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Dum, Dum, Dum, Dum, – A Wedding and a Day Off

Guys and gals I know I was just gone for a vacation but today is a very special day and I need to take today off too.  I have one son and today he is taking the step of marrying the love of his life.  I am very proud as he is stepping up not just as a husband today but as a step father as well, just as I did for him so many years ago.

What makes this even more awesome is as many of you know I am an ordained non-denominational minister.  So I am preceding over their wedding.  We did the rehearsal last night and we have everything worked out.  It should be an amazing day.  I will return with the expert council show tomorrow.

Special Deals at TSP Gear Shop


TSP Gear Shop has a few pieces remaining from each of these Special Deals. To get one of the last items available, place your order at TSP Gear Shop. You can also add any other items from the store, and your whole order will ship for free.

First up is the MACTAC Backpack from S.O.TECH. These originally sold for $175 plus shipping, but since S.O.TECH was clearing out some overstock, they offered them to TSP Gear Shop for a greatly reduced rate. These are now available to you for only $100.00 each, Free Shipping. MSB Members can take another 10% Off. All bags come with a Free Patch of your choice. Be sure to check out the detailed videos at TSP Gear Shop

Pocket Shot

Next, is the Pocket Shot. This unique, compact, circular sling shot has been a top seller over the the last few months, and TSP Gear has just half a case left.

Lastly, is a huge discount on S.O.TECH Tool Rolls. This was originally designed has part of a field surgery kit, but is a great, versatile piece of gear for storage and organizing all kinds of items.

Tool Roll

To get one of theses remaining specials, place your order at TSP Gear Shop. You can also add any other items from the store, and your whole order will ship for free.

Last of the Sentinel Shirts


The Every Citizen a Sentinel T-shirt was the first item to appear at TSP Gear Shop now only has 26 of these left. All of the pre-orders have been filled and these are extras from the final run. Sizes Small through 2XL are available.

Printed with “Not on my watch” on the front chest and “Long Live the Republic” on the back. The phrase “Every Citizen a Sentinel” originally appeared on an episode a few years ago after it was realized that not everyone is cut out to be a warrior, but all who embrace personal philosophies of freedom and liberty are surely warriors at heart. Only some will be labeled a soldier, but anyone can deem him or herself a Sentinel.

To get in on this final batch, place your order at TSP Gear Shop. You can also add any other items from the store, and your whole order will Ship for FREE. MSB members can take 10% off their entire order.

The Michael “Scout” Adams Children’s College Fund

Click Here to Help Scouts 5 Girls Have a Better Future.

Click Here to Help Scouts 5 Girls Have a Better Future.

Yesterday I mentioned on air that a GoFundMe had been set up to provide some scolarship money for the three daughters of community Michael Scout Adams.  Michael was a passionate instructor for the Appleseed Project, the host of The Rifleman Radio Show, a tireless warrior for second amendment rights and a good friend to the TSPC community.

He left us as many truly great men do far too early.  He leaves behind 5 wonderful daughters.  You can contribute their future in memory of their father at this link.

Michael contributed greatly to this community in are early days, going as far as putting TSP stickers on Appleseed Rack Rifles to promote my efforts.  I would like to now kindly ask that the community show a bit of support for his family in this hard time.

Thank you,


Farmer Phil’s Permaculture: The Original Permaculture Children’s Book

philOne of our guests and MSB members, Phil Williams, wrote a permaculture children’s picture book. He recently sent me a copy and I read it to my grandson. First off the illustrations are excellent, with true to life permaculture features. Second and most importantly my grandson enjoyed the story.

Most of the permaculture books and material you see is geared toward adults with at least a basic knowledge of the design science. Here we have a permaculture book for the younger crowd. As a teacher, I love the idea of exposing children to permaculture through a story.

Phil has made a PDF of the book freely available on his site for people to try. So, if you’d like to take a look at the book, feel free to download it here.

Even though you can get the PDF at no cost, I hope everyone will consider picking up a copy. Hardcover, softcover, and E-books can be found on Amazon: Here

One of our favorite things to do when our grandson spends the night is to read to him at bedtime.  With this book we get a great story that interests a young child and teaches him at the same time.  Check it out and you will see what I mean.

Synopsis – Eden’s dad, eager to exit the rat race, buys a farm. Eden is disappointed when the farm looks more like a factory than the country setting she imagined.

With the animals and their future at stake, she must trust Mother Nature. While peering through the hole in their fence, Eden catches a glimpse of the natural beauty next door.

She befriends Farmer Phil, who teaches her to observe. Through observation, Eden understands the plants and animals, but she doesn’t know what to do. Farmer Phil advises her to read from the book of nature.

To save the farm, Eden must see that the problem is the solution.

Kydex Sheaths for Mora 2


Due to a recent spike in requests, TSP Gear Shop will be running a new batch of the Kydex Sheaths for the Mora Classic #2

A member of the audience, who makes Kydex, has been producing sheaths for the Mora Classic Number 2 for the last couple of years. The Mora is loved for bush crafting and for good reason, it is a 13 dollar knife that you just look at and go, how the hell do they sell that for 13 bucks. One custom knife maker told us flatly, “I can’t buy the raw material in that knife for as low as they sell the finished knife”.

