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Two New MSB Discount Vendors Added

I am pleased to announce two more great MSB Vendors were just added to the members area.  Here they are…

Forward Observer provides expert insight into SHTF intelligence, security, defense and warfare from intelligence professionals and special operations soldiers. Join over 400 subscribers already receiving intelligence reporting and training for SHTF preparedness and community security.  MSB Members receive a 10% discount on an annual or monthly account just use discount in the benefits section of the MSB.  To learn more visit,

The Shack Ultimate Hunting Blinds is a Michigan based company founded by hunters for hunters. We pride ourselves on having everything sourced from within the states and always strive to do right by our customers. Founded in 2008, we have continued to grow and improve upon our designs. Currently we use hand laid fiberglass construction that leads to a durable and light weight blind that will be with you for years to come. As a member and now partner to the TSP MSB we look forward to doing business with the family here by giving y’all a 10% discount on all of our models.  Just use the discount code in the benefits section of the MSB and learn more at

To use this discounts or any of the other 67 current discounts available to members just visit the members area and log into your account.  If you are not already a member consider joining the MSB today, over a year your membership will pay for itself many times over.

Don’t Miss PETV Presentation with Paul Wheaton

PETV Presentations

You can find all of the recorded presentations on the PETV On Demand Page

This week on PETV Presentations

Tuesday, October 10
1pm Pacific
2pm Mountain
3pm Central
4pm Eastern
Episode 14 – Paul Wheaton
More Details:
More details are available on the PETV Event Page
Topic: Rocket Mass Heater Stuff

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Paul Wheaton


Paul is a strong advocate for the use and tinkering of rocket mass heaters – a wood burning stove design that utilizes the heat typically lost through exhaust piping in conventional designs as an additional heat source. The design is simple enough that anyone can build one, and can heat your home with as much as 90% less wood. Paul’s latest video series shows in great detail how to build and use a rocket mass heater several different ways – you can learn more here.
In addition to maximizing fuel efficiency with the exhaust piping, rocket mass heaters incorporate a thermal mass to more gradually distribute heat, and create a longer lasting heat source. Often times this is done by winding the exhaust piping through a beautiful cob bench, but in Paul’s DVD sets, he also covers pebble style rocket mass heaters.
Richsoil has a page packed full of information to get you started.

On Vacation – Starting Now!

vakayAs announced Dorothy and I are off to parts undisclosed for the next full week and a half.  TSP will return to regular episodes on Monday the 17th.

TSP Rewind seems like it is providing a good bit of fun looking back to the past and episodes are queued up all the way until next Friday so there will be a show ever day even though I am not here.

The big reason for this announcement is that I won’t be providing email responses to customer service and the like as swiftly as I usually do. I will be taking my laptop with me and I will respond to what is necessary but again this is an actual vacation so I am going to plan on a lot of down time with a wonderful wife who definitely deserves my full attention during our time away.

Hence expect delayed responses to emails from now until the 15th.  Thanks for understanding.

P.S. – We are not disclosing the location for a reason, it is called 10 days alone with two people that desperately need it.   Any texts or emails to the effect of “hey Jack, are you going to be in the _____ area, if so we can ______” will be deleted an ignored.  Seriously stop it, we know you guys mean well but this is “JUST US” time.


Announcing TSP Rewind – Podcast Blasts from the Past

rewindSo I am cramming to get things set so I can go on vacation.  Not some conference or event that I speak at and do public meetings at, an honest to God, nothing but me and my wonderful wife vacation.  Where?  We are so serious about this being that type of vacation this time, the location is Noneya and in None Ya Business.

Seriously we are off to parts unknown and going to spend about 10 great days together.  I was planning on doing a show today but instead I am going to start a new series called TSP Rewind.  It will appear in your normal podcast feeds and it will have a short intro telling you it is a Rewind Episode, then it will play an original episode from the past, minus the commercial introduction.

Regular episodes of TSP will return on Monday the 17th.  I will be working hard for the next two days to get all of this done, it isn’t as quick to do as it sounds but 9 in two days won’t be that tough and will give me time to batten down the hatches on the farm so our care takers have an easy go of things while we are away.

