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PDC in North Texas with Nicholas Burtner

Guys I just heard from Nicholas Burtner, who runs the School of Permaculture not too far from me here in North Texas, that they are now enrolling for their 2017 fall permaculture design course that start on July 8th. It is cool because first off it is local, and the team at SOP has extensive experience, locally, and in more 7 countries with a myriad of climate regions and design challenges.

Its flexible as it runs one weekend a month for a span of 6 months so you actually get to know your instructors and peers. There is nothing quite like the dynamics of an in person pdc. I do not even want to tell you the price because almost everywhere the course goes from anywhere 1700 to 2500 bucks, and they just really hook you up and thats all I’ll say.  Use this link to register:

P.S. – Nick is a good friend and a great teacher, he not only traveled to Australia to get his PDC directly from Geoff Lawton, he also interned under Geoff, so you know you will be in good hands.

Crown Bees and Holler Roast Coffee Added to the MSB

Log In or Join the MSB for this and Other Great Discounts.

Log In or Join the MSB for this and Other Great Discounts.

So just a few weeks ago I brought you a new discount vendor in Vin Armani’s Counter Markets.

This week I am bringing you two more.  I am really excited about these.

These two benefits alone may easily pay for your annual membership.  I am working very hard right not to further improve the MSB with some new and exciting discounters for 2017.  If you have been considering joining the MSB now would be a great time to do just that.

Now to the new TSP Discount Vendors…


First as many of you know Nicole Sauce who runs Holler Roast Coffee recently joined our MSB.  I was really impressed with Nicole’s coffee at our fall workshop.  So when she recently did a kickstarter to raise enough money for a new roaster I of course supported her.

Now she is in big time production mode and I have gotten you guys a great discount from her.  MSB members get a $2 per pound discount on premium coffee. Experience simple freshness. Each season, we carefully taste many different coffee beans from small farms around the world to choose the “Holler Roast” blend. All coffee is roasted to order to ensure that you get the freshest possible product. And when the beans are gone, we start another tasting cycle. Coupon code is good for one-time orders and for coffee subscriptions.  The discount code is already in your MSB Private Area in the “Benefits” section.


Next just today I had Charlie Mohr of Crown Bees on the show.   Crown Bees provides everything you need to build colonies of peaceful pollinators on your property.  Specializing in mason and leaf cutter bees and all the supplies you need to attract your own or you can get bees from them as well.

Their website is a wealth of knowledge and provides anything you can imagine for “hole bee” habitat.  The best part MSB Members get a full 20% discount on all items on their website.  With that one or two purchases from them alone can completely cover the cost of your MSB membership.

Learn more at and if you want the kit I have in my own back yard with everything you need including mason bees and leaf cutter bees to stock your new bee house check out this kit, The Dual Season Bee Chalet.  The discount code is already in your MSB Private Area in the “Benefits” section.


To join the MSB and get all of the great benefits just click here.

To log into your MSB account just click here.

Counter Markets Newsletter added to the MSB

I have really enjoyed working with Vin Armani for the past few months.  The guy really has his stuff together.  His show is combination of deconstruction of the MSM narrative followed by great guests.

I just did my second appearance on his show yesterday.  Despite a technical issue (things froze and crashed on his end) we powered though and you can see the archive here or you can jump to my part here.  It was a great show.

Vin released “Counter Markets” a few months ago, he sent me the first three issues to review and I was very impressed.  Counter Markets is written from the Agorist perspective, how can you profit in the new economy?  What are the trends you should be following?  How can you profit from these trends?

I was impressed by the content, and that isn’t easy to do.  We live in a world where in many ways content is now produced in such quantity that getting someone to pay for more requires something special.  I think Vin and his team have nailed it in that regard.

In the first three issues, I have learned a lot about a booming trend in housing called the “Co-Living Trend”.  Most are high density dorm like housing for millennials in the tech industry.  They tend to be in expensive tech areas like Silicon Valley and even Austin Texas.  I would not use this trend as it is described but it has given me thoughts about a new way to market “Tiny House Living” on my property.

I also learned in great detail the story behind Uber and Lyft being pushed out of Austin, and how the gray market then created “Arcade City” with ride shares being accomplished on Facebook Groups. How that splintered into Swarm City and why the Swarm may become the disrupter of the disrupters in almost no time at all.  This understanding has changed the way I am viewing crypto currencies and block chain technology.

The cost of Counter Markets is 149.99 a year for 12 issues.  Each issue has about 60-70 pages of amazing content that drills down on the most important counter market trends of the current month.  That might sound expensive but it isn’t for the quality of the information you receive.  It is like having your own team to drill down and find the best information each month and prepare a concise report for you on Counter and Gray Market activities.  Frankly I am glad it is expensive, I am glad that you have to buy it to see what is inside of it.  I think it will give subscribers and edge in the changing markets.

