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Last of the French Press Mugs

french press

TSP Gear Shop has filled all the pre-orders for the French Press Mugs and they have 6 mugs left. If you thought you missed out, now is your chance to grab one.

Printed with “A Revolution is Brewing” on one side and “The Revolution is You” on the other, these also come with a second lid if you just want to use it for a travel mug.

  • Nearly indestructible handle
  • Carabiner friendly
  • Constructed of double-walled, 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel
  • BPA-free
  • Storage compartment in the base for additional ground coffee, keys etc.
  • 14 oz. capacity, 6 3/4 H.

To get in on this final batch, place your order at TSP Gear Shop. You can also add any other items from the store, and your whole order will ship for free. MSB members can take 10% off their entire order.

Taking a Day Off

I have been gone a lot lately, we had a wreck, the wife and I didn’t get much time together this weekend, etc. etc. so I am taking a day off from work today.  We are actually doing a lot of work outside, but we are doing it together.

I will be back tomorrow.

While I am away consider using the Listen to a Random Episode feature.  If you happen to get a blog post or an episode you don’t want to listen to, just hit it again, don’t worry it is free to use as many times as you want.

NE Seeds Joins the MSB

MSB Now Get 20% off at NE Seed

MSB Now Get 20% off at NE Seed

I have been working very hard to bring you guys a new seed vendor partner for the MSB.  We have some great ones but here is what I was looking for.

~ First – I felt we needed at least one provider that does large bulk orders for your guys engaged in market gardening, full on vegetable farming, lager permaculture projects and urban farming initiatives.

~ Second – I wanted a company that guaranteed NO GMO, but that was not enough, I wanted a company that had the stones to take “The Safe Seed Pledge” assuring us that they stood for Non GMO and were committed to it, not just using it as a marketing buzz phrase.

~ Third – The pricing breaks had to be solid on larger orders of say a quarter of a pound to several pounds or more.  A discount is great but if you are discounting something highly over priced it doesn’t really matter.

~ Fourth – Service, shipping and inventory had to all be exceptional.  I didn’t want a company with two varieties of tomatoes for a company that took four weeks to ship your order or one that didn’t answer inquiries.

Well in those four areas NE Seed got four solid, A+ grades!  Many of you came to my fall event and saw me mixing large mixes of vegetable seeds, many of those seeds came from NE.  Many of the seeds we spread this summer on the work with Jack weekends also came from NE Seed.  High quality, good selection, good pricing and NO GMOS, check, check, check and check.

The final requirement, a REAL discount, not something tiny like 2% or even 5%.  I wanted someone who understood the value of being in our MSB and would earn your business.  So how is 10%, good?  Sure, but how about 15%, better?  I mean that would be good, but no dice guys, what I got for you was 20%.

Yep NE Seed now offers all MSB members 20% off order using the MSB discount at checkout. Founded in 1987, the goal of NE Seed is to offer a line of high quality seeds and provide them at a reasonable price to everyone. Conventional, Organic, Heirloom and Hybrid varieties are available.

NE Seed has provided farmers and home gardeners with the seed varieties they need at the farm and at the table. Through a partnership with DP Seeds, a traditional breeder for America’s farms, NE Seed is able to offer those same varieties to home growers. Take advantage of the benefits of hybrid seeds such as improved disease resistance, increased uniformity and higher yields.

NE Seed is a NoGMO company and a signer of the Safe Seed Pledge. From packets to pounds at a time, you can always trust NE Seed.  Learn more at

The discount code for NE Seed has already been added to your members area.  Just log in and you will find it on the benefits page.

Log In or Join the MSB for this and Other Great Discounts.

Log In or Join the MSB for this and Other Great Discounts.

This is another example of my efforts to expand the diversity of the MSB. If you have a high quality company and would be interested in discussing a discount for the MSB please let me know and we can see if we can reach an agreement.

The truth though is I am open to anything high quality that I feel my audience would benefit from and appreciate. Just email me at jack at with TSPC discount partner in the subject line and tell me a bit about your offering.

If you have been on the fence about MSB this is just another example of the high quality discounts I work to negotiate for members.

To learn more about the MSB or log in to get your latest discount just visit the Members Page.