Get Started with Bitcoin at Coinbase – 10 Dollars in BTC for Free

btcbannerMany people want to get started with Bitcoin but are unsure how.  The best first step to me is going to Coinbase and setting up an account for free.  You then buy some bitcoin and you are all ready to go.  With Coinbase you can hold, sell and spend bitcoin and if you run a website they have tools to allow you to sell your products and services online for Bitcoin.

They are also in my personal opinion the safest way to keep bitcoin.  Their vault feature is pretty much iron clad, the levels necessary to get money out of a vault would require a hacker to first have your cell phone in hand, they would also have to hack two separate email accounts and you would have to not get multiple notices for a full 48 hours before the money would be available.  Your bank is likely not even close to being that secure.

Here is the best part though, right now if you set up an account with Coinbase  they will give you 10 dollars in free bitcoin as soon as you buy at least 100 dollars worth to put in your account.  Keep in mind you are not spending money here, you are simply converting it to BTC from USD, you still own it, you can turn it back to dollars anytime you want.  Frankly this is an instant 10% return on investment.

Anyway if you have been thinking about getting started with bitcoin this is a great time to do it.  Just click the banner in this post to be sure you get your free 10 dollars of BTC after you fund your account.

If you want to know more about Coinbase and bitcoin just listen to this podcast I did about a month ago.  By the way since I did that podcast the value of my bitcoin and ether has gone up about 10%.

Creating Gaia’s Garden Early Bird Special

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Join best-selling permaculture author Toby Hemenway and over 100 students for a dynamic and practical course on creating your home ecosystem. Imagine living in a yard that overflows with food and other useful products such as medicine, fiber, and building supplies. Your yard can also shrink home energy bills, extend your growing season, and be a comfortable outdoor space year-round in all but the harshest climates.

It can also help provide income and reduce your dependence on money. In this 5-session course, you’ll learn how to do all this, but there’s more: That same yard that gives you food, energy, and income security can also enhance wildlife habitat, sequester carbon, and provide a beautiful, restful sanctuary for you and your partners or family. If you enjoyed reading Gaia’s Garden, this course will show you how to bring that book to life in your yard. Those who complete this course will earn a certificate from the Permaculture Institute (USA).

Early Bird Special 

PermaEthos and Toby Hemenway are offering a HUGE discount on the course. The normal price is $299. If you register before October 1st you will get $100 off making the course only $199. If you are a PermaEthos founding member you will receive an additional $50 off.
Get the Early Birds Special Now

Live Class Dates and Times

Each live class lesson will be recorded in case you miss it or if you are unable to attend live. These will also be available for download!
Our live classroom software is compatible with iOS and Android devices as well as on the PC (Mac, Linux, Windows).

  • Lesson 01 – 6pm Pacific on October 6th
  • Lesson 02 – 6pm Pacific on October 13th
  • Lesson 03 – 6pm Pacific on October 20th
  • Lesson 04 – 6pm Pacific on October 27th
  • Lesson 05 – 6pm Pacific on November 3rd

Permaculture Institute Certificate

PI-USA logoThose who successfully complete the “Creating Gaia’s Garden” course will receive a certificate from The Permaculture Institute USA, a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 1997 by Bill Mollison and Scott Pittman, and will also receive 10 credit hours toward a Diploma in Permaculture. PI-USA is one of the principal certifying organizations of the international permaculture community, and Toby Hemenway is a Field Director for the Institute, which means that he can offer certificates sponsored by PI-USA, and can mentor students through the Institute’s Diploma Program.

The Diploma in Permaculture is awarded to individuals who meet certain education requirements, achieve excellence in permaculture practice, demonstrate their commitment to permaculture ethics, and submit adequate evidence of their work to a committee of peers (College of Diplomats) for review and recommendations.

