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Is America a Fascist State – If So Does that Have anything to do with Trump

Let me answer that question, with, yes it is, and no it doesn’t.  A friend recently posted on facebook the following,

FASCISM: An alliance between government and industry to fleece the citizens…..At least this is how I define it.

This is close but the key is to acomplish this fascists see the differences between the classes as advantageous and they feel the role of the State and the Corporatocracy is to mediate those differences and leverage them as mediators to the advantage of both the State and industry.  This is seen as neither laissez faire capitalism or full socialism, rather a “third way” that offers the advantages of both.  You know like a supposedly capitalist nation with hundreds of billions of dollars spent on “social services”, does this sound familiar?

In a fascist State, the State controls every major industry and human need, food, water, energy, medicine, housing, transportation, the media, communications, etc.  Would you please give me one of those without a multi billion dollar federal department and stacks of rules and regulations that fully control how they are managed, delivered and consumed in our society?

The truth is our nation has been a neo-fascist State for well over 100 years, but now because a guy with bad hair is POTUS all of the sudden people are aware of it?

How is neo-fascism different from classic fascism. In classic fascism, the state directs industry in neo-fascism industry directs the state.  That is the main change, but then it gets far more creative and frankly effective as a system of control.

Neo-fascism is also far more nuanced and effective at controlling people, you can only imprison and kill so many people before you run out of people.  Neo-fascism uses a false dichotomy (called a two party system) to convince its people they have a “choice” which they do not.  This enables all the other key aspects of fascism with the people blaming one another for their oppression.

This is very useful to the State which is the mechanism of said oppression and the Corporatocracy which is the source of it.  I mean you did know almost every bill that becomes law is actually written by lobbyist firms and handed to elected officials right?  Did they teach you that in political science?

Let’s examine my claim deeper by taking one aspect of fascism, that it is to be “fiercely nationalistic” to the point of extreme violence in defending nationalist ideology.  The neo-fascist knows it is more effective to first use the threat of violence rather than actual violence as it keeps good drones doing their work, what ever it may be.  So you create an environment where even if both sides of the false dichotomy hate each other, they are fiercely nationalistic and condemn anything seen as not so.  In effect you create an environment where the prisoners police each other and the guards only step in if things get “our of hand”.

I know you will point to idiots burning the flag in the street as proof the left is not fiercely nationalistic.  However those idiots are no more representative of the main stream left then the actual American Nazi Party is of the main stream right.  Doubt me, post something defending the right of a person to burn their own flag as free speech on facebook and threats will descend upon you from the left, the right, the center and even many who claim to be libertarians.

Say you won’t vote in an election (like I did here) and be prepared to be attacked, mocked, called names and threatened with violence by people from both sides of the dichotomy.  Why, America is fiercely nationalistic, that is why.  And the State has no need to enforce this, the people do it, they like to do it, they enjoy doing it.  Again democrat, republican, centrist, etc, in the end, most Americans are statists at heart, so in the end they will defend even with violence the State itself.  Can you see how much more effective this is than police or soldiers doing the enforcing?

Concentration camps?  No we don’t have those and neither did Mussolini and no one claims he was not fascist.  Hitler was a fascist but he doesn’t define fascism.  Well he should not define it, but you see, making it so, is great if you are running a neo-fascist state. Hence your people don’t recognize the fascist pattern controlling them.  They yell and scream that “we can’t be fascist, there are no swastikas, no gas chambers, no eugenics” (eugenics, um well we can save that for another time).

I would point out though that we do have a parallel in America today in our prison system to concentration camps.  Now I am no bleeding heart, there are people in that system who I think would be better served with a bullet in the head and a hole in the ground then living their entire lives paid for with the taxes of working men and women.  But there are also literally millions of men and women in our prison system for victimless crimes.  They have literally harmed no one, stolen nothing, impeded upon the freedom of no person.

These people work for companies that BUY THE PRISONS and hence BUY THE PRISONER’S LABOR IN THEM, to produce products and do work for pennies an hour.  Didn’t we used to call this slavery or at least indentured servitude?

And once they are released, even when we say “they have paid their debt to society” they are forever MARKED as bad, and can’t even get a decent job.  Keep in mind I am talking about people who were imprisoned for crimes with no actual victim here.

These people often end up in the prison system for life, marked as “bad” by the State because they can never get ahead in life, due to that mark.  And you know what, the people are the ones that enforce the mark, not the State.  Once again the people do it, they like to do it, they enjoy doing it, they feel they are good because they treat “bad people” poorly.

