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No TSP for Monday and Tuesday this Week

Just a reminder there will be no TSP this Monday or Tuesday.  I am currently doing some consulting for a client with Permaethos along with Mark Shepard’s team.  TSP will return on Wednesday.

Keep an eye on the Twitter and Facebook feeds for some cool pics and perhaps some short videos.

Huge Patch Sale at TSP Gear Shop

TSP Gear Shop
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Plant Propagation Technical Issues

techdiffUPDATE – The Issue Has Been Resolved - Joe just let me know he has it squared away now but if anything does pop up, the advice below should solve it.

Hey folks, if you are trying to sign up for the plant propagation course and not getting it done it has to do with a bug Joe is working on right now.

What you can do to get around it is click on Log In.  When you do log in if you have an account or create one if you don’t.  After that everything will work just fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  We worked all week, ran test purchases, etc.  This issue didn’t pop up of course until this AM as always.


The Permaethos Plant Propagation Course is Now Live

The PPC is Now Live at

The PPC is Now Live at

The long awaited Plant Propagation Course taught by Nick Ferguson is now live.  You can learn more about it at the PermaEthos Website.

We have made a few chapters free so you can get a feel for the course and Nick’s teaching style.  We feel this course will empower many to set up small to even large scale nurseries.

Nick is a passionate teacher with about 20 years of plant propagation experience behind him.  In the course he covers layering, division, grafting, rooting with mist systems and many other ways to produce plants of top quality and unique varieties.

Personally after buying over 500 trees and plants in the last two years I consider the ability to propagate plants akin to printing money.  Even without selling any plants, had I had access to this knowledge in the past I could have produced the majority of those 500 plants for myself at little to no cost.  At an average cost of 20 dollars a plant, that is about 10,000 dollars of plant stock I could have produced for myself.

To learn more about the course visit this link

PS – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  If you pre registered an email just went out with how to get your discount on this course.  PLEASE use the information in that email.  If you didn’t get it email me and I will make sure you do.  You have 30 days to get that discount if you are in the group that preregistered.

If you jump the gun and pay full price we will not go though the administrative hassle to refund the difference.  You have a full 30 days to get the discount so please be patient if it appears that the spam monster ate your email with the code in it.

To email me any questions about signing up, etc. just email jack at and put “plants tspc” in the subject line.

Just Because it Comes From Alternative Media Doesn’t Make it Trustworthy

The following is my personal opinion, backed with links to various sources to back it up.  Please use your own judgement and do you own research in all such matters.  – Jack

My favorite yellow journalist Mike Adams of Natural News is at it again.  He has now apparently gone from misleading headlines with semi accurate reporting to full on bullshit.  What I am about to explain is exactly why I refuse to use Natural News as a source site, even when I find them to be accurate on a specific subject from time to time.

Mike has published a lot of misleading crap in the past like his article claiming that “Oregon Criminalized Permaculture“, which was actually over water rights.  In that case the land owner didn’t have rights to impound the water and KNEW SO when he bought the land because it was in a federal water shed.  Again he knew this when he bought it.  You guys know me, I feel it is your land so it is your water but when you buy land without water rights, well, you can’t just do as you please and not expect the man to come down on you.

If you follow the link to the story above you will see Mike’s subtitle for the story delved into even bigger bullshit.  At least though the article that followed while misleading was technically accurate.

Now though the so called “Health Ranger” has gone from simple sensational headlines and misleading images with basically accurate reporting about the actual issue to full on steaming bullshit.

Making the rounds right now is a new article titled

600 strains of an aerosolized thought control vaccine already tested on humans; deployed via air, food and water

When this was sent to me today by a listener who knew it was bullshit I decided to at least see if there were any facts behind it.  Again often when Adams reports on something the underlying components can be researched and vetted via other sources.  So I decided to give this a fair shake.  I went to the above linked article and on and on Mike goes about two things,

1.  A Video that is Supposed to be a Leaked Pentagon Video

2.  A Secrete Leaked Document

I hit play on the video and then opened this super secrete leaked document that you can see here while the video played in the background.  The document is titled simply “Quarterly Funvax Review”.  Seems to be quite official as a few names and places are redacted with a sharpie marker (we all know that is how government redacts a document right).

