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This Compact Gasifier Can Provide Lots of Power

This Compact Gasifier Can Provide Lots of Power

I am personally very excited about this product and to be bringing you a great discount on it. offers full wood gas systems that are easy to use and very portable. They also offer custom DC generators to run off of their gasifiers. I scored a huge discount on the generators for the MSB. 10% off their generators.

This includes the strait 6.5HP 12V Generator that sells for 799.95, so that is a 79 dollar discount. It also includes the 3.5HP Generator, with inverter that sells for 549.95 so that is a 54 dollar discount.

So this supplier not only provides a complete stand alone, renewable power generation system for under 2,000 dollars, it also provides a discount that is larger than an entire year of MSB Service.

To get the discount you will need to email them and give them the discount code.  The code is already posted on the benefits page of the MSB.  You can learn more at the Tactical Wood Gas Website and you can email them at

No Show Today

Guys I picked up some kind of crud and just do not feel well enough to do a show, especially a Friday.  TSP will return on Monday.

Show Will Be Late Today

Why will the show be late today?  In simple terms because I am an awesome husband!  Seriously though, I am sending Dorothy and her sister on a vacation alone together.  They have never been able to do this and I thought they should.

This now leads me to having to drive to DFW Airport this morning at the worst possible time, if I am lucky I will be back to start my day at about 10:30 vs. my typical 6:30-7:00 start time on a typical morning.

So the show will be published today just a great deal later than typical for a Monday.

MSB Sale for the 4th of July

Join the MSB Today

Join the MSB Today and Get 15 Dollars Off Your First Year with Discount Code 4july

The MSB is a great value and it is the time of the year for sales so why not make the MSB an even bigger value. Right now until July 7th you can get your first year of MSB for only 35 dollars. This sale is open to new members or members who’s prior membership has expired.

To get your first year of the MSB for only 35 dollars just use the discount code


 You can of course use the code to join by mail if you pay by cash, check or silver as well. Those paying by silver will get 14 vs. 12 months of membership per ounce.  Those that wish to pay with bitcoin should email me at jack at to make arrangements to get the discount.

You can Join the MSB at the Members Page

If you have been considering the MSB now is a great time to join! There are several benefits that are worth more than the entire first year cost alone. Such as…

  • A free LIFETIME Discount Membership to SafeCastle’s Discount club (value 49 dollars)
  • A free Premium Membership with Western Botanicals (value 50 dollars)

Lastly the premium eBook Collection is worth over 150 dollars alone, it includes…

  • Planting Trees The Low Cost Easy Way (value $6.99 )
  • How to Build Top Bar Behives (value $6.99 )
  • Basics of Sprouting(value $6.95 )
  • Building an EPAK Kit(value $12.95 )
  • Getting Your Household in Order (value $6.95 )
  • Building a Traditional Clay Oven(value $18.00 )
  • Building Aquaponics Systems(value $18.00 )
  • Secrets of Ballistic Striking(value $11.95 )
  • The Glycation Factor (value $49.99 )
  • How to Build Your Own Residential Wind Turbine(value $14.99 )

As you can see I work very hard to insure there is a tremendous value to the MSB and I keep working to increase the value for my members. In the end it is also a way you can help support the show.

At 35 dollars for your first year that works out to only 13 cents an episode to support the show.

You can Join the MSB at the Members Page

P.S. –  If you order using the mail in form, BE VERY SURE TO PRINT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CLEARLY on the form it is the one piece of date we absolutely need to set up your membership and make sure you get your log in details.

Likely there will not be another MSB sale until fall, so if you have been waiting for a great deal on the MSB to sign up, don’t miss this opportunity.

New MSB Vendor Partner – Ecosents

Join the MSB Today

MSB Members Get 25% off at EcoSents!

Okay guys and gals I have a cool new MSB vendor for you!  This company is called Ecosents, and they are just awesome.  A small family owned business with great products and they are extremely cost competitive.

EcoScents Home Fragrance products really unique addition for the MSB, their products include Scented Wax Melts, Fragrance Oils and Room and Linen Sprays and they are all made from the finest fragrances blended with pure essential oils to promote a longer lasting, full-bodied fragrance experience.

EcoScents manufactures from a 100% off-grid homestead in the mountains of Eastern Utah where they are celebrating their 10th year in business and are proud to be a new member of the MSB team.  MSB members receive 25% off all products ordered through the website;  Just use the coupon code at checkout.  The code has already been posted to the MSB benefits area!

Hey it gets even better!  EcoScents orders are shipped within 24 business hours by US Priority Mail, orders over $25 enjoy free shipping.  So for MSB Members that is 25% off and free shipping!

And hey guys, what a great gift idea on a “just because day” for your wife or girlfriend.  Don’t get me wrong I like my house to smell great and honestly aroma therapy is great for all of us.  Scents can actually transport the mind in time.  I know every time I smell water hit a tomato plant I am back to being 12 years old and in my grandfathers garden with him when he was still around.  Still one can’t deny this new benefit should definitely appeal highly to the female portion of the TSP community.

ATTENTION – There is an MSB Sale Right Now Until Monday July 7th, Use Discount Code “4july” and get 15 dollars off a one year membership!

Today’s Show was Well Screwed Up – It is Now Fixed

Today’s had a total screw up in post production.  Some how the part after Joe was on to discuss PermaEthos was from a previous show done about a week ago.

The new show is now attached to the post for episode 1368 as it should be.  If you downloaded the mess up version, just delete and redownload it and you should get the correct one for today’s show.

If you look at the actual file name when you download it the new one that has been corrected will be


If you don’t see the “fixed” part in the file you have to old messed up one.

AgriTrue is Moving Forward!

