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Free Webinar at PermaEthos – Ducks for Fun, Profit and Land Development


Sign Up Today for A Free Webinar

On Tuesday the 28th from 4-6 PM Easter Daylight Time I will be conducting a free live webinar at PermaEthos called, Ducks for Fun, Profit and Land Development.  This webinar is free and it is live, it will be about 1 to 1.25 hours of presentation and the balance of live Q&A.

We have not even heavily promoted it yet but already have more than 150 registered to attend it.  We can seat up to 500 so there is plenty of room but you must preregister to attend and can do that here.

We have been quiet about some changes at PermaEthos but working our asses off behind the scenes.  This new SERIES of webinars will be amazing and lead to many other great things to come.  As to the series, here are some people that  you will be seeing in the future they include,

  • Larry Santayo
  • Paul Wheaton
  • Toby Hemmeny
  • John Pugliano
  • Rob Avis
  • Marcin Jakubowski
  • Akisha Silver
  • And Many More

We are ramping it up and going to bring you incredible education in live free webinar format.  A lot more is coming as well, to see all the upcoming webinars, go here.

To sign up for my free webinar on Tuesday go here.

TSP Amazon Item of the Day for 6-24-16

plugsEvery day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Saxony 1-Foot Extension Power Cable 5-Pack. What in the world do you need a 1 foot extension cable for?  How about this, you get a power strip or UPS for your computer, monitor, router, modem, speakers, etc.  You look and half of them are big old honking plugs!

Now one plug takes up three spaces on a power strip, next thing you know you are daisy chaining 3-4 strips and have a giant mess under your desk.  Instead you take a few of these and plug the big plug into one end and these into your strip, UPS or outlet.  Simple no?

These have made my life a lot easier and the underside of my desk and back of my TV a lot more organized.  At 11.49 for a 5 pack with free shipping they are very cost effective as well.

Remember you can always see the TSP Amazon Item of the day by just going to and by shopping at anytime you shop on Amazon you help support TSP and the work we do here.


TSP Amazon Item of the Day for 6-23-16

scaleEvery day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Salter Aquatronic Glass Electronic Kitchen Scale.

We use this product daily, and I like that you can switch from grams to ounces/pounds with a press of a button.  With another press you can even measure fluid ounces.

I use this in my mead making, formulation of herbal medicines and teas, and Dorothy uses it daily to cull out any eggs under our weight limit for sale to our customers.

battsI did a lot of homework when we replaced our last scale and without paying way to much this is the one I came down on.  It does use CR2032 Coin Style Batteries but it uses just one of them, and lasts a LONG time on a single battery.  Still I have scopes and other stuff that uses these so I picked up 20 of them for just over 8 bucks to go along with my scale, I think that will  hold this thing until the zombies march and beyond.

The other reason I like this scale is it takes several minutes to auto shut off with no activity.  Our last scale would shut off in 30 seconds of no activity and this was maddening when adding multiple ingredients and having to go grab something and coming back to a dark scale, with everything out of wack at that point!  This is not a product everyone needs but if you want a good scale, for under 40 bucks with shipping this is what we use.

Please note this is a KITCHEN SCALE not a reloading scale, it measures in ounces and grams, kilos and pounds.  Not grains or fractions of grams, you are not going to be able to sort pellets by weight or weigh powder charges with it.  Just FYI.  Also it DOES COME with the one required battery, you don’t need the CR2032 Coin Style Batteries that I linked to but I just included them because they are the best price I have found on quality ones in quantity so far.

Remember you can always see the TSP Amazon Item of the day by just going to and by shopping at anytime you shop on Amazon you help support TSP and the work we do here.


TSP Amazon Item of the Day for 6-22-16

pepperEvery day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is Spicy World Black Tellicherry Peppercorns and I recommend it based on a philosophy I have about all things.

“Whenever possible pay less and get better quality”

In this case you may wonder how that applies to something like pepper.  Well lets look at it this way, pepper is a go to spice, if you cook likely you use salt and pepper daily.  Any good cook knows that fresh ground pepper is the only way to go.  Why?  Well black pepper’s real magic is in the oils, if you buy preground most of that wonderful taste and aroma is gone by the time you use it.

If you have ever wondered why pepper smells so amazing when you grind it, it is those oils being released.  And aroma and taste are incredibly linked.  This is why food tastes so bland when you are sick and congested and can’t smell.

So what most people buy is a small jar of peppercorns at the market, usually malabar, which is fine but about as base model as you can get.  They will end up with 2-4 ounces of pepper and pay 4-5 bucks for it.  If we do the math you are now paying 20-40 dollars a pound for a low quality product.