Yes the United States is a fascist State, more accurately a neo-fascist state and if you think that has anything to do with Donald Trump you have no idea at all about the real problem.  Further if you see this article as pro Trump in any way, at all, you have just proven every word of it as accurate.

Bluntly if you are upset about the power that Donald Trump has, or the power that Barack Obama had, or the power any elected official has, at any level, the problem is not the individual.  No the problem is the system that grants them so much power in the first place.

Final note, another hallmark of fascism is being comfortable with extreme power of the State as long as “your side” is in charge.  Well news flash, in a democratically elected republic, sooner or later, your side won’t be in charge.

TSP Directory Feature: Werkz LLC

Werkz LLC Combo Discount on Holsters and Magazine Carriers

Custom Holsters and Magazine Carriers

This week I’m featuring another TSP Directory business that focuses on tactical gear. Werkz LLC has over 150 different pistol molds and dozens of light/laser molds. Chances are really good that they can build you what you need. Werkz is a custom shop that designs OWB (Outside The Waistband), IWB (Inside The Waistband), and AIWB (Appendix Inside The Waistband) carry gear. What sets Werkz LLC and many other businesses in our Directory apart from the competition is customer service. If you call their toll free number it rings through to the owner’s cell phone! Reach out to Werkz to see if they have the holster that’s right for your application.

Combo Discount

Right now Werkz is offering a combo discount when you buy a holster and magazine holder in the same order. You can get 10% off your entire order when you buy both products. Visit their website to learn more. While you’re there, check out the Custom Holsters and Mag Carriers page. You’ll see some examples of their custom work. They have products to accommodate your accessories like lights, lasers, and suppressors. Expect a fast turn-around time on orders. Even though Werkz is a custom shop, they ship most items within two weeks or less.

1911 Holster

Custom Work, Retention, and Ride Height

One important thing to note is that your particular pistol might not be listed on their website. If so, you should reach out to Werkz to see if they can source the appropriate mold for your holster. They have a policy in place that says if a customer requests it, they will attempt to source a new mold and buy it to build holsters on. So, definitely reach out if you don’t see your weapon listed. If you want to know a little more about performance, read on to see what they have to say about retention and ride height:

Werkz tunes the holsters to have enough retention to hold a fully loaded pistol upside down with some movement.  Vigorous shaking upside down (obviously pistol must be unloaded) will allow the pistol to release. Holsters for nearly all models should allow the pistol to “snap” into place, which you should both feel and hear.

A sharp tug on the pistol should allow the pistol to release cleanly after overcoming the initial retention.  Werkz holsters do not use external retention mechanisms, and relies upon this natural retention in the Kydex.

If your holster needs more or less retention, please send it to us with a note indicating what you desire.  We will tune it and send it back no charge. If you insist on trying it yourself, we will not warranty the product.  We can tell when Kydex has lost its shape due to overheating, and will not replace the holster.  That said, if you insist, I’ll let you know the best way to do it.  Get a heat gun or hair dryer.

MAKE SURE THE PISTOL IS UNLOADED AND SAFE.  Set the heater on low so you don’t “burn” the Kydex which can result in offgassing of hazardous chemicals.  Heat slowly around the trigger guard area, including inside the trigger guard (i.e. where the trigger is).  Move the dryer / heat gun constantly to reduce the chance of overheating one specific area.

Once the Kydex reaches about 140 to 160 degrees, it still retains its shape but can start moving.  If you want more retention, pinch the front bar of the trigger guard, pressing also inside the trigger guard to dimple it in.  If you want less retention, pinch in front of the trigger guard (below the muzzle) and start pulling the pistol from the holster, and reinserting repeatedly.  One method causes more material to be “in the way” of the trigger guard front bar on draw, and the other method pushes some of that material out of the way.  If you didn’t get it right the first time, keep trying.  Remember, you just voided our warranty, so keep trying until you get it right.

You can adjust the ride height most of the time. If your holster has 5 eyelets on each side, which most full size pistols do, then you can unscrew the belt loop assemblies from both sides of the holster, reposition them in the next lower set of belt loops, and reinstall things.  If you have a compact pistol, you may only have 4 eyelets, but you will likely be able to turn the belt loops upside down to push the pistol up a little bit further on your body.  If you need to drop the pistol, contact Werkz to purchase drop belt loops, which will drop the pistol about 1/2″.

