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Special Deal on the Beyond Razor Sharp Digital Download by Patrick Roehrman

Get Beyond Razor Sharp Today use Discount Code tsp720

Get Beyond Razor Sharp Today use Discount Code tsp720

Patrick Roehrman of MT Knives has released a video called Beyond Razor Sharp.  As a man who has carried one of Patrick’s knives every day since 2011 I can tell you that beyond razor sharp is no exaggeration when it comes to Patrick’s sharpening skills.

With this new video you can now learn exactly how he does it so you can do it it too.  I got you guys an introductory cost of $15 for the first 100 TSP listeners! To claim it just use coupon code tsp720 at checkout.  This isn’t just for MSB it is for any listener that wants it as long as you are one of the first 100 to use the code. You can find the video for sale at

Look for the Download link after you have completed the checkout process, it will say Download. You will also receive an email with the link “Download” in it. You will have to enter your mailing info when checking out.  Patrick does not share your info in any way, this is just how the shopping cart is set up. If you have problems contact Patrick at patrick at and you will hear back from him within one work day.

My Basic Sausage Recipe

Fresh Home Made Breakfast Sausage

Fresh Home Made Breakfast Sausage

I mentioned this recipe in the recent herb show when I talked about sage.  I promised I would include it in the show notes but as often happens I forgot to due to a time crunch.  Rather than go back and insert it into those notes I figured I would do a stand alone post about it.

I originally got the base of this recipe from Chef Keith Snow.  His recipe was for 7 pounds.  I modified it to suit my taste (which you may wish to do with my version by the way) and adjusted the ingredients to a 1 pound batch.  That makes scaling up really easy.

If you are scaling up to a really big recipe knowing that 3 teaspoons is equal to one tablespoon may be very helpful and time saving.   Once you try this you will never buy premade sausage again.  The recipe can be adapted and modified, you can use it for breakfast sausage or up the fennel and Italian seasoning a bit for more of a Italian Sausage flare.  It can be stuffed into casings and smoked you name it.

The best part to me is how it gets nice and crispy when you brown it on the outside.  This never happens with store bought sausage.  I use the best pork I can get including feral hog BUT I won’t hesitate to use basic ground pork from the supermarket if that is all that is available, it is still a 1000% improvement on the premade crap.

Per Pound of Sausage

  • 1 pound ground pork
  • 1 teaspoon of fennel
  • 1/2 teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes (omit if you don’t like it a little spicy)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt (I prefer Himalayan pink salt, kosher salt or sea salt)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Chef Keith’s Northern Italian Seasoning (Were to get his seasoning)
  • 1 teaspoon of garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon of onion powder
  • 4 finely chopped fresh sage leaves

Mix well and leave to sit over night in the fridge.  This binds the flavors well and it is better then if you cook it right away.  Though you can cook it right away and it will be fine, it just gets better over night.

If you like jalapeno, one large seeded jalapeno with the white pulp well scraped out or two small ones finely chopped per pound is a great addition. Do it that way and it will contribute good flavor and almost no heat. If you want it spicy chop the pepper with the seeds and pith intact.

Omit the Italian seasoning and fennel and replace with 1 teaspoon of paprika, two tablespoons of chili powder and 1/2 teaspoon of cumin and you will get something like chorizo but less greasy and better to my taste.

Again this is just a base.  Buy two pounds of ground pork, make one like this, then adjust the second batch to your taste and have fun coming up with new versions.

I made this last thanksgiving and did it as a stuffing.  I used about half sausage and 1/4 each of chestnuts and corn bread.  People killed it!


T-shirt Sale at TSP Gear Shop


TSP Gear Shop is having a sale on all T-shirts. Most T-shirts are just $18.00 and Ship for Free! Sale is good for all in-stock sizes.

If you don’t see your size available, check back soon as we will re-printing some of these shirts and taking pre-orders.

Also be sure to check out all of the Patches that are now available. Including “The Team”, “Untrained Civilian Goofball” and “I miss America” patches from the 299 Days Books series.




How Quickly Some Predictions Come True

On Wednesday I did a show on individual leadership, in that show I pointed out how your anger, passion and energy are misdirected by the TV and the media away from what really matters, at one point I said the following,

“What does this have to do with individual leadership? Okay, I have been teaching you guys this for six years. 

When your energy, when your emotion, when your anger, when your passion is directed at something like some moron, in some desert, that says he wants to put some flag up over your White House.  Which you probably don’t even want to see anymore because you are so fed up with your own government.

And you’re worried about him, who has probably a snowball’s chance in hell of being alive in 30 days from now let alone hoisting a flag over your White House.  You are taking all of that energy, all of that passion, all of that ability and you are directing it to a place where it will do no good.  

You’re liking something that you hate on facebook to make a political statement that no one gives a shit about.”

Today a listener sent me this, ISIS press officer who said jihadists would ‘raise the flag of Allah in the White House’ reported dead in Syria airstrike

That is all.  Please now return to either worrying about pointless bullshit you have no impact over OR building individual liberty in your own life.

The choice is yours, choose wisely!

