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A Video You Should Watch and Correction to an Error

This post is really the correction of two errors.  One a simple oversight and the second an actual mistake.

The first one is in reference to Episode 1426.  In that episode I discussed a bit more about the fear mongering around ISIS and the fact that the US created ISIS and armed and funded them.  That much of that started in Lybia and that it is why ambassador Stevens was left to die by our government.  That Stevens was more a arms dealer than an ambassador.

Nothing about the above is incorrect, the problem was I mentioned a video that explained it all and promised to put it in the show notes.  The video is by Storm Clouds Gathering on YouTube and I feel it is one EVERY American should see, especially some of your sleeping sheeple friends.

The oversight was I forgot to include it in the show notes in Episode 1426.  Here is that video, it should make you want to weep for the blood on our nations hands and angry as hell at those who are behind it.  Don’t get out your “Impeach Obama” bumper stickers and Vote Republican Signs either, this goes back over many years and many presidents in the end.

Sorry I forgot to put that link in the notes guys, there has been a ton of requests for it so I decided to post here.

Next, dun dun dunnnnnnn!  Jack was Wrong!  Yes seriously yesterday in the show on land I did a design in my head of a 1 acre square property  which would be 208×208 feet.  I have now added the following note to the show notes for that show.

Please Note – there was a major math error in today’s show which will create a future “Jack Was Wrong Segment”.  I don’t know why but in this show I said 208 x 4 was 2,496.  This is clearly wrong the correct number was 832.

This should of made the tree counts 80 at 10 feet and 40 at 20 feet spacings.  This is what happens when you do math in your head on the fly I guess, given 208x4x3 is 2,496 I guess I was thinking in yards and talking in feet.  In a round about way I guess I put my foot in my mouth!

There is an old saying in programming “garbage in, garbage out”.  That is what happened here, the math was right, the numbers behind it were wrong.

The show and the design are still valid, but you have to compensate for the math including the yields.  40 x 80 trees at 100 pounds a tree would yield 4000-8000 pounds of food.   Sorry for the error, it doesn’t happen often but when it does I try to correct it quickly and publicly.

If You Consider Holding Bad Cops Accountable, Cop Hating, Do you Recognize the Formula you are Following?

I have often been accused of “bashing cops” and being a “cop hater” because about once a week on facebook I will post a video or two of abusive officers caught in the act.  In general I don’t even say much about my view when I do these posts, I simply link to the article like any other I might post.

The most recent example is this article Police chief ‘shocked’ by cop interfering with man recording arrest on video.

You can read the story and watch the video for yourself. The short version is cops are busting some folks for fighting.  I doesn’t appear that they did anything wrong in that action.  They were just doing their jobs.  Some passer by starts videoing it from what looks to be 25-35 yards away, totally within his rights, and one officer gets in his face, threatens him, lies to him, etc.

What “cop hating” rant did I post about this?  The following is all I posted along with a link to the story,

Seems like the Chief of Police is headed in the right direction with this, but the officer intimidating him is another cop that needs to at least get some remedial training.

You can see The Original Post Here

Along comes a fellow named Micha who says among other things,

Look, the cop was kinda being a dick. But I don’t think this rises even to the level of minor annoyance, let alone outrage. When exactly did you start hating cops jack?

So me saying the Chief seemed to be going in the right direction and that an officer that violated the rights of a citizen was in need of “remedial training”, makes me a “cop hater”?

Keep in mind, I never called him a name, didn’t suggest he be fired or anything of the sort.  Just that he needed remedial training, because as bad cops go, this guy wasn’t really that bad.  But you see what the formula is here right?  If you say anything bad, about any cop at all, ever, even when you have conclusive proof that it is true, then you are to be called a “cop hater”.

You do likely realize that most people that do this are right wing types right.  I mean typical right wing conservatives.  I am not saying that is good thing or a bad thing.  I am just saying that in my observations, it is the right that is the most staunch in supporting those who work in both Law Enforcement and Military service.  Most that will stick up for cops in spite of facts and make the “few bad apples” excuse are typical conservatives.