Conversely this one pound bag of Tellicherry peppercorns is 13.49 on Amazon with free shipping on prime.  What is a Tellicherry Peppercorn?

Tellicherry peppercorns are like San Marzano tomatoes: they need to come from Tellicherry, a city on the Malabar coast of Kerala in India. They’re considered some of the finest peppercorns in the world, and one of the few “names” in pepper that people are familiar with.

As black pepper goes it is especially sweet, and has aromas from fruity to grassy to citrus and pine—but most of all, a certain bright freshness. The sweet, balanced flavor and complex aroma and really hard hitting spiciness makes it my go to pepper.

And that one pound bag will fill about 4 jelly canning jars, the 4th will be about 3/4th full.  I just pop them into my vaccucanner and seal them up, you can do the same with a Foodsaver and the jar attachment.  When I get down to 2 jars I order more, I never run out, hey we are preppers right.  Key is if you use pepper daily and most of us do, you don’t really need to vac seal them, just put them in a jar.  Don’t ask me to explain why, but the price per ounce goes up if you order a two pack, so if you want more than one, get the one pack and change the quantity in your cart.

This is a small savings I admit but if you do this with many of the spices, herbs and seasonings you use regularly it adds up over a year and you build up a storage, and you cook with top vs. mediocre quality.  As to quality this item has had 988 reviews on Amazon, it averages 5 stars and only 2% of reviewers rated it two stars or lower.  That is stellar performance, give them a try and you will see why.

Remember you can always see the TSP Amazon Item of the day by just going to and by shopping at anytime you shop on Amazon you help support TSP and the work we do here.


TSP Amazon Item of the Day for 6-22-16

cannerEvery day I will bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Chard 9.5 quart Smart Pressure Canner and Cooker

In the past I have recommended the PowerPressure Cooker XL, as it was the only electric canner guaranteed to be safe for pressure canning by the manufacture.

The Chard is better in so many ways, while also being guaranteed safe by the manufacturer for pressure canning, it has several additional features that make me want to exchange my PowerPressure Cooker, they are…

  1. The Chard allows you to can quart vs. pint jars.  In fact with it you can can, four quart jars, six pint jars, eight jelly jars or ten half-pint jars in one batch
  2. It also does a separate water bath or steam function for water bath canning
  3. It uses true petcocks and hence can be used at higher altitudes then the PowerPressure Cooker
  4. It has twenty built in safety features to ensure your safety.

Remember you can always see the TSP Amazon Item of the day by just going to and by shopping at anytime you shop on Amazon you help support TSP and the work we do here.

Please note – The PowerPressure is available in sizes like 6 and 10 quart but that is all about capacity, none of them are tall enough for the lid to go on with quart sized jars inside of them.

Join the MSB Today and Get a 50% Discount to Celebrate Eight Years of TSP

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Today is the 8th year anniversary show of The Survival Podcast.  Yep episode one occurred on June 20th, 2008!  So it seems only fitting that I run an MSB sale this week.

Have you been on the fence about giving the MSB a shot, how about 40% off the normal price for your first year to get you off the fence?

First the rules, this sale is for either new members or members with expired accounts. Not because I not willing to let active members renew early with it, simply because the payment system I use won’t allow it.

Right now all you need to do is use the discount code “heat” and you will get 50% off a 12 month membership. You can do this if you pay online with PayPal or if you pay by mail just write the code on the mail in form.  That means the normal price of 50 dollars a year is knocked all the way down to 25 bucks.

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If you have been considering the MSB now is a great time to join!

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  • A free LIFETIME Discount Membership to SafeCastle’s Discount club (value 49 dollars)
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You can Join the MSB at the Members Page



If You Use Facebook, Consider Joining The Survival Podcast Facebook Forum

The TSP Facebook Forum Allows a Two More Interactive Experience

The TSP Facebook Forum Allows a Two More Interactive Experience

Over eight years I built up the TSP Facebook page to over 100,000 followers but there are two problems.  One big problems is my TSP Page is just that my page.  A place I can post stuff but you guys really can’t.  It is a one way street and you guys know not only do I want to hear from you, I want you guys to hear from each other.

Next up is Facebook more and more is basically holding page owners like myself hostage and making us pay an advertising fee, TO REACH OUR OWN followers.