Of course, when Vin asked me to promote it I asked him to do an MSB discount and I got you a BIG ONE, how about 50 dollars?  You do realize that is the entire cost of a year of MSB at full price, right?  The discount code has already been added to the MSB and you can find it on the benefits page.

To Get the Code and Discount Log into The MSB Here

Not Sure Yet?  How about getting to look inside first with a free issue? To do that just go to and sign up for your free copy.  But if you decide to subscribe after that be sure to use the MSB discount when you do.

Catch Me Live on the Vin Armani Show at 1PM

I will be on live with Vin today at 1PM Central.  Vin’s show is running live right now in his current events segment.  I will be coming on to discuss living free in an unfree world at 1PM Central.

Catch Vin’s Live Feed Here

Of course if you miss the live edition you can see the recorded version at the same link.

Please Remember the Real Meaning of Memorial Day

Today We Honor the Fallen

Today We Honor the Fallen

There will be no episode of TSP tomorrow in recognition of Memorial Day. I do want to take a moment to remind everyone today of what Memorial Day is all about. Many well meaning people even get it wrong in a way. My inbox tends to fill up with “thanks for your service” emails around Memorial Day. I appreciate it, there is nothing wrong with thanking a vet today, yet it is not really the day to thank vets many seem to believe it to be.

It seems to me that many think Memorial Day is like Veterans Day Part Two, it isn’t. Again no day is a bad day to thank a vet but if we become convinced that Memorial Day is about those of us that served and came back home, we miss the point. Memorial Day is more somber, it is about those who fell in battle and never again got up, it is about those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, it bluntly is about those who died.

Today at some point just pause and think about that. Think about the 4,400 of our US service members that have fallen in Iraq, the 2,300 in Afghanistan, the 47,000 in Vietnam, 33,000 in Korea, 291,000 in WWII, 53,000 in WWI or perhaps the 212,000 that fell on both sides in the War Between the States.

You don’t have to be for any war past or present to respect men and women who will give their lives for what they believe and fight the wars that politicians initiate. There are days for just about everything now. Days for bosses, secretaries, days for this and that and anything Hallmark can come up with.

What you won’t find in most greeting card stores is a Memorial Day Card, because those who would receive the card can’t open it, read it and feel good that someone cares. All they can hope for is that someone remembers their sacrifice, perhaps a flower or a wreath on their graves (if they even have one) or a comrade who is now living with a zeal for life in their memory.

Memorial day my friends is to remember those who served and died. Enjoy the day off if you have it, just try to remember the cost of this day. Some say you can’t count the cost, sadly you can and the numbers are very large. If you want to put it in perspective, just view the US Military Casualties of War Page on Wikipedia.

We Now Accept Six Cryptocurrencies For MSB – Sale Price to Cellebrate

Pay with Crypto Now and Get MSB for Only 30 Dollars a Year!

In an effort to spread more use of cryptocurrency and to better serve our audience The Survival Podcast will now accept MSB payment in multiple crypto coins.

As of today we now accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), ZCash (ZEC), DASH (DSH), Litecoin, (LTC) and Augur (REP).

The process is somewhat manual but by doing it that way we can offer all of these options.  All you do is visit our “Subscribe with Crypto Page” and fill out a simple form so we can either update or set up your account.

After filling out the form and hitting submit you will be taken to the payments page.  At that point you select the address for the crypto you wish to use, send us the funds and send us a short email telling us what coin you used and that your payment was made.  Then within 24 hours we will set up your account and email you your login or verify that your existing account was renewed.

The Best Part!

For the next 30 days I am offering a sale price for anyone paying with any of these crypto coins.  The price is 30 dollars a year and you can pay for as many years at that price as you want to.  Just make the adjustment yourself when you complete payment.  Now how awesome is that?

To Take Advantage of This Offer Now Just Visit”Pay with Crypto Page”

Please Note –  The 30 dollar a year price will expire on 6-24-17 at midnight Central Standard Time.  This price is for people paying with Crypto only.

Get your MT Knives TSP Special Edition Genesis II While They Are Available

By special request Patrick Roehrman of MT Knives has brought back the TSP Special “Val” edition of the Genesis II.   The Genesis II is built with Bohler N690 stainless steel, a steel that is favored for use on top quality surgical instruments.

It is finished with with a stone wash finish and has a hardness of 61 HRC, making a tough knife that can hold an edge for a long time.

This special edition features the MT Knives logo on one side and the TSP “Val” logo on the other.  Who is Val?

Well Val is the slighly infamous guy that makes up the TSP logo.  We got his name from the surviVAL in The Survival Podcast.  Okay but how is Val infamous.