Can we stop and ask ourselves if there is another hot button issue these folks have a strong opinion about?  How about “sealing the southern border”?

Conservatives will often point to criminal activity and illegals living off government benefits as to reasons why.  They will then cite conclusive proof that it does happen.  They make it incredibly clear that they are not against immigration or Hispanics, only illegal immigration by any and all.  To their credit most such people are being dead honest and sincere about what they present and where they stand.  They make a clear, concise and true argument that can’t be countered with facts.

So with out the ability to engage in a factual debate how does the other side counter this?

Of course the opposition counters by saying conservatives are racists, hate all immigrants especially “brown people” and of course that 99% of those coming across the border are just looking to do jobs Americans won’t.  No matter how logical the conservative voice is on this issue, no matter how clear, no matter how correct, the counter punch is call them haters, racists and cite 99% even though no one can prove anything close to the 99% figure.


When this formula is used on most right wing conservatives they rightly assume the nation has lost its collective mind.  Yet on this issue they turn around and use the same old “racist/hater” formula when it is convenient for them to do so.

Simply put the fact that a person is concerned about an open boarder, illegal immigration and a broke ass nation paying benefits to people here illegally, DOES NOT make them a racist.  It also doesn’t mean they are anti immigration or anti “brown people” either.  Such claims are made by people who want to be right in spite of facts and turn to such accusations when the facts can’t make their case for them.

Okay, then when a person points to abusive law enforcement activity and asks that something be done, it doesn’t make them anti law enforcement or a cop hater.  What it make them is a citizen concerned for their rights and the rights of others, demonstrating that we have problem with the facts to back up the claim.  So the only way the argument can be silenced is once again with the use of the old “racist/hater” formula.

I really think this is another pattern that people complain about all the time, at the exact same time they apply it to others. I would ask you the reader, do you not see it now?

Remember another pattern to watch for is the formula to control a society.  This formula is as follows,

  1. First make yourself look weak
  2. Allow your citizens to feel helpless
  3. Find an enemy or three, build them up
  4. Look weak in front of this found enemy
  5. Hope they attack you, create an attack if they do not
  6. Divide your people on all possible issues
  7. Call anyone who speaks out against government a terrorist, conspiracy nut, etc.
  8. Wait until your people beg for “protection” and demand tyranny
  9. Give them what they ask for
  10. Repeat as necessary

Folks pay particular attention to step number 6.  In any event I will continue to show bad officers doing bad things and ask people to do something about it.  I will continue to say that the “good cops” are the ones with the highest obligation to speak up and do something.  I will continue to tell you guys in Law Enforcement that you’d be better off saying you are an “Officer of the Peace” than to call yourself a “Law Enforcer”.  I will also continue to recognize the courageous service of MOST of our men and women in law enforcement.

No amount of the application of the “hater/racist” formula can stop me from saying what is right and speaking the truth.  The truth is simple, there are about 780,000 police officers in the US.  That number doesn’t include Federal Marshalls, FBI, and other federal agencies, that is local and state boots on the ground members of the LEO community.  If 95% are outstanding and only 5% are “bad apples”, then that is 39,000 abusive officers with a club, a gun, a tazer, a shotgun, handcuffs and the authority of the state in the form of a badge.

That number would equal an average of 780 such people in every state in the nation.  That is a big problem.

My message to citizens, know and invoke your rights, record everything you see and please remember there are good men and women doing their jobs right along side the abusers.  Don’t be an asshole, don’t provoke officers and don’t try to set up bad situations just to make a point.

My message to officers, you have been trusted with some serious privileges not extended to most of your fellow citizens.  The people rely on you to use those trusted privileges with respect for and in defense of their rights.  Stop lying to people, know the law you swear to uphold and defend and remember your oath isn’t to the state, it is to the people.

Any officer that won’t speak up when your fellow officers do something abusive you don’t deserve the honor of serving, so go do something else.  The brotherhood of the “thin blue line” is fine, just remember that that line should be on the side of the people, not the state.

Now go ahead and call me a cop hater!


