Episode-2244- Listener Calls for 7-5-18

jackspirkoToday I take your phone calls on business, self doubt, permaculture, long work days, debt, arbitration, aquaponics, remote work and more.

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Also please do your best to call from a quiet area with a good connection and speak up so you can be well heard.

While I can’t put all calls on the air but I do my best to get as many of them on as I can.

Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…

  • An update on the 10 Year Anniversary Party
  • How I developed the TSP Business Model and dealing with self doubt
  • Planting a steep slope with “something productive”
  • A tea for “energy” and thoughts on “energy drinks”
  • The good, bad and ugly on debt consolidation and “split finances”
  • How and when to use third party arbitration services
  • How might you use aquaponics for seed starting
  • The value of working remotely and what you need to make it work for you

Resources for today’s show…

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3 Responses to Episode-2244- Listener Calls for 7-5-18

  1. About the steep slope. I think the caller said he’s from upstate NY and so am I (central NY, Zone 5/6). White clover is fine but crown vetch is the classic for steep slopes in the Northeast. Very tough, adds N, pink flowers (https://plants.usda.gov/factsheet/pdf/fs_cova2.pdf) You can get seed easily; it’s late to plant now but the USDA link tells you how & when. I don’t think you said the exposure of the site, but vetch can cope with most conditions (probably not full shade).

    Also versatile are the common orange daylilies, Hemerocallis fulva, and they are edible; right now, the buds and flowers (prized in Chinese cooking) are ready. Look for them on roadsides. Most people who have them have too many and would happily let you dig some.

    I agree with Jack that raspberries are good. I find the pruning actually enjoyable: easy to do, happens at a time of year when you don’t have too much to do outside.

    Another to consider are black currants: very tough and versatile. The fruit is not really for fresh eating but makes excellent juice, jelly, etc. – like elderberry it’s rich in anthocyanins.

    A quick comment on energy drinks. The classic old-time energy drink was switchel: Apple cider vinegar, molasses, ginger, diluted with cold water (and if convenient, ice). Many recipes on line. No stimulants, a little sugar, refreshing and rich in minerals.

  2. Andy greaves

    Re the energy q: i like buying raw sunflower seeds, mixing them with flavored sunflower seeds, and i can eat those while i work since i work outside all day every work day.

  3. Robert_Indiana

    On energy: +1 on B12.  As far as mood enhancer herbs, lemon balm also works.  I’ve read and tried where peppermint essential oil on the temples can also stimulate.   On those long work days my favorite cold drink is Sun Tea.   Black, Chai, Green, Ginger, whatever… homemade and great cold!  Yerba Mate works (though technically not from the tea plant it’s prepped like tea)  +1 on the vitamins and minerals.  A good way to get some in your tea is Comfrey and Nettles in your tea blend.   Cacao Nibs are a great snack that can put pep in your step.  Also if you can fit it in, take a power nap break 7-20min.  Find a place where you wont be disturbed, set the timer on your phone and just power down.

    I will say with all this tea talk, one of the single most valuable, most used, items in our household recommended by Jack is the Hamilton Beach electric kettle.  Brilliant.