If you visit the FAQ page you can learn more about other adjustments that can be made to your holster. Overall, the craftsmanship and quality is very impressive. Check out their site and have a look for yourself. You can also find Werkz listed in the TSP Business Directory along with many great businesses owned by members of the TSP community.


TSP Spring 2017 – Fun And Skills Workshop Almost Sold Out

UPDATE – As of 2-1-17 at 11:00 4 seats remain for this class.  Two of which were added due to people willing to ride share, etc. reducing the vehicle count a bit.  If you want to come this year get your seats soon!

Well this time we made it a day without selling out, there are still about 10 seats left, so get them while you can.  This workshop is going to be amazing, with amazing people and some of the stuff is so awesome we can’t even tell you what it is in advance.

Remember what happens at the barter blanket, stays at the barter blanket and this time, that is getting expanded just a bit.  Plus do you know the meaning behind the secrete code of “Talk to the Squirrel” or are you on the private email list with some of the coolest people in the TSP community.  If not the only way to find out and get on the list is to come to a workshop.  It is a promise I have made to all students.

Cost to attend this work shop is 500 dollars total with a 100 dollar deposit to hold your seat and the balance isn’t due until you arrive on site.

To Sign Up and Join Us for Our Workshop running from March 22-24 with camping available form March 21-25 just click here. 

This time I am also doing a really cool contest, be ready to take a lot of pictures (not at the barter blanket) is all I will say about that for now.

What are we going to cover this time around, well I have 14 awesome instructors plus myself and we are going to provide 15 awesome workshops in 3 days time, get ready for a knowledge upload in a big way.  Here is what we are covering,

  • Knife Making – After this class you will know how to complete a kit knife even if you don’t do the hands on extra class.  Yep all of the sudden will be a more interesting website.  And Patrick Roehrman will teach those that upgrade his master craft.
  • Small Engine Maintenance – Chris Prater will be teaching this and he is always awesome and shows you how to do things for a dollar that others pay a hundred to acomplish.
  • Homestead Automation – Instructor Charlie Fairchild will show you how to easily automate your homestead and save hours and dollars.
  • Alcohol Infusions and Fermented Foods – Some guy named Spirko is going to show you how to make a 50 dollar bottle of liquor for 5 bucks and how to make healthy fermented foods to heal your body if you over indulge.
  • Sous Vide Cooking – Jake Robinson and that Spirko guy will show you how to make steaks and more that will blow away your friends and family.
  • Building an AR15 – How would you like to save a couple hundred bucks on your next AR?  It isn’t that hard the basics of building your own will be covered in only one hour flat.
  • Roasting Coffee – Nicole “Awesome Sauce” (that is what I call her) will show you not just how to roast your own coffee but how she doesn’t just save money, she makes money doing it. We call that function stacking.
  • The Trump Economic Impact – Love him or hate him Donald Trump is president and like it or not, he is “getting shit done”, what will the economic impact of his first 100 days be long term, John Pugliano will tell you what is coming.
  • Aquaponics – Do you think aquaponics is too complicated, or cost to much to do.  While we will be showing off my large installation, Richard Hasting will be showing you how anyone can set up aquaponics and produce more food in less space than you can imagine.
  • High Density Food Production – This is being done by my buddy David Seigler, in some years he and his wife produce up to 70% of their calories from their own land.  Oh by the way it is a suburban Fort Worth property.  And he will tell you how to offset your costs by selling things to Yuppies, things you would have never thought of.  Yea really!
  • Homesteading on a Budget and Cover Crop See Mixes – Nick Ferguson is a master of doing more with less, so as to make  homesteading profitable and he will also teach you to make your own seed mixes and save both the earth and your wallet in the process.
  • Solar Power – Karen Houston who has 30 years of experience as a master electrician will teach you how to make solar power work for you, both on and off grid.
  • Wood Working – In fact anarchist wood working!  What is that, it is building amazing stuff with nothing but hand tools.  Instructor Brad Fullbright will show you what it is all about.
  • Special Unadvertised Bonuses – If I told you what this was, I would ruin it wouldn’t I?

On top of all this there will be home made apple cider on draft, mead and beer tasting, some of the coolest people you will ever meet and frankly I don’t think you could eat the way we feed you over three days for half the cost of attendance.  If you leave here hungry you are either a vegan or well, you are a vegan!