AgriTrue - Truth in Agriculture

AgriTrue – Truth in Agriculture

With all the ruckus around the launch of PermaEthos in the past few weeks I haven’t been able to really update you on another very important project, Agritrue.  I asked John Kitsteiner one of my partners at AgriTrue to give us an update.  Here is what he had to say.

We wanted there to be transparency in food production. We were tired of the big agricultural corporations telling us that it doesn’t matter where our food comes from or how it was raised. We wanted it to be easy to find healthy food. We wanted a free-market system that subtly shaped the way food was being produced… away from non-sustainable, destructive farming practices and toward something sustainable, regenerative, and good for our communities. We wanted something that would ensure we would live a better life, if times never got tough, but especially if they did… strong communities thrive when times are good, but they are the places that survive when times get tough.

The problem was that nothing like this existed, so we decided to make it happen.

AgriTrue is how we did it. AgriTrue connects food producers with food consumers. It lets you easily and directly talk to the people who raised your food and find out how they did it. 

AgriTrue has been live for just over 2 months, and we have over a dozen producers, but we want more. We want every food producer in America to be an AgriTrue producer.

This has never been about building an online empire. It is about taking back our food sovereignty. It is about breaking down the barriers that government has put up to “keep us safe” because in doing so, they have destroyed the relationship between the farmers and ranchers and the average person who just wants to eat healthy food. They have taken away an important part of strong communities.

If you want to be an AgriTrue Producer, we have set up very inexpensive pricing for the early adopters:

  • For the first 25 AgriTrue Producers, it is $1 to sign-up for the first year, then it is $30 per year (renewable forever). We only have a few more spots left for $1!
  • For the next 75 AgriTrue Producers (numbers 26-100), it is $5 to sign up for the first year, and then it is $30 per year (renewable forever).
  • For the next 900 AgriTrue Producers (numbers 101-1,000), it is $30 to sign up for the first year, and then it is $30 per year (renewable forever).
  • For any AgriTrue Producer after the first 1,000, it is $50 per year, and they will be subject to yearly prices increases.

If you are a food producer (i.e. farmer or rancher), please go to our Producer Enrollment page to sign up.

If you are not a farmer or rancher, you can still support AgriTrue by becoming a Supporting Member for $14.95 per year. This is also done on the Producer Enrollment page… just check the box after the AgriTrue Pledge.

If you are interested in knowing where your food comes from and how it was raised, then use the search option on our main page to find the AgriTrue Producers in your area. This is free to anyone! You can register with the site if you would like to leave comments and ask questions of the AgriTrue producers.

If there are no AgriTrue Producers in your area, then let all your local farmers and ranchers know about AgriTrue!



Info Graphic and Video to Explain a Recent Podcast Rant

On Friday the 6th of June (yesterday for most reading this) I had an epic rant about an issue with our education system yet again.  A caller called in and stated, paraphrasing for brevity here,

My wife was complaining that a child was upset because he got a 33% on a test she had just given the class.  She said this was in spite of the fact that she even let him use an information sheet.  When I asked what that was she said she let her struggling learners write down whatever information they thought would help them on an index card and use it during the test.

Some defended this practice saying for math and some science etc. such information cards are not “cheat sheets” that one need not learn every formula, etc.   They advise me to consider the context!

I did consider the context!  The context is the struggling learners got the CHEAT SHEET and well, the “smart kids” I guess didn’t.  They all were then given the same test, the tests scored the same way, the grades of each carried the same weight and they passed or failed as equals, though they were tested as two different classes of intelligence.  This is a recipe for disaster!

To help share this message I made a very simple YouTube Video of the portion of the show and you can see it below.  The direct link to it on YouTube is

I also made a VERY SIMPLE info graphic to promote the video, here it is, clicking on it will give a full sized image.  Please use any of this to share this message about how this type of thing is hurting our children.


Please consider carefully my closing words from this rant,

If we do not challenge our children and let them know failure they cannot know success.

If we do not lets students experience the results of apathy, they cannot know the virtue of hard work.

When we give an advantage to those who are weak we cement them for life into weakness.

Thanks to all that hold our children to higher standards, who make them work hard and challenge them, because you know they are worth it!



Last Shot for the PermaEthos PDC

PE-Logo-150-heightWe have about 185 of 1500 seats left for Class 001 of the PermaEthos PDC.   This is your last chance to be part of Class 001, tomorrow at 8AM we are turning off the registrations.

As before the sign up link is in the Members Support Brigade on page one.  I really want to thank everyone that signed up.  The launch of PermaEthos blew all of us away, we knew it would be a success, we had no idea how big of a success it would be.

Here are a few recent PermaEthos Updates

Reminder – PermaEthos Second Round

PE-Logo-150-heightNOTE – The Link for this is in the MSB, it is on Brigade HQ at the top of the page in bold red letters just like these words are.

Tomorrow at 8 AM Central time the second round of sales for Class 001 of the PermaEthos PDC will go live.  It will stay open for one week or until all 500 positions sell out.

The price will be 500 dollars or 4 payments of 135 dollars.  Those doing 4 payments must have an active PayPal account to use the payment plan, again this is PayPal’s rule it isn’t our rule.

The link for the sign up page is already in the MSB and is the same link as the first round of sales.  Please note the link to purchase will NOT LET YOU PURCHASE until 8AM Central Time tomorrow.

Full details about the second round of sales for the PDC and why we are doing it the way we are can be found here,

Feel free to comment but if you have specific questions please ask them at the PermaEthos site, here, most likely your question has been asked and answered there already.

We have an excellent Q and A system and a full staff to help you that way.  From this point forward I won’t be answering questions specific to PermaEthos here because it is causing a lot of duplicate work.