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We Now Accept Six Cryptocurrencies For MSB – Sale Price to Cellebrate

Pay with Crypto Now and Get MSB for Only 30 Dollars a Year!

In an effort to spread more use of cryptocurrency and to better serve our audience The Survival Podcast will now accept MSB payment in multiple crypto coins.

As of today we now accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), ZCash (ZEC), DASH (DSH), Litecoin, (LTC) and Augur (REP).

The process is somewhat manual but by doing it that way we can offer all of these options.  All you do is visit our “Subscribe with Crypto Page” and fill out a simple form so we can either update or set up your account.

After filling out the form and hitting submit you will be taken to the payments page.  At that point you select the address for the crypto you wish to use, send us the funds and send us a short email telling us what coin you used and that your payment was made.  Then within 24 hours we will set up your account and email you your login or verify that your existing account was renewed.

The Best Part!

For the next 30 days I am offering a sale price for anyone paying with any of these crypto coins.  The price is 30 dollars a year and you can pay for as many years at that price as you want to.  Just make the adjustment yourself when you complete payment.  Now how awesome is that?

To Take Advantage of This Offer Now Just Visit”Pay with Crypto Page”

Please Note –  The 30 dollar a year price will expire on 6-24-17 at midnight Central Standard Time.  This price is for people paying with Crypto only.

Get your MT Knives TSP Special Edition Genesis II While They Are Available

By special request Patrick Roehrman of MT Knives has brought back the TSP Special “Val” edition of the Genesis II.   The Genesis II is built with Bohler N690 stainless steel, a steel that is favored for use on top quality surgical instruments.

It is finished with with a stone wash finish and has a hardness of 61 HRC, making a tough knife that can hold an edge for a long time.

This special edition features the MT Knives logo on one side and the TSP “Val” logo on the other.  Who is Val?

Well Val is the slighly infamous guy that makes up the TSP logo.  We got his name from the surviVAL in The Survival Podcast.  Okay but how is Val infamous.

Well Val has actually been on prime time television!  Apparently we have a fan in the prop department for the tv series Elementary on CBS!  In Season: 2 Episode 3: “We are Everyone” when Holmes and Watson are outside of a hackers door as part of an investigation we see Val right on that hackers door.

Now you can get this infamous character on an amazing knife and show your TSP pride while carrying one of the best EDC neck knives on the planet.  This is the same knife I carry most days, if you get one you will see why.  You will also have a cool story to tell about old Val.

To get your Val knife get on over to MT Knives before the 26th and get your order in for this special run of knives.  They are only here for a little while so get yours while you can.

P.S. – To hear more about the Val sighting on the TV Show Elementary see this forum thread.

Paul Wheaton’s New PDC and Permaculture Course is Awesome

My buddy Paul is a big guy and he does things in a big way, that is what this is all about.  Paul has a 4 week long course coming up, one that is half PDC (permaculture design course) and half appropriate technology course (really cool permaculture stuff).

The course is in Montana and well, is is sold out.   When you look at the line of of amazing instructors you will see why.  But Paul wanted to make the course available to anyone, so he started a kickstarter to fund the needed equipment to record it AND to make it live streaming.  In this short video Paul can tell you all about it,

He also has a ton of really great stuff available to those that don’t want to go all in on the full course.  You can get some of the sessions, some amazing downloads, all kinds of great stuff.

Again his kickstarter is fully funded so this is all going to happen, so take a look and see if you want the full course of any of the awesome perks you can get by chipping in.

Learn More Here

MSB Sale Extended Because I Screwed Up

Last week I launched a sale where you could get your first year of the MSB for only 30 dollars.  I also did something kind of cool, all of you that got the deal didn’t just get your first year free, you got that rate for your renewals too.

I do that some times, sort of like and unexpected bonus.  But I also screwed up!  There were a ton of failures and I blamed PayPal, it is easy to do, because well they screw up a lot, not this time though.

Nope I screwed up.  This is what happened when I create a coupon code there is a box that says how many times that code will be permitted to work.  So I could like say there are only 25 available and the system will stop giving the discount out at 26.

I usually set this to some stupid large number and simply limit the dates so that it is a non issue.  Some how I set the limit to 10, I caught this mistake after helping a bunch of people with manual payments.

By that point I could see a ton of failures in the system.  I decided to just “fix the glitch” and bring the sale back around this week.  It is working fine now.

To get the MSB for only 30 dollars a year just use discount code spring17 when you sign up.  You can do that with Paypal Online Here or you can pay by Check, Cash or Money Order Here.  If you want to pay with Bitcoin please email me to arrange the sale price on Bitcoin.

