paying for  your FUEL to go there as well.   We’re NOT paying for your hotel if you stay because one of the main reasons is ALL THE HOTELS ARE FULL.   You are going to find people sleeping in their cars in a walmart parking lot.  You’ll find mothers with babies who have no diapers, they are out of gas and stuck there and the store is out of everything.   These are the types of people we are there to help.   If you have room, you can shuttle people to a Red Cross Shelter.  IF you are comfortable doing this.

*IF* you are going.   You *MUST* have enough fuel with you to get to where you are going and to get BACK to where there is fuel ON YOUR OWN.   Its like swimming out to sea, you can go so far that you won’t be able to make it back.   So know your vehicle and know how much fuel you have and how much you can carry.  You *MUST* have your own food.  I’d like to say we’ll buy you dinner at Cracker Barrel but they are going to be out of food too.  I’d suggest you have a tent that you can pop open someplace and take a break, sleep, then drive back home. DO NOT DRIVE TIRED !!!!   I have a close friend who is DEAD because he drove and fell asleep (no seatbelt either).

Ok.  So here is what you MUST DO if you are going to do this.   You *MUST* EMAIL Me, Steven Harris, *FIRST* Send me your name, location and your cell phone number.  I will call you back.  I will brief you on what I want you to do, what to buy, where to buy etc…  Then you go to a walmart and get a “bluebird card’.  then you call Tom Patterson, I’ll of already contacted him that you are calling.  He will load some funds onto your bluebird card.  You can then fill up, get food, water etc… and drive to areas on need in Texas.   Don’t forget to stop by a police station or a fire station and ask where is there a shelter or people we can deliver snacks and water too?  Don’t forget to offer the cops and firemen some water and snacks as well.  Also, you *MUST* save ALL receipts !!! and they will have to be photographed and emailed to Tom Patterson when you get back.

If you can stop and get some iphone and android charging cables and you can charge off your car, 1.  to keep your phone alive, 2, charge other people’s cell phone, then please do so.  I have a video that covers ALL aspects of cell phone charging.  Call me, or email me, I’ll send you the video for free, you can actually BUY the items from Amazon TONIGHT, get them in 2-3 days and deploy in 4 or 5 days from now.

ALOT of people are going to need HELP from people LIKE YOU.  Have questions?  Email me or Call me.  You can call me up to 3AM in the morning EST.  Please call me AFTER 12 Noon and before 3AM.   Got it?   Got Questions?  Ask!!!  Have a pen and paper ready for when you call me.  Get ready for me to download to you, you are about to jack in and you are about to find out just how deep this rabbit hole goes.  This will be a story you’ll be telling to others for a decade and it will be on of those ‘points’ in your life where you’ll never ever forget.

Oh... there is one OTHER thing YOU *MUST* DO.  Ready.  You MUST be ready with your cell phone or camera to take 100, 200 or more photos.  WE NEED YOUR PHOTOS, if there is some good video you can take of the situation or of you helping, please do that as well.   We are ready to spend *ALL* of our CAC funds on Harvey.  If we want MORE donations then we NEED those photos and videos you’ll take to SHOW people WHERE their money is going !!!  Got it ?!!   So you darn well better ask me for my Cell Phone Video and have the tools and the memory space to do this.  *I* need these photos and video bad to continue CACteam.  I know you’ll do outstanding.

ALSO !!! ! ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEO are to be taken HORIZONTALLY…. in landscape.DO NOT NOT NOT NOT take ANY photos with the cell phone VERTICAL or in Portrait mode !!  GOT IT !!!  Human eyeballs are side to side.  Movie Theaters and TVs are oriented HORIZONTALLY !!!  The world is FLAT, its NOT a skinny cylinder up and down.  Take the photos horizontally or do not take them at all.  The only thing worse than no photos is bad photos.

Steven Harris
Chairman of the Board
You can email me at support =at= knowledgepublications (dot) com

Folks now is the time to assist others in need, I told you how bad this was going to be in my post “Get Out, Get Out, Get Out“, yesterday.  Many did indeed get out, now they need our help.

If you can help with this effort contact Steve, if you can’t help directly but can contribute financially to the effort, you can do that at  I personally just made a significant donation to CAC, remember I never ask this community to do anything I would not personally do myself.

Disclaimer – While I founded CAC and assembled the initial team behind it, I no longer have any official influence over the organization.  I have no official position with the group.  It is simply the result of a vision I had, to see it now go into action gives me a great deal of pride.  Thank you to Steve and the other board members who made it happen.

Get Out, Get Out, Get Out – Hurricane Harvey is Going to be Catastrophic

I have said “get out, get out, get out” two other times at TSP.  The first was in reference to the stock market in 2008, the second was in reference to hurricane Ike also in 2008, both times I was sadly right.  So it has been 9 years since I last said, “get out, get out, get out”, please listen to me if you live in major impact areas for this storm.