A permaculture design certificate course (PDC) is a pre-requisite for the diploma, but the credit hours from the ”Creating Gaia’s Garden” online course can be applied toward the diploma regardless of whether the student has completed a PDC prior to this course or not. The credit hours from this course cannot be applied toward the PDC at the present time. More information about PI-USA’s diploma program can be found at

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PETV Presentation with Erika Block

PETV Presentations

You can find all of the recorded presentations on the PETV On Demand Page

This week on PETV Presentations

Tuesday, September 13
1pm Pacific
2pm Mountain
3pm Central
4pm Eastern
Episode 13 – Erika Block
More Details:
More details are available on the PETV Event Page
Topic: Resilient Homes & Homesteads
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Local Orbit

Consumer demand is stimulating rapid change in the food system. Big food is losing market share to local food. Supply chains are in the early stages significant transformation, creating new opportunities for independent food producers.

Erika will discuss this shifting landscape, focusing on sales, marketing and distribution options for small farmers, as well as how to determine an appropriate scale and market focus based on both your personal and business goals – and how you can get there.

She’ll explore the benefits and challenges of both direct-to-consumer distribution models and food hub/aggregation models, with information about how producers can get involved with existing food hubs or launch their own.

She’ll also discuss the role of online platforms such as Local Orbit in the evolving food economy, and share Local Orbit’s vision to create the underlying supply chain infrastructure that supports local, collaborative and transparent food economies, with shared value for all participants.

Erika brings unique insight to this discussion, having worked with local food buyers, sellers and logistics providers across the country, with organizations that are growing, as well as organizations that are struggling or have failed. She has worked with more than 100 entrepreneurs in various stages of developing local food distribution businesses through Local Orbit’s Hub Camps Erika also works with foodservice operators to integrate local food into high-volume procurement processes.

Meet Erika Block

Erika is the Founder and CEO of Local Orbit, the supply chain platform for people who are creating a new, connected food economy. Local Orbit enables institutions and restaurants to efficiently purchase from local farmers, food makers & aggregators, while maintaining complete supply chain transparency.

By enabling efficient, decentralized supply chains, Local Orbit saves money for foodservice buyers and enables them to meet customer demand for local, sustainably sourced food, while increasing market share for small and mid-size food producers.

Prior to Local Orbit, Erika co-founded and ran an entrepreneurial arts organization, producing cross-sector partnership events in the US, Great Britain and South Africa. She also co-created, directed and produced 15 plays. She led the renovation of a vacant building in Detroit into a theater, gallery and bar and worked with vendors to source local food for events.

Erika was inspired to create Local Orbit through a series of interviews she conducted for a project on the History of Eating.  She spent time with people in fields, barns, warehouses, processing facilities, delivery trucks, kitchens, offices, cafeterias and restaurants. She talked to policy makers, business owners, food writers and nutritionists.  And she identified the need for a platform that could support the new and evolving businesses and innovators who are transforming our food system.

She has also worked as a technology and business process consultant, focusing on strategic planning, collaboration, operational efficiency and communications strategy. Throughout her career, Erika has created collaborative environments that facilitate learning and action.

Erika is a graduate of University of Michigan, has an MFA from Columbia University, and studied Interactive Technology at NYU. She comes from a family of fruit peddlers, meat processors, restaurant owners and wholesalers. She is a PopTech Social Innovation Fellow. Other awards include Crain’s Detroit Business 40 Under 40.


PETV Presentation S01E12 – Rob Avis

PETV Presentations

You can find all of the recorded presentations on the PETV On Demand Page

This week on PETV Presentations

Tuesday, September 13
1pm Pacific
2pm Mountain
3pm Central
4pm Eastern
Episode 12 – Rob Avis
More Details:
More details are available on the PETV Event Page
Topic: Resilient Homes & Homesteads
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Did you miss a presentation? No worries, all of the presentations are available On Demand and every presentation’s Q/A sessions are available for free. Check out the PETV Presentations On Demand Page.

Resilient Homes & Homesteads:
A Permaculture Engineer’s Perspective

Engineer, ecologist & permaculture designer Rob Avis shares the high-level process he uses with clients to design homesteads that leverage and interact with the environment in which they’re built, producing their own energy and food, harvesting and storing water, cycling nutrients, and restoring the surrounding ecosystems.

He’ll talk about how he combines goal setting, informed observation of the landscape, and appropriate innovative technology (such as building envelope design & annualized geo-solar) with environmental consciousness to create resilient, high-performance homes and farms.