So if you have always wanted to come to one of our workshops, come to this one, make the time and you won’t regret it.  The after hours time, the bonding with like minded individuals alone is worth it.

Our property is about 30 minutes from DFW Airport and many students ride share, etc. to get here, so even if you have to fly in, airfare is generally reasonable and you can just bring enough to camp, or get a hotel, food is not going to be a problem, I promise you.

To Sign Up and Join Us for Our Workshop running from March 22-24 with camping available form March 21-25 just click here. 

MT Knives Add On Class for the TSP Workshop

Patrick Roehrman will be doing an add on knife making class at the 2017 fall workshop.  Interested students will need to sign up with him directly, you can find full details here.

This is a great opportunity, Patrick will be helping 10 students complete a knife that would easily sell for more than 300 dollars and the price of the class is 300 dollars.  In essence you can choose to decide how you look at it, you are either buying the knife and getting the education for free, or buying the education and getting the knife free, either one is a pretty sweet deal.

The way this will work is, Patrick will be our first instructor with a 1 hour session for all on the general principles of making a knife, this will be best for people buying pre made blanks and handle materials.  Every student will be part of this but it won’t be hands on.

Then for 2 hours a day, plus likely some down time and sessions some don’t wish to attend he will help those who purchase the add on complete an awesome custom knife, one you can’t even buy from him.

Please note this is ONLY FOR STUDENTS OF THE SPRING WORKSHOP who have already secured a seat to it, please do not sign up for this if you are not a student or instructor at the TSP 2017 Fun and Skills Workshop.

To learn more and claim one of the ten spots
go to this link at the MT Knives website.

PS – Please understand that this add on is being 100% run by Patrick, other than purchasing some tools for my shop so students can use them I am not involved, any arrangements, special deals, questions on it need to go to him, not me.  I will have my hands full today making sure all of my students get their info packets, questions answered etc.

Tickets for the Spring Workshop are Now on Sale

Update – As of 10:30 half of the seats have been sold, get yours before it is gone!

The 2017 Spring Workshop Tickets are now on sale.  They are available for the first 48 hours to MSB members only.  If they are not all sold out in 24 hours they are then available to any and all.  FWIW this almost never happens they almost always sell out in a few hours to say half a day at most.

To sign up now, go to the MSB and log in, in GIANT RED LETTERS it says,

The Link to Sign Up for the Fall Workshop is 

That is followed by giant blue letters with the link.  This is on the home screen when you log in, if you don’t log in you won’t be able to see it.  If you are not a member just to be clear, you can’t sign up until tomorrow if any seats remain, which they likely won’t.

This workshop is 500 dollar a student with a 100 dollar deposit today to hold your seat and balance due when you show up.

This workshop runs for three full days from March 23-25 and students can set up camp sites on Wednesday the 22nd and can camp until Sunday the 26th.  The best airport to fly into is DFW which is about 30 minutes from our home if you pay the five bucks and take the express lane on the way in, it is totally and I mean totally worth the five bucks.

This workshop will consist of 15 different sessions, subjects we will be covering this time are,

  • Knife Making
  • Small Engine Maintenance
  • Homestead Automation
  • Alcohol Infusions
  • Fermented Foods
  • Sous Vide Cooking
  • Building an AR15
  • Roasting Coffee
  • Raising Rabbits
  • The Trump Economic Impact
  • Aquaponics
  • High Density Food Production
  • Homesteading on a Budget
  • Cover Crop Seed Mixes
  • Solar Power
  • Wood Working
  • Special Unadvertised Bonuses

Again to sign up now go to the MSB and log in and come join us for one of the best workshops we have ever done.

Ares Tactical: TSP Business Directory Feature

Tactical Kydex Gear

Ares Tactical

Ares Tactical is our TSP Business Directory feature of the week. Since 2012 Ares Tactical has been manufacturing Kydex holsters, shot shell caddies, magazine pouches, and other accessories for your tactical collection. It all started with the Bodyguard IWB (inside the waistband). Ares was looking for a lightweight and comfortable holster that would also stand up to rugged field conditions. That inspired their first project, and since then they have expanded their line to include MOLLE, thigh, belt, chest, shoulder, and competition holsters and magazine carriers. Ares also has a popular ShotShell Caddy for field and competition use in both 12ga and 20ga.