Now this is a great time to become a member because I have made two great additions to the MSB just last week…

  • First – I have just added 14 Full HD Videos from the 2017 Spring Workshop at Nine Mile Farm.  To view them just log into your account and go to the Video section of the MSB private area.  These videos are all on Vimeo and you can view them streaming or directly download them to your hard drive as well.  This now makes a total of 24 Workshop videos of 30-60 minutes long each all in full HD video.
  • Second – By popular request I have put all 124 episodes of my Five Minutes with Jack Business Podcast in the MSB.  They are all in zip files and available on the download page of your MSB Private area.

Again if you are not yet an MSB Member you can join on this page or if you are already a member login here to get this great new content.  This sale officially ends on Monday the 8th at midnight central time.

P.S. – While I have fixed my screw up it doesn’t mean that PayPal won’t toss a wrench in the works for some of you, if it happens, just email me with TSPC MSB in the subject line, tell me what is going on and I promise I will handle it for you.

The two most common failures are first that the discount won’t be applied, the second is that it just won’t process the payment for you.  If either of these occur, I will get you a work around an I will honor the price.

Help Me Produce a Show Called – How I Got My Stranded Vehicle Home

Recently a friend ended up stranded in the middle of no where and used a very creative solution to get home.  I have had a few of these myself and I realized that this would make a great and very helpful show topic.

To participate send me an email with TSPC vehicle in the subject.  I am looking for stories where you were stuck, broke down, stranded and didn’t really have what you needed to get home but some how made do.

Here is an example (one you likely should not follow) but one that worked.  I had a friend who had a tie rod go bad and fall off, this is the part that makes the front wheels steer just to be clear.  He used tie wraps and they held.  Had he limped the vehicle to safety and got the right part it would have been a good way to go.

This guy was a bit of a flake and drove it around for three weeks until he felt like buying a new part.  But you get the idea!

Basically if  you have ever Macgyvered your way out of a stranded situation I want  your story for this show.  Again just email me at jack at with TSPC vehicle in the subject line and tell me your story to be part of this listener content created show.

PermaEthos Ownership Change

For Immediate Release

Fort Worth, TX, April 1, 2017– Josiah Wallingford, one of the original founders of PermaEthos, LLC, has purchased the interests of the 4 other members and will move the company to Montana and continue the focus on sustainable agriculture and permaculture education.

Josiah has been the lead in establishing PETV, a weekly webinar featuring permaculture figures from around the world, and developing educational content for PermaEthos Learning Center.

“The original partners all think this is a great idea, as Josiah has shown the leadership and dedication to take PermaEthos to a new level,” said Jack Spirko. “We realized that as an investment, PermaEthos had limited potential for 5 partners—we just don’t have the time to dedicate to it.  Josiah lives and breathes permaculture, and he’s in a unique position to carry this dream forward.”

All of the PE founder’s benefits will remain intact, and anyone submitting the PDC coursework will still be graded and eligible for a Permaculture Design Certificate.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Josiah Wallingford at

# # #

Personal Note from Jack Spirko – I will discuss this a bit more in depth in today’s podcast.  Just know this was a well thought out decision and in the best interest of the company and its customers.

TSP Directory Feature: CDS Tactical

Aftermarket Gun Parts and Accessories

This week, I’m reviewing another business from the Guns/Ammo/Tactical category of the TSP Business Directory. CDS Tactical Produces designs grips, wraps, cheek pads, and aftermarket parts for pistols, rifles, and shotguns. CDS stands for Convergent Design Solutions, and they are based out of Keene, NH. Their products are all made right here in the US. They offer grip wraps for a huge selection of rifles, pistols, and shotguns or you can cut your own grip wrap for a custom DIY project. Cheek pads for tactical rifles are fitted to your specific application, or you can purchase the material and cut it yourself as well.

Aftermarket parts and tactical accessories from CDS Tactical

Manufacturing Process

This is a high-quality product custom-fit to your specific application with machine precision. Check out this short video to watch the Accu-Cut grip wraps being made at CDS:


I found this video in their blog. If you go there, they have installation guides for most of their products. You can also find CDS products on Gunbroker or visit their retail location if you happen to be near Keene. If you’d like to reach out to CDS tactical, just send them an e-mail at or call (330) 822-8421. CDS stands behind their products with a full 1-year guarantee. You must register your purchase within five days. After that you can return your order with no questions asked and receive a replacement for just the cost of shipping. So, check out CDS and all the other tactical businesses listed on TSP.