The media talking heads are in love with their coverage of this storm, gives them something to be over the top about with little need of hype.  They are also falling over themselves to determine if Harvey will make landfall as a Category 2 or Category 3 storm.  You know what that is like?  Debating about whether you want to be shot center mass by a 308 or a 30-06, there may be a few FPS difference but the terminal effects are going to be identical.

This storm will be a few MPH in max wind over or under 110, and it won’t matter what number they assign it, the terminal effects are going to be the same, if it is 108 or 112, the Saffir-Simpson number will change but the effects won’t.  America has suffered from “mine is bigger syndrome” so long that people think this actually matters, it doesn’t.

Here is the deadly combination and why I am saying “get out, get out, get out”.  First this storm is well organized and it is going to be very harsh in making land fall, again a few mph won’t mean shit when it does.  So you are going to get typical major storm surge and damage.

The nightmare though will be flooding and flooding kills more people every year in the US than any other weather related force.  There is a system sitting over north Texas where I live, this system is holding Harvey’s speed of movement (not wind) to a snails crawl.  So when it makes landfall it is going to be like a slow moving buzz saw!  It is going to stay near the coast for a LONG TIME which will give it a lot of fuel that it can draw in moisture and heat from the gulf.

Worse!  It is going to stall!  It will dump over 3 feet of rain in some areas, the flooding is going to look biblical, I say again, if you are where major impacts are going to be “get out, get out, get out”.  Sure a day into this it will likely “weaken” into a tropical storm as it sits over land, it won’t matter, you will still get likely tornadoes, wind shears and strait line wind damage.

Again though you are going to have flooding in ways some won’t even believe after they see it.  I could be wrong, I probably am not, so please one more time “get out, get out, get out”.  The last time a storm really stalled like this and dumped massive rain was Tropical Storm Debby in 2012 in Florida.  The TV barely mentioned it but many that lived though it know it brought massive missery.  The highest rain fall totals were about 25 inches, you can see the rain fall totals here.

Well Harvey already has some rain fall projections over 35 inches!  Do you get it yet.  Everyone is worried about the wind, that is wise but the water is the bigger danger.  I have said my piece, if you are in the impact zone you know what to do.  If you have family saying they want to stick it out, please talk them into taking a brief vacation, lots of nice hotels in Austin, good music, good food.  If nothing happens go home Monday and go back to work.  If you have dogs find a pet friendly hotel, find a relative to shack up with for a few days.

Listeners to this show should have a bug out plan, this storm is exactly why that is important!

Bugs In the MSB Sale Have Been Killed Off

Okay so I am currently running an MSB sale the deal is 25 dollars a year and it applies to recurring billing as well.  The discount code is “upgrade”.

We had multiple issues and they didn’t happen to everyone but they happened to some folks, we think we have all the bugs well sprayed with electronic Raid at this point and legs up as they should be.

A few of you signed up and didn’t get the discount, if that was  you by now I should have refunded you your discount, if you feel I haven’t please let me know.

Also the recurring discount was not showing up for some of you, it should show up for everyone now.

To join the MSB for only 25 dollars a year just click here and use code “upgrade” on sign up.  You can also use the code to pay by mail, if you are paying with crypto just send the reduced amount with the instructions provided during sign up.

MSB Sale, We Now Take Credit Cards and More

So this weekend we successfully completed an upgrade to the MSB system.  On your end, you really won’t notice anything different, but on our end it is better in every way.

The one really big difference for members is you can now use a credit card and are not forced to use PayPal if you want to pay online.  You can now pay by paypal or you can pay via most major credit cards.

For a long time (8 years) I resisted doing this, because I am so vocal against consumer credit, but of course many use cards and pay their balance in full monthly and many use a credit card online that is actually a debit card that works as a credit card.

Additionally for the last 2 years PayPal has been an utter mess with renewals failing, discounts not working and some people simply not being able to complete payments.

Now if you select pay by credit card/paypal you can pay with either with no paypal account.

To celebrate this upgrade I am doing a MSB sale for 25 dollars a year with renewals locked in at that rate, that is right, 50% off MSB for life.  The discount code is well what do you think it is, upgrade.  The sale will run until close of business Sunday the 27th.

This discount applies to all payment methods.  If you pay online just enter the code “upgrade” when you pay online.  If you pay by US Mail with cash or check just write the code on the form.  If you pay with silver we will simply make the price one ounce a year instead of two.

If you choose to pay by crypto, just adjust the price down to 25 bucks when you send your payment as instructed during sign up.