Huge Patch Sale at TSP Gear Shop

TSP Gear Shop
is holding a major sale on all of their patches. Individual patches are $3.00 off and ship for free. And, when you buy more, the savings increase. 2 patches for $10 and 5 for only $20.

There is also a 299 Days Patch Set, that has all 4 of the 299 Days patches for only $17.00.

Shipping is Free on all orders! If you are Members Support Brigade, take another 10% off. These are all high quality, durable, Velcro-backed, 3D, PVC patches that are Made in the USA by our friends at Combat Swag.

Get started by visiting TSP Gear Shop today and making your own 5 pack, with the Mix and Match Set


TSP Gear Shop also has a handful of these S.O.TECH backpacks remaining at the special price of $100, Free Patch and Free Shipping.


Get 10% off A Rocket Stove from Steven Harris

Get a Great Deal On This Rocket Stove!

Get a Great Deal On This Rocket Stove!

Steven Harris just contacted me and sent me a link to a video he did. He is literally charging his cell phone off of burning wood. You have to see the video of him doing this.

He has wood that he chipped off of regular fire wood with a hatchet, so its kindling, and the kindling is burning in the rocket stove and its heating up the Power Pot 5, which turns heat into electricity to charge your phone right through the USB port at a full 5 watts. Charge your phone, charge a USB battery or a USB battery light.

The Rocket Stove itself is very efficient for cooking. Instead of using 3 or 4 or 5 split logs to make a fire that you cook off of you just use a hatchet and hack off kindling and use 5 or 6 pieces of kindling in the rocket stove to cook your entire meal.

I have the newest rocket stove here and its all stainless steel and I can tell by the way that it is built it just won’t wear out. It will last for decades even if you use it 3 times a day. The Rocket Stove on its own is awesome. The Rocket Stove with the power pot is as Steve says, 2 is 1, 1 is none.

Right here on the air Steven taught you how to charge your cell from from your car or battery bank, but now you can charge it from burning wood.  To learn more about this cool set up check out,

PS – This is not an MSB Only Offer Steve is running this sale for everyone, the code for the discount is right on the link posted above.  But only 3 Days are left in this sale, when it is over it is over.  I got mine!

Pocket Shot

pocket shotTSP Gear Shop has brought in another shipment of the Pocket Shot. The Pocket Shot is the evolution of the slingshot. Their patented circular design allows users to load and shoot different projectiles at two to three times the rate of a regular slingshot. Perfect for hunters and recreational use as its tiny size allows you to keep it in your pocket, tackle box, or backpack while storing ammo in its watertight compartment. Up to 350 feet per second, the Pocket Shot is not a toy. Created and built in the USA, their team takes pride in the invention and hopes you enjoy it as much as we do.


When the Pocket Shot is in use, it measures 5 inches long but the Pocket Shot measures only 2.3 inches by 1.3 inches when it is closed. Pocket Shot includes one standard pouch and one pro-pouch. The cap and rings are made of noryl resins. Strong and durable for your outdoor needs.

When you purchase now through TSP Gear Shop, you can select a Free Patch of your choice and you get Free Shipping. MSB can take another 10% off their purchase.

If you Got the Old Grouch HMMWV Pioneer Tool Racks Here are the Tools To Go With It

Get one for 22.97 with Code TSP02

Get one for 22.97 with Code TSP02

I recently got you guys a HELL OF A DEAL on the HMMWV Pioneer Tool Racks at Old Grouch Military Surplus.  In spite of the fact that the FedX driver had to paraphrase Jaws and say, “I think we need a bigger truck” (details here) there are some left so check out the deal if you didn’t get in on it yet.  You can see that here, again it is for HMMWV Pioneer Tool Racks

So anyway obviously at 23 and change these racks don’t include the tools.  Old Grouch would pay more to ship them than they would cost.  So I had him put together a list (complete with Amazon links) of the tools that fit like a glove and mimick the orginal TO&E for this rack.

For you non military types TO&E is a ” table of organization and equipment”.  Every vehicle, building, company, individual solider, etc. has one.

So here you go, you can order this stuff on Amazon, if you have prime let them eat the shipping or you can ID the exact items and source them locally.  Many of you will have equipment that already fits.  Also non standard equipment may fit as well for your individual needs.  But if you want to outfit one they way they were intended, here is your list of gear, strait from Old Grouch himself!