TSP Directory

You’ll find CDS tactical and all the other businesses in Jack’s Directory by going to and searching through the listings. It’s a great place to find unique products you won’t get from a retail big-box store. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, start a business! We’d love to help you get started by marketing to the rest of the TSP audience. Basic listings start at less than $1 a month. Next weekend, I’ll be back to review Deliberate Defense. See you then.





Guns Holsters and Gear

TSP Business Directory Featured Member

Guns Holsters & Gear

Tax time is over (at least for me), so I am back with another featured business out of our community directory. This week we are taking a look at a business that specializes in reviews of guns and tactical gear. What I like about this business is that they do not accept manufacturer ads, so there is not a very big chance of review bias here. Richard puts together these reviews with the consumer in mind. They also write reviews for knives and tactical/survival gear as well.

Gun and Gear Reviews

“I’ll put it simply: my gun reviews are biased toward the consumer.  I aim to give you the best information possible so you can make an informed decision.  No gun manufacturer has paid us or compensated us in any way to publish reviews here, nor will I ever accept such money.”

News and Useful Information for Gun Owners

Outside of the regular reviews, the site also provides some really great information for gun owners absolutely free of charge. You can access the entire site without paying for any content. Get useful answers to questions like “Am I required to apply a serial number to a homemade firearm?” They even have book reviews and cover industry events like the 2017 Shot Show. So, if you’re looking for honest reviews and news on firearms, check out

Gun and tactical gear reviews

Check out Guns Holsters & Gear along with all the other business in the TSP Business Directory. We literally have businesses that specialize in everything from guns to gardening and everything in-between. Speaking of gardening, we’re really starting to get into Spring weather here in Alabama. Check out all the listings under Farming/Homesteading and Nursery/Seed Supply before you start planting your garden this year. You might find something new to try in your annual garden, or maybe get some rare perennials established to diversify your food preps.

About the Directory

The TSP Business Directory is a place for listeners to advertise their businesses to the rest of the TSP community. You can get setup for less than $10 a year and gain exposure to Jack’s growing audience. Premium listings get a ton of added marketing help like these featured posts and exposure to the TSP Facebook community. If you have a business, consider listing it with us to let the TSP nation know what you do and how you can add value with your product or service. I’ll be back in April with a featured post on CDS Tactical.

Limited Time Special Offer on the Plant Propagation Course

I have something special for you today! The PermaEthos Plant Propagation Course with Nick Ferguson is $200 off for a limited time!

Go learn more and sign up for the course now.

Normally the price is $349. From now until March 31st it is on sale for only $149. That is a HUGE savings on a very well done, skill building course.

The knowledge you will gain from this course far outweighs the normal price at $349 let alone for only $149.

When you sign up for this course you learn amazingly simple techniques for taking hundreds or thousands of cuttings of your favorite plants and turning them into new plants that you can either plant on your own land or sell for a nice profit.

Sign up for the course now.

If you haven’t watched the intro video yet here it is:

TSP Directory Feature: Net Step Inc.

Net Step Inc. – Web Design, Hosting, and Online Marketing

This week I’m back to feature another great business right out of the TSP community. Net Step Inc. is a peer of mine working in the Web Dev and Online Marketing space. Net Step is here to help empower fellow TSP listeners who own a business. They can help you create a custom WordPress or Joomla site, or manage a local SEO campaign to outrank your competition in Google.

Even if you’re not interested in SEO, you should seriously consider the value of a high quality website. I tell my clients all the time that your homepage is just like an introduction and a handshake. It’s your first impression on the web. It can be the difference between someone calling you or searching for a competitor. Does your website impart a sense of confidence and know-how? Or does it look like you’re a fly-by-night business that threw something together at the last minute?

I had this conversation myself a couple of weeks ago with a landscaping contractor. He had actually lost a sale due to an outdated website. It happens all the time. Improve your chances of closing business with a modern website design. You can reach out to Net Step Inc. to get your new site started by calling 360-631-0198.

Services Offered

Net Step Inc. offers the power of a custom website with the simplicity of a builder tool wrapped in hands-on customer support. They are in business to help you succeed by managing a long-term marketing strategy for your business. Here are some of the services available to help your business grow:

Web Development and Hosting from Net Step Inc.

  • Web Development
  • Logo Design
  • Web Hosting
  •  SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • eCommerce
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Service and Support


How to Get Started

If you’d like to start marketing your business on the web, reach out to Net Step Inc. You can view their listing in the TSP business Directory to find their contact info. Or you can order web development and hosting services directly on their site. Be sure to do business within the TSP community whenever possible. Support small businesses whenever you can. And remember that your online presence is often the first impression for a potential customer. Make it a great first impression with online marketing solutions from Net Step Inc.