Free Mini-Work Tool from TSP Gear Shop

BCB Mini tool

TSP Gear Shop has tapped into some inventory at Survival Gear Bags and is now shipping a Free BCB Mini Work Tool (while supplies last) when you order an “I Miss America” T-shirt. The I Miss America shirts shirts stem from the graffiti that appears in the book series 299 Days by Glen Tate.

Note from Author Glen Tate: “This T-shirt says it all, doesn’t it? In the book 299 Days, “I miss America” becomes the Patriots’ slogan. It captures what you are feeling: you want your country back. Get people thinking, “Yeah, I miss America too.”

I miss America

The “I Miss America” T-shirts are available for men on a Soffee Dri-Cotton t-shirt and also a fitted V-Neck for women. Shipping is Free on all orders and Members Support Brigade can take another 10% off.

The BCB Mini Work Tool is the size of a credit card and features knife, wood saw blade, bottle opener, can opener, flat edge screwdriver, various size wrenches, butterfly opener, bearing plate for a button compass, ruler, lanyard hole and carrying sleeve.

I miss America

I miss America

Bob Wells Nursery Joins the MSB

MSB Members Now get 10% off Everything at Bob Wells Nursery.

MSB Members Now get 10% off Everything at Bob Wells Nursery.

Bob Wells Nursery in Lindale Texas now offers all MSB members 10% off their entire order of any size. When you check out on their website just use the discount code in the coupon code box. The code has already been posted to the benefits section of the MSB.

Also, if you would like to call in an order, you can give them the coupon code over the phone as well. They only offer bare root on their website because they are easy to ship via UPS.

If you want container grown trees you will have to call in your order and go pick it up in Lindale, Texas.  To learn more visit their website at

I have dealt with Bob directly several times, he is now my first choice for all trees and plants.  Pretty much if I am buying something but not getting it from him, it is only because he doesn’t have it available.

I am very excited to bring this benefit to the MSB as it is a great value and from great supplier that I personally know and trust.  So time to plan the fall plantings, remember while everyone is enamored with spring planting for many things (especially trees) fall is really the best time.

MSB Members to get the code just Log Into Your MSB Account Here.  For those not yet members this is just another great reason to consider joining the MSB Today.

PermaEthos First Annual Fall Festival Now Open to All

We have had ticket sales to the PermaEthos Fall Festival open only to members of Class 001 and Founders since Sunday.  We have now opened the event to all.

This is going to be an incredible time at the PermaEthos Farm in Walton West Virgina.  There will be classes by Jack Spirko, Josiah Wallingford, Nick Ferguson, Michael Jordan and more.  Full details are available at,

PermaEthos First Fall Festival in West Virginia Announced

The first annual fall festival has been announced at PermaEthos farm in Walton, West Virgina.  The event will run from Oct 9-12, 2014.  The event is strictly limited to 50 people.  It is right now only open to PermaEthos founding members.  An email went out Saturday announcing this, one went out Sunday announcing the sale of tickets and that email will go out again today.

Again the registration right now is for Founding Members only, it will be that way until Tuesday morning.  We will then open it for a day or two to all members of the first class of the PDC, if any tickets are still available we will open it to any and all.

If for some reason you are part of the founders group and didn’t get the email, you can email me at jack @ and put “ethos founder” in the subject line.  I will make sure you get the link.  Any member of class 001 that doesn’t get the email tomorrow email me and I will get the link to you if any seats are still open.

We are doing exactly what we promised here, first consideration for any events to founders and first option there after to all members of Class 001.

This event will be very cool, it will also get larger in the future.  We capped it at 50 attendees for the first year as we don’t have infrastructure in place for more.  For 50 lucky folks though, you can attend the very first one, the very first year.

Again please only request the link if you are a founder and didn’t receive the email.  We will not be releasing full info about the event until it is either sold out or open to the public.

Today’s Show Won’t Be Live Until about 3PM

That is the bad news, the good news is it will be because I am interviewing Mark Shepard today and decided to run the show as soon as the interview is over.  This means I won’t get into post production until about 2PM today.  So look for the show to be live about 230-300.