With over 20 years of combined experience in engineering, project management, ecological design and sustainable technologies, Rob and his wife Michelle Avis own & operate Adaptive Habitat – a unique and leading edge property design and management company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

As skilled Professional Engineers, they offer a depth of practical expertise in building science and appropriate technology (solar, wind, combined heat & power), as well as rainwater harvesting, agro-ecology, ecosystem engineering, soil regeneration and onsite wastewater treatment / septic design.

Their extensive project management experience includes site analysis, technical design, cost estimating and scheduling, through to commissioning and construction.

Both hold a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the University of Alberta, interned at theFolkecenter for Renewable Energy in Denmark, and co-foundedVerge Permaculture in 2008, now an internationally-recognized & award-winning regenerative design, consulting, and education center.

Group Hotel Rate Info for the Oct. Workshop

The vast majority of students do camp but some like a hotel room so we always arrange a group rate for you guys.

Our best results have been with a local Holiday Inn, it is only about a 10-15 minute drive from our place.    Here is the hotel info…

Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suits
3541 N.W. Loop 820
Fort Worth, TX 76106
Phone – 817-744-7755Hotel Website

We have 2 queen rooms and 8 kings held.  The rate we got you is 87 dollars a night, which is a great rate for a nice hotel in this area.

To get this rate you need to call in your reservation, just tell them you are with The Survival Podcast and they will hook you up.  If you run into any issues our contact there is Property Manager Jennifer Camp, you can just ask for her and she will make sure you get the rate.  Anyone who answers the phone should be able to set you up so please only ask for Jennifer if there is some sort of problem.

These rooms are held for our group until September 26th.   After that I believe they will still honor the rate but the can’t guarantee availability.

The MSB 30-30-30-30 Sale is Live Until 3PM Friday

msbOkay guys here it is, a great deal on the MSB, 30 dollars a year and you have 30 hours to take advantage of it.

All you have to do to get this great price is use discount code “skullcrusher” when you sign up and join the MSB today.

The MSB is already an amazing value with over 60 great companies providing discounts on things you are already spending money on.  Even at 50 dollars a year most members who use the benefits find the membership profitable, but now at 30 dollars a year, the benefits are amazing, but only for the next 30 hours.

Remember that just two of of the benefits alone are worth 99 dollars.  First you get a free one year membership to Western Botanicals which gives you 25% off all of their products.  Second you get a free lifetime membership to Safecastle’s discount club valued at 49 dollars.

Oh but I am NOT DONE!  So far we have only covered the first two 30s, here are the second two.  Jason Davis at Lenwood Leather has released the “Blunt Force Trama” belt, and it is so bad ass I have personally renamed it the “skullcrusher” and remember that is your discount code to save big on MSB.

Well once you do you have 30 days to get 30 dollars off this amazing survival tool.  First his belts alone are amazing, I mean you can literally tow a truck with a Lenwood belt.  Now with the addition of the skullcrusher buckle you have a weapon you can take anywhere, because it is well, “just a belt”.   Yea a belt that does this!

Of course all MSB Members can get this great deal on the belt, not just new ones.  So if you want a skullcrusher, either join the MSB or log into your account.  When you log in on the front page you will see a headline in RED BOLD letters, it will say.  The Discount Code for 30 Dollar off a Skull Crusher is ____.

Just do that and when you order your belt at Lenwood Leather use the special code.  Remember that code is only for the skullcrusher belt.  Lenwood is one of over 60 vendors that offers discounts to you in the MSB, their standard discount is 20%.  That code and the other 60 plus codes are on the benefits page.

In any event if you have been thinking about joining the MSB, now is the time.   To do so just click here to sign up and use code skullcrusher for 30 dollars a year.

This offer is open to new members only who pay online, because of system limitations.  However those that pay by US Mail can renew early if you want to and get this great rate.  The form to renew or join by mail is available at the bottom of the sign up page.

P.S. – I guess I should point out the following, if you join the MSB, then order a Lenwood Belt at 30 dollars off, you membership is paid for itself on day one.