Well Val has actually been on prime time television!  Apparently we have a fan in the prop department for the tv series Elementary on CBS!  In Season: 2 Episode 3: “We are Everyone” when Holmes and Watson are outside of a hackers door as part of an investigation we see Val right on that hackers door.

Now you can get this infamous character on an amazing knife and show your TSP pride while carrying one of the best EDC neck knives on the planet.  This is the same knife I carry most days, if you get one you will see why.  You will also have a cool story to tell about old Val.

To get your Val knife get on over to MT Knives before the 26th and get your order in for this special run of knives.  They are only here for a little while so get yours while you can.

P.S. – To hear more about the Val sighting on the TV Show Elementary see this forum thread.

Paul Wheaton’s New PDC and Permaculture Course is Awesome

My buddy Paul is a big guy and he does things in a big way, that is what this is all about.  Paul has a 4 week long course coming up, one that is half PDC (permaculture design course) and half appropriate technology course (really cool permaculture stuff).

The course is in Montana and well, is is sold out.   When you look at the line of of amazing instructors you will see why.  But Paul wanted to make the course available to anyone, so he started a kickstarter to fund the needed equipment to record it AND to make it live streaming.  In this short video Paul can tell you all about it,

He also has a ton of really great stuff available to those that don’t want to go all in on the full course.  You can get some of the sessions, some amazing downloads, all kinds of great stuff.

Again his kickstarter is fully funded so this is all going to happen, so take a look and see if you want the full course of any of the awesome perks you can get by chipping in.

Learn More Here

MSB Sale Extended Because I Screwed Up

Last week I launched a sale where you could get your first year of the MSB for only 30 dollars.  I also did something kind of cool, all of you that got the deal didn’t just get your first year free, you got that rate for your renewals too.

I do that some times, sort of like and unexpected bonus.  But I also screwed up!  There were a ton of failures and I blamed PayPal, it is easy to do, because well they screw up a lot, not this time though.

Nope I screwed up.  This is what happened when I create a coupon code there is a box that says how many times that code will be permitted to work.  So I could like say there are only 25 available and the system will stop giving the discount out at 26.

I usually set this to some stupid large number and simply limit the dates so that it is a non issue.  Some how I set the limit to 10, I caught this mistake after helping a bunch of people with manual payments.

By that point I could see a ton of failures in the system.  I decided to just “fix the glitch” and bring the sale back around this week.  It is working fine now.

To get the MSB for only 30 dollars a year just use discount code spring17 when you sign up.  You can do that with Paypal Online Here or you can pay by Check, Cash or Money Order Here.  If you want to pay with Bitcoin please email me to arrange the sale price on Bitcoin.

Now this is a great time to become a member because I have made two great additions to the MSB just last week…

  • First – I have just added 14 Full HD Videos from the 2017 Spring Workshop at Nine Mile Farm.  To view them just log into your account and go to the Video section of the MSB private area.  These videos are all on Vimeo and you can view them streaming or directly download them to your hard drive as well.  This now makes a total of 24 Workshop videos of 30-60 minutes long each all in full HD video.
  • Second – By popular request I have put all 124 episodes of my Five Minutes with Jack Business Podcast in the MSB.  They are all in zip files and available on the download page of your MSB Private area.

Again if you are not yet an MSB Member you can join on this page or if you are already a member login here to get this great new content.  This sale officially ends on Monday the 8th at midnight central time.

P.S. – While I have fixed my screw up it doesn’t mean that PayPal won’t toss a wrench in the works for some of you, if it happens, just email me with TSPC MSB in the subject line, tell me what is going on and I promise I will handle it for you.

The two most common failures are first that the discount won’t be applied, the second is that it just won’t process the payment for you.  If either of these occur, I will get you a work around an I will honor the price.

Help Me Produce a Show Called – How I Got My Stranded Vehicle Home

Recently a friend ended up stranded in the middle of no where and used a very creative solution to get home.  I have had a few of these myself and I realized that this would make a great and very helpful show topic.

To participate send me an email with TSPC vehicle in the subject.  I am looking for stories where you were stuck, broke down, stranded and didn’t really have what you needed to get home but some how made do.

Here is an example (one you likely should not follow) but one that worked.  I had a friend who had a tie rod go bad and fall off, this is the part that makes the front wheels steer just to be clear.  He used tie wraps and they held.  Had he limped the vehicle to safety and got the right part it would have been a good way to go.

This guy was a bit of a flake and drove it around for three weeks until he felt like buying a new part.  But you get the idea!

Basically if  you have ever Macgyvered your way out of a stranded situation I want  your story for this show.  Again just email me at jack at with TSPC vehicle in the subject line and tell me your story to be part of this listener content created show.