PLEASE NOTE – Please understand I still can’t let you renew early so this offer is for new members and members with expired accounts only.  This isn’t AT&T who doesn’t value their existing customers enough to offer them a discount it is a limit to recurring credit card charges.  If I let you renew early you will get double billed.

Also if you have an expired account, don’t set up a new one, just log in and you can renew your current account.  If anyone needs any assistance with this just email me as always at jack at with TSPC in the subject line and I will do what ever is needed to assist you.

Thanks to everyone who is or ever has been an MSB member, without your support we could not have delivered this show 5 days a week for over 9 years now.

To Join the MSB with this Great Discount Just Click Here and Use Code “upgrade” at checkout.

MSB Upgrade In Progress

From about 8 AM until Noon Central Time the MSB will be undergoing a back end upgrade.  During this time you will not have access and no new members can sign up.

Once complete we will have a better MSB and it will let me do some things for members I have wanted to do for a long time.

MSB Login Issue, A Work Around and An Upgrade

Update – We seem to have corrected the login issue!

Okay so first and foremost, some folks are having issues logging into the msb, what happens is you enter your info, and submit it and are greeted with a blank screen.

This may or may not be related to the fact that my web programmer Ben Fitts is currently working on the site.  I’ll make him aware of this today as I just found out about it.

Here is the work around for now, login, then hit your browsers back arrow twice, when you see the site come up you will be logged in and it will work as you’d expect.  Frankly I don’t know what is going on but it isn’t a huge deal here is why.

The software the MSB is built on is about 8 years old, time for an upgrade.  For about a month that has been in the works, likely we will migrate to the new system this coming weekend, be alert for a post and an email that will notify you for a time that the site will be closed during the member migration we have to do.

The new MSB will be a lot better and likely again be up in a week, two at tops so we won’t spend to much time trying to fix the bug in a very old legacy system that will be likely gone in a week.  If it is an easy fix though we will do it.

If anyone can’t use the work around and needs anything from the MSB in the mean time, if you can’t get in just email me and I will get you the discount code you need or what have you.

Bitcoin Holders Please Read This

As many of you know I went into mostly cash from my Bitcoin position leading up to tomorrow’s fork.  There were and in many ways are still to many unknowns.  However I took advantage of one of the many dips between my exit and today and bought about half of it back.

My ordinal intention was to once again exit before the fork, but now there are a lot more knowns.

I think we are going to get a better bitcoin and we are also going to get something called bitcoin cash.  However Coinbase has made a decision to not support bitcoin cash, and personally I have my doubts about their motives.  It could be they plan to claim all bitcoin cash for themselves.

Well what I am doing now is holding the bitcoin I bought back in a way where I can end up with equal amounts of bitcoin AND bitcoin cash after this mess is over and done with!

How can you do this, well one way is to right now move your bitcoin into an off chain wallet.  Others include….

  • Kraken is going to support both options, while I don’t think you should keep a lot of bitcoin on an exchange this is one option.
  • I have been told bittrex is also supporting both options, same concerns as Kraken but again if you are holding it there it looks to me like you will get to have both when this is all over.
  • Jaxx has announced coming support for Bitcoin Cash.  Jaxx users can do nothing and just wait for full integration and then you will apparently just have both once it is done.  Software wallets are not the most secure way to hold bitcoin but I personally think Jaxx is safer than an exchange.
    Further with Jaxx you always hold your own private key so you can always choose to follow any chain you want with your Bitcoin.  So Jaxx may be the safest and easiest way to end up with both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for newbies who are not sure how to take their Bitcoin off chain yet.   Jaxx recently announced full support for Bitcoin Cash.  You can read all about that here.

As always this is not investment advice but I feel obligated to let this audience know what I am doing personally with bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies since I have discussed it so much on the air and many of you are holding crypto due to that.

Also there is a likely reality that bitcoin cash may be a total flop and not worth a damn, so don’t put money at risk to capture it, however, to me it just seems if you are holding any bitcoin now, before the fork move it so you can at least have the option to claim it.  Not to seems foolish to me.

For more info here is a list of exchanges that will support the fork.  Here is one opinion that basically bitcoin cash won’t be a big deal.

PDC in North Texas with Nicholas Burtner

Guys I just heard from Nicholas Burtner, who runs the School of Permaculture not too far from me here in North Texas, that they are now enrolling for their 2017 fall permaculture design course that start on July 8th. It is cool because first off it is local, and the team at SOP has extensive experience, locally, and in more 7 countries with a myriad of climate regions and design challenges.