Holsters by Ares Tactical

Ares offers direct sales from their website and also wholesale to other retailers who with to carry their product. In addition, they will custom design private label products. You can even submit your own design to have a custom printed Kydex holster. What’s even better is that Ares is offering some pretty steep discounts to TSP members and the Law Enforcement community.

Discounts on Kydex Tactical Gear

Ares wants to display your unit patch on the wall in their showroom. In a show of support to the LE/First Responder community, they are offering a 50% discount if you are the first person from your unit or agency to send in your unit patch. Just send Ares an e-mail to see if you are the first. If you qualify you’ll receive a huge discount on any holster in their inventory. TSP listeners can also get a great discount from Ares Tactical. Use the code tspbiz at checkout and show your support for a great TSP community vendor. Ares is owned by a listener and MSB member since 2011.

Custom Kydex Holsters by Ares Tactical

Finding Discounts in the TSP Business Directory

Ares is just one of many businesses in the Directory offering audience members a discount. If you haven’t been to the Business Directory page on TSP in a while, spend some time browsing through the different categories. We’ve had a lot of new listings over the past two months in everything from financial services to news about cryptocurrency. Support small business and shop within the TSP community when you can.

In fact, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Why not get that special someone a unique gift from a cottage industry instead of spending your money at a big-box retail store? Lindsey, if you’re reading this, I’ll take the Bodyguard IWB V2 for the Glock G35. Be sure to select “lefty” and use the code tspbiz at checkout! Probably not happening, but it doesn’t hurt to dream right? Have a great week TSP Nation. I’ll be back next weekend with a feature article on Werkz LLC.

Dates Announced for the Spring 2017 TSP Workshop

We have selected our instructors for the 2017 workshop at Nine Mile Farm and are announcing today that the workshop will be March 23, 24, 25 with property open for camping from the 22nd to the 26th.

This workshop will consist of 15 different sessions, subjects we will be covering this time are,

  • Knife Making
  • Small Engine Maintenance
  • Homestead Automation
  • Alcohol Infusions
  • Fermented Foods
  • Sous Vide Cooking
  • Building an AR15
  • Roasting Coffee
  • Raising Rabbits
  • The Trump Economic Impact
  • Aquaponics
  • High Density Food Production
  • Homesteading on a Budget
  • Cover Crop Seed Mixes
  • Solar Power
  • Wood Working
  • Special Unadvertised Bonuses

Tickets for this event will go on sale on Monday, January the 30th at 9AM central time. As usual the MSB members will be given 24 hours to sign up before any tickets will be open to the general public.

Frankly there will be only 28 spots going up for sale, last time they all sold out in under two hours.  Translation anyone that really wanted one had time to get one, anyone that figured they could wait until lunch time to sign up, didn’t get one.

So set your reminders now and tune in today to get more information about this event.


TSP Directory Feature: Janice Gould Realtor in Arizona

Janice Gould Realty: Need an agent with a little kick?

An agent with a little kick!

This week I would like to feature a member of the TSP Business Directory from Arizona. Janice lives off-the-grid in Yucca, AZ. When she’s not busy with Jenny (pictured above) and her horses, Janice serves the Stagecoach Trails or Lake Havasu City areas. She is a licensed realtor who earned both the Graduate Realty Institute (GRI) and the Accredited Buyer Representation (ABR) Designation from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS (NAR).

More About Janice

20 years ago Janice and her family moved from California to their desert estate so they could enjoy the quiet lifestyle of a small desert town. They raise chickens, ducks, and tilapia on their ranch. Janice says she has also had success with vegetables and some fruit trees in the warm open desert climate of Yucca. You can reach Janice to learn more about properties in the area at 928-715-7871. Or visit her site to browse Yucca, AZ Properties.

What Her Clients Have to Say

I took a look at Janice’s site and right now she has about 13 properties for sale with a mix of developed single-family homes and raw land. It’s shocking to me to see just how affordable acreage is in her market. In fact, I don’t see any land on the site for over $1k an acre! If you’ve seen what Geoff Lawton did in “Greening the Desert” you know what the possibilities are…

After I scanned through the listings, I took a look at the testimonials section. Here’s what a few past clients had to say:

Thank you for all your help and for the great service which was above and beyond the call of duty.

