Episode-2340- Listener Calls for 12-6-18 — 9 Comments

  1. Hey Jack – Thanks for the advice on a knife set for ~$200.  I’ve been meaning to get a new knife set myself.  Just one question: I’m curious how the chef’s knife in your recommendation stacks up against the one you recently listed as an item of the day?  Obviously you can get one in a set and the other is a standalone, but how does the actual knife compare?

  2. You’re sort of right and sort of wrong on the ‘starvation’ thing Jack.

    Yes starvation (suffering inadequate calories) will do some real harm to the body, and a terrible calorie deficit with high eating frequency can trick the body out of freely accessing it’s fat stores, but Fasting is not Starvation.

    I’ve been doing on and off (typically 3-4 days, up to 6 days until just after Thanksgiving where I determined to fast until Christmas) Electrolyte Water fasting since October and I” doing fantastic.

    Performance in the weight room is creeping up, blood work is improving and i’ve gone from 360 pounds to 286 as of this morning in about two months. this might help.

    The exact protocol I’m using Snake Diet, the founder is an abrasive hardass on YouTube shaming fatasses into losing the weight.

      • Your point was nothing beats a keto diet except starvation.

        If you have bodyfat to spare, Not Eating At All isn’t starving it’s consuming stored food on your body.

        The process of burning that fat is still ketosis, but it’s not an actual Diet, it’s the absence of a diet.

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