Gauging Interest in a BeeDC

Right now we are in discussions with Michael Jordan, AKA “The Bee Whisperer” about developing a course for both experienced and aspiring bee keepers.  The course if produced as planned will occur in 15 chapters over a 15 month period.  We are calling it a BeeDC or Bee Design Course.  A full course on keeping bees the permaculture way.

The course will cover every aspect of bee management from legal issues, marketing products, building hives, setting up hives, dividing hives, trouble shooting problems and more.  Here is the current proposed shooting and release schedule for the course.

  • Chapter One – Laws
  • Chapter Two – History
  • Chapter Three – Getting Started
  • Chapter Four – Build a Bee Hive
  • Chapter Five – Site location and setup
  • Chapter Six – Order bees – prep – build food for spring run
  • Chapter Seven – Bee installation – How to split hives – making queens – install a nuke – install a package
  • Chapter Eight – Building a “bee food forest” – make sure bees have pollen paddy – floral investigation (flowers, apples, etc) – wheel barrels – trailers
  • Chapter Nine – Honey flow – pest control – alternative medications – disease control – alternative food sources
  • Chapter Ten – First honey flow season – see if boxes are getting honey – manipulating bee hive (adjustment of population) – Hive management – Swarm management
  • Chapter Eleven – First honey spin – polin traps – 2 week inspection
  • Chapter Twelve – winterizing – downsizing boxes, spinning all you can get out of the boxes – food creation for october
  • Chapter Thirteen- Beginning of new mentorships
  • Chapter Fourteen- Winterizing – wrap hives for warmth – make powder sugars for emergencies
  • Chapter Fifteen – Maintenance of hives for next year

This course would likely cost about 500 dollars if we produce it as in depth as currently planned.  We would offer it for those that wanted the option for a monthly payment plan during the course at a slightly higher cost.  Likely 15 payments of something like 40 a month if not paid in full.  Though no final pricing has been set or committed to at this time.

This would be a major undertaking for both PermaEthos and Michael so we want to gauge interest before going any further.  If you would be interested in this course, please fill out the form below.

If for any reason you don’t see the form below you can directly access it at

Help Me Name a New Chicken Cross

I am working on a new chicken cross hybrid.  The photos below are an F1 Generation Hybrid.  They are of a cross of a pure Rhode Island Red Rooster and a Pure Egyptian Fayoumi Hen.  My hope is to breed more size into the eggs, less well “attitude” into the bird and retain the foraging characteristics and predator evasion of the Fayoumi.

These two birds have the same parents, they are a color sex link (you can tell the sex simply by the color and pattern) in the F1 (first cross), the male is the gray and white bird and the female the red-brown fading into black.  My plan is to see how these birds lay.  I have two hens and one rooster to work with of this cross and half a dozen more eggs of the cross in the incubator.

I plan to breed the hens back to another Rhode Island Red Cockerel (this will be a 66% Rhode Island – 33% Fayoumi cross) and judge the eggs of both the F1 and F2 (second generation cross) generations.

I will be looking for cockerels in both the F1 and F2, which ever cross works better I will directly breed the cross and see what we get with that.  The hope is to create a fast moving, predator evading, highly productive egg layer that isn’t well, a complete a-hole like the pure Fayoumis are.  Frankly I can deal with the attitude just fine, the real issue is how small the birds are and how small the eggs are.

If I can put some size on the eggs, I will call it a win. If the birds get enough size to make culling worth the effort on the meat end, I will call it a bonus.

Now here is the thing, the hens with the red brown to black fade are really pretty.  Pure Fayoumis are well, ugly!  So help me out if this cross proves productive what  would you call the hen as a breed.  How about Fade-Oumi, LOL, seriously what would you call this bird if it proves to be a winner.

Of course when we back cross the hens to a Rhode Island the look could change a great deal.

Male and Female Fayoumi - Rhode Island Red Crosses Side by Side.  Click for full Sized Image

Male and Female Fayoumi – Rhode Island Red Crosses Side by Side. Click for full Sized Image

Male Fayoumi - Rhode Island Red Cross Click for full Sized Image

Male Fayoumi – Rhode Island Red Cross Click for full Sized Image

Female Fayoumi - Rhode Island Red Cross Click for full Sized Image

Female Fayoumi – Rhode Island Red Cross Click for full Sized Image

No TSP Today

Guys I am working on a very short week and trying to get a ton done.  I have to go up to West Virgina for a visit to the PermaEthos farm Friday through Monday.  TSP will return tomorrow and we will have an episode Thursday but not today, Friday or Monday.

I will be trying to get some more fun videos up on the youtube channel etc though during this time.  For many of you today is a great day to get caught up on past episodes.

If you are caught up try the Random Episode feature and check out a blast from the past.  If you get one you don’t like, just click it again.  To use the feature just look for where it says Listen to a Random Episode in the center column to the right.

Very Cool Initiative by Mark Shepard

Check Out Mark Shepard's IndieGoGo Campaign

Check Out Mark Shepard’s IndieGoGo Campaign

Mark Shepard is one of my true heroes.  He established New Forest Farm over 15 years ago in the heart of “corn country”.  Today it is the best example of a large scale, profitable, operating Permaculture farm in America.   Mark’s work in fact is a big factor in inspiring me to establish PermaEthos and our farm in West Virginia.