To get a sheath for one of these, place your order at TSP Gear Shop. You can also add any other items from the store, and your whole order will ship for free.

Remaining One Nation

ants t

TSP Gear Shop has filled all the pre-orders for this old school t-shirt and has 21 shirts remaining. Sizes Medium-2xl are available. The One Nation Filled with Ants dates back to the original gear shop, and then early on, was added to Printed with the Val head on front chest and the ant flag on the back. And for good measure, we printed the rifle and hoe “The Revolution is You” shield on the sleeve.

To get in on the last of this final batch, place your order at TSP Gear Shop. You can also add any other items from the store, and your whole order will ship for free. MSB members can take 10% off their entire order.

And then there were 20

brewing t

TSP Gear Shop has filled all the pre-orders for the “A Revolution is Brewing” t-shirt and has 20 shirts left. Sizes Medium-3XL are available. If you thought you had missed out, now is your chance to pick one up. This coffee themed t-shirt with original ant artwork really sums up The Survival Podcast, featuring the text:

This is a Bold Podcast, brought to you by genuine people. The show is Deep and Rich in the knowledge of what it takes to live the good life “If times get tough or even if they don’t”

Why wear a boring shirt when you can wear something Strong and Bold! The perfect way to spread the word about The Survival Podcast.

To get in on the remaining shirts place your order at TSP Gear Shop. FREE SHIPPING. MSB members take 10% off entire order.

Vacation Until 7-20-15

The Sum Total of My Goals for the Next 10 Days!

The Sum Total of My Goals for the Next 10 Days!

For the next 10 days I will be on vacation.  Not a workshop, not a speaking engagement, not anything but fishing and spending time with a wife who doesn’t generally get enough of my time.

What this means.

Bluntly if you email me don’t expect a response, in fact if you have anything detailed it is best that you hold off until say the 21st to even send it.  I will check email once a day and shove stuff for show inclusions into a folder, shove some basic follow up into another and provide only necessary customer service during this time.

The honest to God truth is if you send an email with more than 3 sentences during this time, it will likely just get deleted.  We all need a break at times, this is the first actual true vacation I have taken in well over a year.  To put it in perspective Josiah was still interning here the last time I got away for more than a day to truly just relax.  Yea it has been that long.

The good news is you have over 1600 past episodes to listen to.  Try the search box for a subject you are interested in and I bet you will find it.  Check out the archives links, you can go all the way back to the car days of 08-09 if you want or use the listen to a random episode link in the center column.

In any event I and TSP will return on the 20th, amped up and ready to rock and roll!  Also do stay tuned to the TSP Facebook and Youtube Pages.  I will be posting random stuff while away.

Remember that we do have a MSB Sale going on while I am away.  One perk is every episode of TSP EVER PRODUCED in zip files is in the MSB.  So if you wanted to binge on old school TSP it would be just one of many benefits to taking advantage of our current sale.  Details on the current sale are here.

Three Cool New MSB Updates

I have three cool announcements for MSB Members today.  A new partner has been added, an existing partner now has a great deal on one of the coolest products for planting trees on the market and there is a limited amount of a knock your socks off variety of coffee.


ninjaprepFirst – Ninja Prepper has joined the MSB.  MSB members are now eligible for a 10% discount on Ninja Prepper products. Ninja Prepper is a family owned business that manufactures titanium survival gear including insulated mugs, sporks and carabiners. Find their products at and use the discount code that is now on the benefits page of the MSB when purchasing through Amazon. All products ship free with Amazon Prime.


irripanSecond – About two months ago March Creek Comfrey joined the MSB and a ton of you guys have gotten one of the best deals on the planet on comfrey cuttings.  But now they have added one of my favorite products on the market to their line up.  The IrriPan!  You can learn about the IrriPan here.  They offer a great discount on this product.  To get the discount click on the tab on their site, the password to access the special pricing is in the MSB benefits area.


honeyprocessThird – Matthew at Mai Thai Coffee just sent me something called “Honey Processed Coffee“.  In it was a letter telling me that no honey is involved, it is just a unique way to process coffee.  A special roast where water bath stage is skipped which allows the coffee to take on a unique flavor. This coffee features a smooth and melow flavor and it is a low acidic coffee compared to conventional coffee.

Okay I don’t know what the water bath stage is, but let me tell you this.  Right now I am on the first cup of my second pot!  Fan freaking tastic!  Mellow, smooth and smokey.

He also told me they only have 48 pounds of this stuff for this year.  Now if you want to know what I really think I ordered 10 14oz packages for myself BEFORE I posted this.  It is that awesome.  Of course all MSB Members get 10% off everything at Mai Thai Coffee including the new Honey Processed and my other favorites Full City Roast and Butter Rum.  Of course anyone can buy this awesome coffee but only MSB Members get 10% off.


tspmsblogoAs always I work hard to make sure I continue to build value in the MSB and now is a great time to join.  Right now I am running an MSB Sale for 20 dollars off your first year.  That makes an already great deal even better.

To learn more about the MSB and our current summer sale on the membership rate, you can see this post about the MSB Sale.  But the short version is use code hotjuly on sign up and get 20 dollars off your first year of membership.