Its flexible as it runs one weekend a month for a span of 6 months so you actually get to know your instructors and peers. There is nothing quite like the dynamics of an in person pdc. I do not even want to tell you the price because almost everywhere the course goes from anywhere 1700 to 2500 bucks, and they just really hook you up and thats all I’ll say.  Use this link to register:

P.S. – Nick is a good friend and a great teacher, he not only traveled to Australia to get his PDC directly from Geoff Lawton, he also interned under Geoff, so you know you will be in good hands.

Crown Bees and Holler Roast Coffee Added to the MSB

Log In or Join the MSB for this and Other Great Discounts.

Log In or Join the MSB for this and Other Great Discounts.

So just a few weeks ago I brought you a new discount vendor in Vin Armani’s Counter Markets.

This week I am bringing you two more.  I am really excited about these.

These two benefits alone may easily pay for your annual membership.  I am working very hard right not to further improve the MSB with some new and exciting discounters for 2017.  If you have been considering joining the MSB now would be a great time to do just that.

Now to the new TSP Discount Vendors…


First as many of you know Nicole Sauce who runs Holler Roast Coffee recently joined our MSB.  I was really impressed with Nicole’s coffee at our fall workshop.  So when she recently did a kickstarter to raise enough money for a new roaster I of course supported her.

Now she is in big time production mode and I have gotten you guys a great discount from her.  MSB members get a $2 per pound discount on premium coffee. Experience simple freshness. Each season, we carefully taste many different coffee beans from small farms around the world to choose the “Holler Roast” blend. All coffee is roasted to order to ensure that you get the freshest possible product. And when the beans are gone, we start another tasting cycle. Coupon code is good for one-time orders and for coffee subscriptions.  The discount code is already in your MSB Private Area in the “Benefits” section.


Next just today I had Charlie Mohr of Crown Bees on the show.   Crown Bees provides everything you need to build colonies of peaceful pollinators on your property.  Specializing in mason and leaf cutter bees and all the supplies you need to attract your own or you can get bees from them as well.

Their website is a wealth of knowledge and provides anything you can imagine for “hole bee” habitat.  The best part MSB Members get a full 20% discount on all items on their website.  With that one or two purchases from them alone can completely cover the cost of your MSB membership.

Learn more at and if you want the kit I have in my own back yard with everything you need including mason bees and leaf cutter bees to stock your new bee house check out this kit, The Dual Season Bee Chalet.  The discount code is already in your MSB Private Area in the “Benefits” section.


To join the MSB and get all of the great benefits just click here.

To log into your MSB account just click here.

Counter Markets Newsletter added to the MSB

I have really enjoyed working with Vin Armani for the past few months.  The guy really has his stuff together.  His show is combination of deconstruction of the MSM narrative followed by great guests.

I just did my second appearance on his show yesterday.  Despite a technical issue (things froze and crashed on his end) we powered though and you can see the archive here or you can jump to my part here.  It was a great show.

Vin released “Counter Markets” a few months ago, he sent me the first three issues to review and I was very impressed.  Counter Markets is written from the Agorist perspective, how can you profit in the new economy?  What are the trends you should be following?  How can you profit from these trends?

I was impressed by the content, and that isn’t easy to do.  We live in a world where in many ways content is now produced in such quantity that getting someone to pay for more requires something special.  I think Vin and his team have nailed it in that regard.

In the first three issues, I have learned a lot about a booming trend in housing called the “Co-Living Trend”.  Most are high density dorm like housing for millennials in the tech industry.  They tend to be in expensive tech areas like Silicon Valley and even Austin Texas.  I would not use this trend as it is described but it has given me thoughts about a new way to market “Tiny House Living” on my property.

I also learned in great detail the story behind Uber and Lyft being pushed out of Austin, and how the gray market then created “Arcade City” with ride shares being accomplished on Facebook Groups. How that splintered into Swarm City and why the Swarm may become the disrupter of the disrupters in almost no time at all.  This understanding has changed the way I am viewing crypto currencies and block chain technology.

The cost of Counter Markets is 149.99 a year for 12 issues.  Each issue has about 60-70 pages of amazing content that drills down on the most important counter market trends of the current month.  That might sound expensive but it isn’t for the quality of the information you receive.  It is like having your own team to drill down and find the best information each month and prepare a concise report for you on Counter and Gray Market activities.  Frankly I am glad it is expensive, I am glad that you have to buy it to see what is inside of it.  I think it will give subscribers and edge in the changing markets.

Of course, when Vin asked me to promote it I asked him to do an MSB discount and I got you a BIG ONE, how about 50 dollars?  You do realize that is the entire cost of a year of MSB at full price, right?  The discount code has already been added to the MSB and you can find it on the benefits page.

To Get the Code and Discount Log into The MSB Here

Not Sure Yet?  How about getting to look inside first with a free issue? To do that just go to and sign up for your free copy.  But if you decide to subscribe after that be sure to use the MSB discount when you do.