Anyway as I am listening to the guy in the video drone on about how this FunVax is a “fundamentalist vaccine” designed I shit you not to cure you overly religious types from your attachment to your faith and correct your wacky god gene (called V-Mat2).  Yep see they are going to spray this crap on you and cure you of your Jesus, Allah, God addiction.  The thing is I can’t help but notice this leaked document, ain’t quite so official looking.

Like many of you I have seen my share of leaked documents.  Also as a solider and later as a contractor working for a company that built things for the government I saw my share of official documents that were not leaked.  There are always symbols of authority, threats as to what happens if you do leak them, (better not or else type stuff), department names, etc.  Not this super secrete pentagon document, hell no, not a department, not a single confidential notice, nadda, nothing.  Looks like something I just typed up myself and printed on my home computer.

At this point I already know this is a scam so back to the video.  You can see the video here.  I rewound it to be sure in my distracted scanning of the document that I was hearing it right.  Yep according to this video you God people have a wacky gene and they have a virus to cure you of your nuttiness and they are going to spray it all over the place, likely in contrails from 747s flying your grandma to Seattle.  Though the main focus at this time is spraying the crazy Arab terrorists in the middle east.  You know peace though chem-trails type of thing.

Despite how stupid this sounds what really gets me is FunVax, really this super secrete pentagon thing isn’t called something cool like DUFUS359, no they call it FunVax.  But hey it has to be official it has a capital letter in the middle right?  So I muster the maximum capability of my googlefu (I guess Mike just isn’t as skilled a researcher as I am) and type dun dun dunnnn…., FunVax into goggle, making sure to use a capital F and V of course.  And I find this article debunking the entire thing a few years ago. Like as in from 2011!

Turns out those scary brain scans in the video that is supposed to be from 2005 are actually from an article in from 2010, (little problem with the time line there don’t ya think) and get this they are of a 43 year old METH ADDICT.  Yep, ya just can’t make shit like this up, or I guess in the case of Natural News, ya can.

Now look I have made mistakes myself in reporting some stuff in the past but I also fix them, admit them and don’t claim to be a journalist, just a podcaster.  I am sorry but I don’t think if you are doing an article on FunVax you don’t at least drop it into Google and check it out!  The article debunking it by the way is the FIRST result.

Now do I believe that our government would poison us, hell yes, in fact I believe they do.  Do I think they are doing any actual aerial spraying anywhere in the world, sure.  Hell we have admissions by government that they have done so.  But let me tell you, it isn’t being done with passenger planes taking your aunt Sue to Philadelphia and most of the pictures posted as so called proof, are nothing but contrails.  In any event when it comes to the real problems in the world sensationalist crap like this, doesn’t help those of us truly trying to inform others.

Additionally I want to close with two things.  The above gives me no pleasure.  I wish Adams would do the hard hitting, accurate and non sensationalized journalism I know he is capable of.  But I guess selling to the bottom level is too tempting.  I don’t regularly make a habit of writing articles like this and pointing out the outright bullshit by other members of alternative media, but here, it did need to be done.  Mike has been informed of the debunking in his comments and has not responded.  I expect those comments to be deleted soon, that does seem to be their M.O. after all.

The last thing is please vet stuff when it just sounds a bit too nutty.  95% of the memes about everyone from George Bush to Barack Obama I see on facebook never pass 30 seconds of googling to be found as fake.

While I have no love for our current president, the last one I saw on him was supposedly him along with Michelle at a black panther rally.  I did a reverse image search and it turned out to be a photo from the presidents own inauguration.  When I pointed this out to the commenters on the photo who were just going ape about how terrible it was, I was attacked and told it didn’t matter, Obama must still be a black panther, the picture says so.

The truth is we now live in a world where anyone can publish anything and make it look real.  That is great in a way, I believe we now know more of the truth than anytime in history. Yet please understand with all freedoms, powers and rights come corresponding responsibilities.  And the responsibility is not just with those of us who publish the information, it also lies with those of us who consume and distribute it.



The Dog and Pony Show Continues


Click for a Full Sized Image

Last night we had the “State of Disunion Address” as I call it.  I listened to our president hand out goody after metaphorical goody and use what dim whit news anchors called “eloquent language”.  Then a long, whining, ear pounding response from a supposed hog farmer turned senator claiming she wore bread bags on her feet as a child.