-Tim and Carolyn Reese

Just a short note to tell you how pleased I was with your handling the sale of my house in Lake Havasu. You took some beautiful pictures inside and out. You put them on the internet as well as flyers on your realtor sign out front so that people that were interested could find out the pluses without having to go inside. Then you held an “open house” which really clinched the sale for those that were interested. I also thank you for going over all the paperwork and filling out so many forms that were necessary for the sale. I was very pleased with the detail and professionalism in which you handled all aspects of the sale. Then the extra signs you put up pointing the way to my house since it was on a cul-de-sac helped too. I thought the length of time it took to sell it was very short, so do believe you priced it correctly. I would recomend you to anyone who wants an honest, dedicated and experienced realtor.

-Larry Oldham

If you’re in the market to buy or sell in her area, get in touch with Janice and support a fellow TSP’er!

Sustainable Business Planning

TSP Business Directory Feature of the week: Sustainable Business Planning

This week I am proud to feature another business from the TSP Community that focuses on helping the farm entrepreneur. Erin Martin resides in upstate New York on an 11 acre homestead. Erin’s venture came from a desire to help other homesteaders and farmers figure out the numbers side of running a successful business. Sustainable Business Planning gives farmers an online workshop to help with their accounting and strategic planning. Here are a few of the courses offered:

  • Can I earn a Profit With This Business
  • Business Planning
  • Using Quickbooks to Manage Your Business

Live Workshops

You can also purchase a bundle of all the courses offered at Sustainable Business Planning. These are live workshops, but you will get access to a recording after you finish. What inspired Erin to offer these courses? I’ll let Erin explain that:

My name is Erin Martin.
I grew up in Brooklyn and currently reside in upstate New York on an 11 acre homestead with my 2 dogs. I have a passion for gardening, horses, being outdoors and permaculture design. I have spent my career in corporate accounting, as the Corporate Controller for numerous small businesses (40-100 employees) with Revenues ranging from $15-$300M annually, and have close to 30 years experience in that field. I have a Bachelors Degree in Accounting. Over the years I have trained numerous employees in all aspects of corporate accounting, and I have a love of teaching. I had come to hate corporate life in general, not the accounting work itself, but the 9-5 of it, the 8 hours chained to a desk when I would rather be growing something. I still loved the numbers, and the story they can tell about the past, present and future of a business, but I wanted to do it on my own terms. The idea for this business came as part of that personal evolution.
The purchase of my homestead came out of a fierce desire to find liberty and self sufficiency in my life. I was tempted to throw caution to the wind and live the life of a vagabond woofer, but common sense prevailed and I decided to purchase land and try my hand at homesteading and see if I could make it profitable. Being a numbers geek, as soon as I started planning and analyzing what I wanted to do here on the homestead, I started building spreadsheets to use to run my numbers and look at different products and scenarios. That’s when it hit me! Why not leverage my years of experience helping businesses achieve their financial goals, into a business of my own?
Sustainable Business Planning was born. My goal is to help fellow farm entrepreneurs realize their dreams of profitable farming. Building a business is a journey, which begins with that first step.  I hope that you will allow me to join you on your journey and that you will join me on mine. Together, we can sow the seeds for success.

Erin has a great course that seems to be perfect for those contemplating a venture into farming. One of the things I like about this course is that she doesn’t require you to purchase two courses if a spouse or business partner wants to attend the workshop with you. You get a unique login that allows one device at a time into the workshop. So, plan accordingly if you want to work through the course material with someone else.

7-Weeks to a Financially Sustainable Farm

You can work through all the courses in about 7 weeks if you want to get the most value out of the program. In fact, Erin is offering TSP members a 15% discount at checkout by using the code 2016tspn15
You only need to purchase a one page business plan book and a copy of Quickbooks in order to attend the course. Payments are accepted through PayPal if you want to get enrolled in the next class. Speaking of, these classes are limited to no more than 30 attendees. So, expect the opportunity to ask plenty of questions and interact within a small group. Overall, I think this is an excellent opportunity for anyone considering farming or for the farmer looking to get a better grasp on their financials.
Sustainable Business Planning

TSP Business Directory

You can find Sustainable Business Planning and all the other businesses in our Directory here. Do business within the TSP community and support small business when you can. Listings start at less than $1 a month. Or, you can get a premium listing to get your business featured in one of these posts on the TSP homepage and Facebook feed. Thanks for your support and let’s make 2017 an outstanding year!

No show today

The charter cable idiots are still climbing all over the polls outside The Internet is still down so it looks like there will be no TSP today we will return tomorrow if the cable technicians can figure out the difference between a DC amplifier and their asses. I apologize for the interruption but we are all subject at times to the limits of technology.