Yea, not oh you can pay x per person and reach all these additional people for a fee.  Nope, more like if you want to reach the people who already said they want to follow you, you have to pay for it.    For instance I just published today’s show, and they are calling my FB post about it “engaging” and prompting me to sponsor it, it is engaging it reached 200 of my 112,000 followers oh joy!

Greater joy?  For just 400 dollars they will make sure about half my followers see it.

The solution?

Last year Aaron Bateen a long time listener started up The Survival Podcast Facebook Forum.  Rather than a page this is a group, this means not just I can post there but you can too.  You can talk to me and other community members.  Right now it only has 2400 members but I often reach more people there than on my page with over 100,000 followers.

The big thing though again is it is more interactive and I really like that.  So I will continue to post stuff to the page but if you use FB you really should join the group if you want to keep up to date with everything we have going on.  Since Facebook doesn’t sell advertising to group owners they have no extortion to extract.  Groups are run democratically with the posts that get more interaction getting more exposure.

Effective today all the TSP links to facebook are now going to the forum rather than the TSP Page on Facebook.  Please join us there if you are a Facebook user.

Visit the TSP Facebook Forum Page Here

Side Note – Every time I post something like this, there are a few people all out of sorts.  Why do you even bother with Facebook, why not just ignore them, they suck, it is wastebook, etc.  Well Facebook is the third most popular site on line behind only google and youtube.  I have thousands of followers that like it and want to communicate with me there.  That is why I don’t ignore it, because I respect and value my listeners that like communicating with me there.  Just as I value communicating with many of you via other means who choose not to use Facebook.

Poll Posted for July’s Tuesday Shows


I have added a few twists this time to the poll to make it more fun and more democratic.  There have been some RAZOR thin margins of loss by a few topics so to make it interesting this time there are 8 choices for 4 shows but everyone gets 5 votes, as always the top 4 will make the cut.

Another thing I have done this time is YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR VOTE!  You can do that right up until the day the poll closes.  This means if you have voted for a clear looser but want a topic that is close over those that are winning you can come in at the end and switch over.

This should be fun, more fun that the 2016 Assclown Circus anyway!

Get on over to the forum and vote, in this election your votes really do count. I have 8 topics to pick from set up on the form and the top four will be produced on July, 5, 12, 19 and 26th. This time here are your subjects to pick from,

  • Building Resilient Children in a World full of Wusses
  • How to Get Started with Bitcoin – Setting Up Accounts, Sending, Receiving, etc.
  • Gearing Up On A Budget as a New Fisherman
  • 15 Cool Items for the Prepper Kitchen and How to Use Them
  • Anarchy – It Isn’t What You Think It Is
  • Getting Ready for Fall Gardening
  • 10 Mead Recipes from 2016 So Far
  • Power Tools on The Homestead

Remember that all voting is on the forum, I have turned off the comments on this post to be sure there is no confusion.

To Vote Click This Link

MT Knives promotion ends at Midnight

genesisTSP Gear Shop is closing down orders for this knife at Midnight tonight. This is your final chance to order a special edition knife featuring the TSP Logo for only $99.00. This is an amazing opportunity for TSP listeners! Artisinal knife crafters, MT Knives, produce impeccable, custom-made blades. Today TSP listeners can purchase a MT Knife of their very own, customized with the TSP logo you love!

Until Midnight, TSP Gear will still be taking orders for this special knife. The Genesis II knife will then be etched with the MT Knives logo on one side, and the TSP logo on the other. Knives should be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks. Visit TSP Gear today to find out additional details and place your order. Remember MSB Members can take 10% Off, and all orders Ship for Free! *NOTE: When looking up your discount code for MSB, you need to use the code for TSP Gear Shop, NOT the code for MT Knives.


Note from MT Knives owner Patrick Roehrman: “Due to such a high demand for custom knives, and wanting to provide as many people as possible with the best cutting performance that money can buy, I have put together a small, light weight, minimalist design that will give you the best cutting performance for a price all can afford. If you want to experience an edge that will perform like nothing you have used before, at a fraction of the cost of a custom knife, or if you want something to hold you over while you wait for your custom knife, this is the knife for you! This knife is 100% American made, and its quality is not to be rivaled.”

My Pastured Turkey Model


There was a post about this, on the facebook regen ag group, I thought I would do a standalone article actually saying what my model is, precisely vs. well intended attempts to describe it by others.  The key is I am not trying to be a turkey farmer here and this little micro income is only due to a quirk in polt pricing.