This is also the last call for questions for Mark, I can’t promise to ask everyone’s question but if you post one here and there is time I will ask him.

Special Deal on the Beyond Razor Sharp Digital Download by Patrick Roehrman

Get Beyond Razor Sharp Today use Discount Code tsp720

Get Beyond Razor Sharp Today use Discount Code tsp720

Patrick Roehrman of MT Knives has released a video called Beyond Razor Sharp.  As a man who has carried one of Patrick’s knives every day since 2011 I can tell you that beyond razor sharp is no exaggeration when it comes to Patrick’s sharpening skills.

With this new video you can now learn exactly how he does it so you can do it it too.  I got you guys an introductory cost of $15 for the first 100 TSP listeners! To claim it just use coupon code tsp720 at checkout.  This isn’t just for MSB it is for any listener that wants it as long as you are one of the first 100 to use the code. You can find the video for sale at

Look for the Download link after you have completed the checkout process, it will say Download. You will also receive an email with the link “Download” in it. You will have to enter your mailing info when checking out.  Patrick does not share your info in any way, this is just how the shopping cart is set up. If you have problems contact Patrick at patrick at and you will hear back from him within one work day.

My Basic Sausage Recipe

Fresh Home Made Breakfast Sausage

Fresh Home Made Breakfast Sausage

I mentioned this recipe in the recent herb show when I talked about sage.  I promised I would include it in the show notes but as often happens I forgot to due to a time crunch.  Rather than go back and insert it into those notes I figured I would do a stand alone post about it.

I originally got the base of this recipe from Chef Keith Snow.  His recipe was for 7 pounds.  I modified it to suit my taste (which you may wish to do with my version by the way) and adjusted the ingredients to a 1 pound batch.  That makes scaling up really easy.

If you are scaling up to a really big recipe knowing that 3 teaspoons is equal to one tablespoon may be very helpful and time saving.   Once you try this you will never buy premade sausage again.  The recipe can be adapted and modified, you can use it for breakfast sausage or up the fennel and Italian seasoning a bit for more of a Italian Sausage flare.  It can be stuffed into casings and smoked you name it.

The best part to me is how it gets nice and crispy when you brown it on the outside.  This never happens with store bought sausage.  I use the best pork I can get including feral hog BUT I won’t hesitate to use basic ground pork from the supermarket if that is all that is available, it is still a 1000% improvement on the premade crap.

Per Pound of Sausage

  • 1 pound ground pork
  • 1 teaspoon of fennel
  • 1/2 teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes (omit if you don’t like it a little spicy)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt (I prefer Himalayan pink salt, kosher salt or sea salt)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Chef Keith’s Northern Italian Seasoning (Were to get his seasoning)
  • 1 teaspoon of garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon of onion powder
  • 4 finely chopped fresh sage leaves

Mix well and leave to sit over night in the fridge.  This binds the flavors well and it is better then if you cook it right away.  Though you can cook it right away and it will be fine, it just gets better over night.

If you like jalapeno, one large seeded jalapeno with the white pulp well scraped out or two small ones finely chopped per pound is a great addition. Do it that way and it will contribute good flavor and almost no heat. If you want it spicy chop the pepper with the seeds and pith intact.

Omit the Italian seasoning and fennel and replace with 1 teaspoon of paprika, two tablespoons of chili powder and 1/2 teaspoon of cumin and you will get something like chorizo but less greasy and better to my taste.

Again this is just a base.  Buy two pounds of ground pork, make one like this, then adjust the second batch to your taste and have fun coming up with new versions.

I made this last thanksgiving and did it as a stuffing.  I used about half sausage and 1/4 each of chestnuts and corn bread.  People killed it!


T-shirt Sale at TSP Gear Shop


TSP Gear Shop is having a sale on all T-shirts. Most T-shirts are just $18.00 and Ship for Free! Sale is good for all in-stock sizes.

If you don’t see your size available, check back soon as we will re-printing some of these shirts and taking pre-orders.

Also be sure to check out all of the Patches that are now available. Including “The Team”, “Untrained Civilian Goofball” and “I miss America” patches from the 299 Days Books series.