These are the tools we have tested and confirmed fit the tool racks. We have tested each of these to ensure they work and fit. The same or similar models should also be available at local hardware or home improvement stores.

Hope this helps you guys out.  If you already have gear great, if you are not sure about your gear wait until you get your rack and check it out.  But if you need it all or some Tim went the extra mile to provide us all with a great TO&E at two different price points.

A Great Deal for Those that Know They are Not Buying the Box

Get one for 22.97 with Code TSP02

Get one for 22.97 with Code TSP02

Tim Glance came to me with a situation.  Seems he has come upon an crazy cheap acquisition on some of these awesome HMMWV Pioneer Tool Racks.  These normally sell for 49.95 and are currently on sale for 39.95.

Let me ask you this though, how does an over 40% additional discount off the sale price sound to you?

Just to be clear, they are just the racks, not the tools, you put your own tools in them.

Here is the deal, before Tim got them, a bunch of them were left to get wet.  It doesn’t matter of course because these are outdoor rated equipment, designed to be on the top of a HMMWV that spends its time in anything from jungle to desert.

But the boxes they are in look like crap from being wet.  Do you care?  That is what I thought!  Neither do I, and I just bought two for myself!

But get this Tim tells me that even when he sells them at an absolutely stupid discount people actually bitch about the box.  Well folks I told him that TSP wasn’t full of ID-10-T’s and we don’t need no stinking boxes.

With that here is the deal I just got you and this is NOT MSB only this is for all TSP listeners until they are GONE!  Which likely won’t be long.

I got you another 42.5% off the already low sales price so your price per each is $22.97 plus shipping.  Um the government paid over 150 dollars a piece for them over 20 years ago! And folks, these are not previously issued, except for the damaged boxes, they are BRAND NEW ITEMS!

This is a bulky item and shipping one is like 16 bucks which is Tim’s cost by the way.  It gets better if you buy more, for instance I bought two and my shipping was only about 24 dollars.  Again just understand this is a heavy and bulky item and Tim is shipping them at his own cost.

I know most people look at these as a bug out vehicle type deal, but in all honesty I think they have just as many applications on a homestead.  Tim has sold a bunch of them to farmers who mount them on tractors and ATV’s to have the tools handy all the time to save a trip back to the barn or shed when they spot something that needs to be done.  Here are some pictures in real world applications.  Tim’s is attached on his CUCV.  The second one shows how a customer attached his to his jeep (he just used a ratchet strap through the slots on his spare tire and pulled it tight)


HMMWV Pioneer Tool Rack On Tim’s CUCV, Click for Full Size Image

HMMWV Pioneer Tool Rack- Attached to a Jeep with a Simple Ratchet Strap

HMMWV Pioneer Tool Rack- Attached to a Jeep with a Simple Ratchet Strap

Get your HMMWV Pioneer Tool Racks stupid cheap before they are gone with Code TSP02!  That is a zero two at the end not an oh 2!

Save $75 on US Made Tactical Pack


TSP Gear Shop is able to pass along a great deal on a versatile, Made in the USA, Backpack from S.O.TECH. Tactical gear from the top US manufacturers is usually known for two things: 1. You will be able to pass it on to your great grand children. 2. It will be expensive.

These originally sold for $175 plus shipping, but since S.O.TECH was clearing out some overstock, they offered them to TSP Gear Shop for a greatly reduced rate. These are now available to you for only $100.00 each, Free Shipping. MSB Members can take another 10% Off. All bags come with a Free Patch of your choice. Packs are available in Multicam and Coyote Brown. Be sure to check out the detailed videos at TSP Gear Shop

To get one of the last 12 available, place your order at TSP Gear Shop. You can also add any other items from the store, and your whole order will ship for free.

A Revolution is Brewing

brewing t

It is time to print another batch of “A Revolution is Brewing” t-shirts. This coffee themed t-shirt with original ant artwork really sums up The Survival Podcast, featuring the text:

This is a Bold Podcast, brought to you by genuine people. The show is Deep and Rich in the knowledge of what it takes to live the good life “If times get tough or even if they don’t”

Why wear a boring shirt when you can wear something Strong and Bold! The perfect way to spread the word about The Survival Podcast.

To get in on this group buy, place your order at TSP Gear Shop. FREE SHIPPING. MSB members take 10% off entire order.