Episode-2047- Listener Calls for 7-20-17

jackspirkoToday on The Survival Podcast I take your calls on soil remediation, blueberries, amaranth, homesteading, cooking, wasp stings, cryptocurrency and more.

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While I can’t put all calls on the air but I do my best to get as many of them on as I can.

Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…

  • Cleaning up an old dumpsite on a new homestead
  • Growing blueberries in pots
  • All about Hopi Red Dye Amaranth
  • Prioritizing new homestead projects for initial establishment
  • Storage of bacon grease
  • Dealing with wasp stings
  • In search of a app for podcast note taking
  • How might crypto currency effect the next financial crisis

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9 Responses to Episode-2047- Listener Calls for 7-20-17

  1. Podcast app for note taking.

    I use an app called Podcast Addict. It allows you to make bookmarks and take notes. It will take the time stamped in the episode for you also. I have never tried exporting from my app though.

    The other thing that come to my head would be Evernote voice recorder.

  2. Not sure that it will work exactly the same way, but for Bee stings, topically applied to the site, Baking soda with clean , potable water, as a paste on the sting site works well for me over the years.

  3. Mike (coopedupky)

    The question about taking notes:
    Podcast Addict has a bookmark feature in the bottom right hand corner of the player screen. When you hold it, it will mark the time and ask for title and note. Not best for driving, but it works!

  4. This is in response to Jack’s bacon fat question. I write a food blog and did a post all about this so I will put the link below for anyone that is interested in learning more.
    If you read the last paragraph, it gives specific info on this question.
    Here is another one for using that chicken fat that you will get from making chicken stock.

    Thanks for checking it out and I hope adding the links was okay, Jack.

  5. I thought this was going to be the rare time that I disagreed with Jack on a gardening question, but we turned out to be (almost) on the same page: don’t take the blueberries to Georgia. However, the problem isn’t the soil, or even the weight and awkwardness of the pots; it’s the zone, and specifically the heat. High-bush blueberries like Duke and Elliot grow in zones 4-7. Most of Georgia is zone 8 and up. Even in north Georgia, the plants will suffer, and if you can get them to survive by keeping them shaded, they won’t fruit well. The blueberries of the South are huckleberries and varieties derived from them. Get the varieties that grow there.

    The gentleman with the question about priorities had the right idea: he led off with info about his growing zone. This will always be basic information for growing food.

    • Thank you for the comment. I did look at the hardiness of the Duke and Elliot but failed to check the zone of where Ill be going. Ill probably wind up leaving them here or giving them away.

  6. On setting up a homestead….

    I’ve just bought a, let’s call it ranch, on 15 acres. I plan on doing all kinds of great stuff specifically with perennial food and animals. When prioritizing the projects that will further my goals they all required me to work with tools so the first project that gets my attention is my workshop. Call it a workshop or garage or barn whatever. You need a place that is intentionally setup to be a help not a hindrance in your future projects. I am also in zone 5b and so I don’t become suicidal during to 6 hrs of sunlight in the winter I’m working on insulating my workshop before I set it up with my tools. Every project you do on your homestead will require a workspace.

    Step 1 setup a workspace.

  7. Jack, thanks for answering my question on blueberries. The reason why we had them in pots and not planted in the ground is because we are living in an apt, not homeowners. We do have a small space to plant in which we have a few edibles going gangbusters, but I wasn’t planning on planting the blueberries. With the knowledge from Linda above about the hardiness zone, I might just wind up planting them here for the neighbors next year or give them to family.

    Thanks again, Jack.

  8. Taking notes in the car is super simple, if you have an iphone. In settings under Siri toggle on Allow “Hey Siri”. Now whenever your phone is plugged into power you can activate Siri by simply saying Hey Siri, even in the middle of a pod cast. “Hey Siri, take a note” dictate away after that and she will jot it all down for you.