Mind you I was actually getting a bit of work done and drinking more than a bit of white wine while this crap played in the background.  It is my normal M.O. to simply skip this nonsense, but with what I do for a living occasionally I have to sort of, kind of pay attention.

Now the media and social media alike are abuzz with who won, etc.  People are fighting with each other to defend politicians who have never done a thing for them, never will and couldn’t be bothered to help them on the side of the road with a break down.

With this in mind I created the above graphic, feel free to share it and to learn more about the Party Dues System, just visit,

PS if you wish to share this photo on Facebook, it is already posted to the TSP Facebook Page, you can find it here.


T-shirt, Free Patch and Free Shipping

I Miss America
TSP Gear Shop has put the I Miss America T-shirt on sale for $22.99. If you order now you will also receive a free
I Miss America PVC Patch. Free Shipping on all orders! And, last but not least, if you are part of the Members Support Brigade you also get an additional 10% off your order.

I Miss America t-shirts are based on the graffiti that starts appearing in the 299 Days book series.

I Miss America

Note from author Glen Tate: This T-shirt says it all, doesn’t it? In the book 299 Days, “I miss America” becomes the Patriots’ slogan. It captures what you are feeling: you want your country back. Get people thinking, “Yeah, I miss America too.”

TSP Gear Shop is also offering this in a ladies V-neck and there are still a few embroidered baseball hats available.

Pre Registration for the PermaEthos Phase One Plant Propagation Course is Now Open

Sign Up for the Pre Registration Discount Today!

Sign Up for the Pre Registration Discount Today!

From now until December 24th, you can pre-register for no cost and lock in a special Christmas per-registration sale price of $300. No payment required until the course is released on or around January 16th. This would be a fantastic Christmas or New Year’s gift for the gardener or permaculture fanatic in your life.

To sign up, follow this link to the pre-registration page and enter your information, an email response will follow with a certificate you can print and wrap up as a gift, as well as the discount code.

Once this Offer Ends the Course will sell for 350 dollars retail or 325 dollars for founders and members of class 001.  This 50 dollar discount is available to any and all, not just the founders or class 001 of the PDC.  But again it ends on Christmas Eve and all you have to do to secure it is fill out one simple form.

To do so just visit, The PermaEthos Pre Registration Page for the Plant Propagation Course at this link,

Trouble Downloading the Podcast?

techdiffEarlier this week the RSS feed that allows users to get our podcast with programs like the iPhone Podcast App, Stitcher Radio, the TSP Android App, etc. experienced a weird bug.

For some reason the feed just FUBAR’d and was pointing download apps to a place where there were no mp3 files.  This caused a few of the apps to get buggy as well.

As soon as I became aware of this I “rebuilt” the feed using the “nuclear option” (yes they really call it that) in Feedburner.  This fixed the bug.  It didn’t fix the problem in all apps though, some yes, some no.

In particular the Android App which is run by Jason at Droidworks had a bug revealed by the problem.  If you use that app you should get the latest version, Jason had it updated within 4 hours of hearing about the issue.

If you are using the iPhone Podcast App or Stitcher Radio all seems to be well now.

If you are using any other app and having problems with it these are the two solutions that have worked for almost everyone who reported trying them.

  1. Simply unsubscribe and resubscribe to the podcast in that app.
  2. If the first option doesn’t work, uninstall the app and reinstall it.

I am sorry for the inconvenience but it really isn’t anything we did wrong here.  And we took what corrective action we could as swift as we possibly could.

Meet Me and a Ton of the PermaEthos Team at Permaculture Voices 2

I will be at Permaculture Voices 2 this March in California.  Also attending from PermaEthos will be Josiah Wallingford, Kevin Keegan, Charlie Mitchell, Jesse Tegtmeier and Michael Jordan.  Michael Jordan and I will both be speaking during the event. Michael Jordan will be teaching the BeeDC on the PermaEthos Learning Center next year.

You can find a full list of speakers here:

If you act by the end of this weekend you can still get the early bird discount price on tickets here:

We will have a meet up during the event, check back later for more details.

We all look forward to seeing many of you at the conference.