I sat looking at the pricing on Cackle Hatchery about 119 bucks for 15 polts shipped or 89 dollars for 5, I wanted 5, only 5 given the size they get that is about all the meat I want from them.  But this is the reality I could have either paid 17 bucks a polt for 5 or gotten 15 for about 7 a piece.  Well, you know what I did, I ordered 15.

Now I have done NO pre marketing because I had no plans to sell turkey this year.  I also have no state approved processor that will allow me to get them processed then resell.  I absolutely do not have the time to self process or any desire to do so.  There are loop holes but I don’t really have more time to jack around much.  So the process is simple, offer a low price, get the customer to do some work, make a small profit of money and nice profit of free meat.

In the end Cackle sent me 17 polts, one died the day of arrival the rest are doing great, if they made it this long likely I will raise 16 to adulthood.  A very conservative average dressed weight on these birds will be 30 lbs.  I raised three birds last year and they dressed at 37, 34 and 28 pounds, the 28 pound one was a hen.  This means you are looking at live weights closer to 40 pounds.

So the reality is that in a few months I will have 600-700 pounds of live giant birds to deal with, I will have no way to process them myself (no time) and if I did process them all I do not have freezer space.  My processor is not state approved for resale he can only process for the consumer.  I would need additional crates and to rent a trailer to take all of them there anyway.

My solution is to sell 11 this way, you come get your birds, you take them to the processor, you get them processed for 8 bucks a bird, you weigh them, you pay me 3 dollars a pound on the honor system.

This gives both my customers and myself a pretty wide window to have them harvested.  It is clean and above all it is legal and involves very little work for me.  Many want to point out that pastured turkey sells for a lot more.  Well, sure it does, in a package all nicely processed of course.  That is NOT an option for me.  I don’t have the time, this is not a key business unit, I just want ease of sale, no extra work, to provide a great product at a really great price and to get a lot of great quality meat at no real cost to myself.

So here are the all-important numbers


Polts $119.00

Feed (estimated) $400.00 this is high by the way.

My Personal Processing Fees for my 5 birds $40.00

My labor is irrelevant I was going to raise 5 for myself anyway.  There is not much work as you will see anyway.  There is certainly no more work for me to raise 16 vs. 5.  If I was raising 500 this would be quite different.

Total Expenses $599.00

Income based on average weight of 30 pounds dressed, again this is VERY conservative.

11 Turkeys at 30 lbs avg – $990.00

5 Turkeys for personal meat 150 pounds of meat.

Now many say 3 dollars is too low, I totally 100% agree.  Pastured birds go for 5-10 dollars a pound or more but let us go low, 5 bucks a pound.  So my meat profit is $750.00 worth of meat to my family.

Total income – $1740.00

Total Expenses – $599.00

Profit $1141.00 However only 391 of it is taxable as income (cash), there is no tax on me eating my own birds!  And again all my numbers are very conservative.

I get 5 birds and about 400 bucks in my pocket, had I not done this I would spend the same amount of time, gotten my five birds and paid about 200 dollars in cost for them.  This is not really a business model what it is amounts to NOT LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE.

Now as to why this is so little work.  My property is divided into 4 paddocks, we have almost no predator pressure, one time and that one is DEAD.  Once the birds are about the size of a duck, they go out no tractor, no electro net, no nothing.  They sleep on the ground; I just make sure they have a feeder and water source in their paddock.  Once a week we move them to the next paddock, they get so tame they just follow you so this takes opening a gate and leading them.

There is nothing else, no more, that is all.

Again this is called not leaving money on the table.  People that win with money do this many times every year.  Where and how can I take what I would do anyway and make it profitable?  400 bucks here, 750 dollars in meat there, and it just adds up over the year and over your life time.

Now if I was farming turkeys for a living, even part of one, I would

  1. Charge more
  2. Not try to do it on this small piece of land
  3. Have to locate a state or federally approved processor

But I don’t have to charge more and want them all sold the end, no muss no fuss.  I don’t have a bigger piece of land and farming is a side income for me and there isn’t a facility that can do this within 5 hours of me.  So I can sit and pout and not raise turkeys or I can raise 5 for myself and pay to do so, or I can raise 16 total and be paid to raise 5 for myself.

I wrote this article to explain not really how to raise 16 turkeys and make a profit but how to think as a small homesteader and small producer.  How to feed yourself the best quality food you can, give people a really fair deal and make a bit of money.  There are many ways to do so.  Likely many of you don’t have the land and lack of predators I do and this won’t work for you, the key is, what will?  You must determine that for yourself, but next time you have a price point break on anything, THINK and see if you can figure out a multiple win scenario and don’t leave money on the table.