The key though with a new farm model is building new markets, that is something Mark is working on right now.  Apples at one time were an American way of life and most apples were grown from seed at that time.

Trees of the time produced a wide assortment of apples.  The best were used for direct consumption or baked goods, many were made into vinegar as a preservative in the days before refrigeration but a ton were made into cider.

While some was drunk fresh the bulk was fermented into hard cider, something I dearly love.  Today there is a trend in hard cider but most is still made from fruit sprayed with chemicals.  Mark is working to establish Shepard’s Hard Cyder as a truly chemical free and sustainable example of the craft cider market.

Growing and proving out a market like this is good for all producers.  Apples today are considered hard to grow without chemicals and even sustainable food advocate Lee Reich author of “Grow Fruit Naturally” said on my show that “apples are not worth growing east of the Rockies“.

Again the truth is Apples were once grown in most of America, why do you think the saying “as American as apple pie” exits.  Mark is growing apples from seed in Wisconsin and I am doing it in Texas, that is a pretty good example of how widely adapted apples can be.

When you grow from seed though you get a lot of cider quality apples.  One can only drink so much cider one self though.  Well what if a major craft industry can be spurred on, that is already happening in America, Reuters just published an article titled,  U.S. shortage of ‘spitter’ apples threatens boom in hard cider.  However there is a lot of growth yet to be accomplished in the craft cider market.  Imagine the impact on farming craft cider could have if it were to grow to even half the size of the currently booming craft beer industry .

The truth is using permaculture and Mark’s restoration ag model we can produce tons of apples almost as a byproduct of farm activity.  Growing this industry will make that a viable option for more farmers.  One thing we need on farms today is more trees, if you want farmers to plant trees make it profitable!

Personally as a business man working hard to grow permaculture I will back anything I can that will help grow the industry.  But Mark has already done so much for the industry that my decision to back him was instant.  So I made a contribution to Mark’s IndieGoGo Campaign.  I am asking members of the TSP community to consider doing so as well.  You can donate as little as a dollar or spend say 25 bucks and hey Mark will plant a tree in your honor on his farm at that level!

I personally donated at a level were my name is getting engraved on one of the fermentation tanks, which I think is cool as heck!  I will now have to make it a huge priority to get to Marks farm and see the cool work he is doing.

Anyway consider chipping in a few bucks to help one of our true pioneers get this new initiative off the ground.  They say a rising tide floats all boats and so much the better if the tide you are floating on is worthy of a dip of your mug and raising it in good cheer.

In Mark’s words, “Shepard’s Hard Cyder’s message is one of ecological improvement through cider, and strong local economies through strong drink! ”

Check Out Mark’s Initiative at IndieGoGo

PermaEthos.TV is Live in Beta

PermaEthos.TV is in Beta

PermaEthos.TV is in Beta

We just wanted give everyone a quick update about PermaEthos.  We have now launched PermaEthos.TVPermaEthos.TV will eventually be a stand alone product of the PermaEthos Initiative. PermaEthos.TV will be an educational and entertaining set of programming.  It will not be a “course” or a certification, just an incredible and amazing video product with tons of entertaining videos about Permaculture, sustainability and homesteading.

PermaEthos.TV will show behind the scenes activity at the PermaEthos Farm, it will show the challenges and triumphs we are experiencing.  It will also show many of our projects, explain how they work, etc.

In the future PemraEthos.TV will be a low cost subscription product that anyone can view for a small cost.  However, for now we are in Beta Mode.  During this time PermaEthos.TV is free to all members of the first class of the PermaEthos PDC.

Tentatively this beta will run for about 12 weeks but we are not concrete on that yet.  There are a number of things to be worked out before we open it to all, including some tax implications that are complex and would bore you but trust us, we need to sort them out before we open it to all.

If you are a member of the first class for the PDC at PermaEthos you should have already received an email about this with a password for the videos.

If for any reason you did not receive that password you can email jack at and request it.  There is ONE PASSWORD for all videos during the beta.  IT WILL ONLY BE GIVEN to verified members of the first class of the PDC.  Please only request the password if you are a member of Class 001, I will be looking up all that request the password in the database before sending a response.

PLEASE NOTE – Your PDC Learning Center password WILL NOT work for PermaEthos.TV, again if you didn’t receive a separate email with the password and you are a member of Class 001, just email me and I will hook you up.   Bluntly PermaEthos.TV and the PDC are NOT RELATED they are run on separate systems, your log in credentials for the Learning Center are not related to PermaEthos.TV in ANY WAY at all, thank you.

Need a Word Press Theme Designer (Well Customizer)

Hey guys and gals my son is about to start a new business.  I need someone to customize a theme for me.  Pretty simple job, basically set it up to look like a simple website vs. a  blog.

A simple page navigation bar, four content blocks on the home page.  Customize the colors to work with the logo that we already have made up.  That is about it.

Honestly I could likely do this this myself but I am just flat out of time.

Job will pay about 250 dollars plus I will give you the exposure as the designer to the entire audience when were reveal the website for my son.  If interested email me at jack at