Episode-2074- The CAC Team is Responding to Harvey

Steven Harris will join me for the first part of today’s show.  Today’s show is commercial free to speak directly about the currently unfolding disaster in Texas and what you can do to help us respond to it.

Many don’t realize that this storm in many was is worse than Katrina.  Only a far better response to it is preventing it from looking that way.  Sadly though thanks to Houston’s mayor, high risk residents were not only not told to evacuate, they were specifically told to stay in their homes.

Many people of course seem to think that the worst is over, sadly the worst is yet to come.  Areas that simply can’t handle any more rain, have 2-3 days of it yet to come and Harvey is going to create more flooding problems in areas of Louisiana and likely even in Arkansas when it finally does begin to move north.

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  1. I live in the Bryan Texas area, about an hour and a half north of Houston. If the CAC team needs to re-supply I’m willing to donate some MREs, water, freeze dried food, fuel, tools, whatever I can do to help out.

    • Vivificus,

      What the teams need is a safe haven to stop at. Get a nap, take a shower, etc…. go to steven1234.com and get my email in the upper right and send me your name, address, city, state, zip and cell phone number and I’ll put you on the safe haven list. you being so close to Houston would be great


  2. Thanks for the info Jack. You don’t always hear things on the news…..

    like the Mayor didn’t have the city evacuate. I don’t know (I live in Michigan, nothing like that here ever) but didn’t they get a clue about that kind of stuff after the disaster that was Katrina’s plan or lack of? Apparently not. Dang. Of course, I’m sure the Mayor is sitting high and dry.

    I was watching the radar the other night and saw that the storm looked like a buzz saw blade…in slow motion. I would come back a couple of hours later and it had barely moved at all.

    I stopped over at the CAC website and made a small donation. Wish it was more…I’ll see what this week’s pay brings.

    Thanks for all you do, Jack.

  3. I made a CAC donation, but I so wish I could do more. I’m very proud to associate with a community like TSP and the CAC that steps up in the face of chaos.

  4. I’m in north Houston and have received 21.75″ at home since Friday night. My family is doing well with power and water and low threat of flooding. Unfortunately many others are not as fortunate. Thanks to the entire TSP community for stepping up to help my Texas neighbors. I’m in communications with deployed CAC team members now who are en route to assist those most in need. I’ve been posting videos since this began in hopes of raising more donations for Citizens Assisting Citizens. You can see them on my YouTube page Mike Centex LIFE. Here’s the latest:

  5. Are the charitable donations a tax deduction?

  6. NotoriousAPP

    Just made a donation to CAC. Reaching out to Steven to see if I can drive in some supplies to people in need between Austin and Houston off of I-71.

  7. BigSkyHunter

    It was good to hear what Steve and the CAC team were up to and I made a donation. I thought I heard Steve say they only had $10,000 in the account. I’d like to think that at least 10% of the TSP community will donate $10+ and bump the funds over $100,000.

  8. Donated. Thanks Steve and the rest of the CAC Team. Thoughts and prayers for everyone affected. Jack, you called this one exactly right. This storm is a slow motion disaster.

  9. Cell service outage map as per FCC via WSJ, current Noon on Sunday 27-Aug-2017. Confirmed by round trip auto visit by skilled field operator checking on vacation property in Rockport TX. Screen Shot Map: http://hz57.mm.st/images/Hurricane_Harvey/20170828_Cell_Service_Outage_Map_FCC.jpg

  10. Didn’t know about CAC, glad it is there. I can’t do the ARC, knowing what I know, but I surely think I can trust these guys to put the money to the need. Check is in the mail, wish I could do paypuke but I can’t. Will make mention today to my coworkers there is a place to send money where it will be used wisely and directly. Any way CAC could get set up with a Square cc account or something so they can take plastic would help mo people give. It’s not about debt necessarily, I use them (from a CU) for commerce not for loans…

  11. Made a gold level donation to CAC. Good work guys and God bless. Lets get them funded!

  12. I sent this to Steven after listening to podcast in car, thinking of anything else I could do. Also spammed my email contacts with a BCC.

    Hi Steven,

    Want to help more w/ CAC push, re Harvey.

    I have 62838 air miles from Alaska Air.
    I need full name, gender, birth date, departure airport and (approximate) flight date/time(s) to make one or more flights happen.
    DFW one-way tickets “cost” 12500 miles on the budget flights, so 25k miles for any round trip. I’ll cover the taxes & fee crap. Bags are extra, but fairly big carry-ons are no additional charge for people. Can’t fund bags. They can be paid for at airport ticket counter.

    If you have people that want to be on deck but need air fare,
    you have some people that have a place inland they can stay with relatives or what have you, but can’t get there

    I can help with a few of them with this.

    Also, if you have a list of amazon crap that could be drop-shipped to Jack’s ranch or wherever for pickup and distribution, I and maybe others could execute on a “wish list”.
    You would have to update this with NEEDS/NEEDS FILLED columns pretty regularly so your ship-to point does not wind up with 10,000 D cells and no diapers for instance.

    Let me know,

  13. Richard Sofge

    Sent an email to Support@knowledgepublications.com. looking to get on the road to help out.

    • Thank you for this info. I plan on deploying this weekend or first part of next week from Utah.

  14. Jack, when this is all over, please track down those who started the Zello channels to manage the volunteers pouring in. Their story must be told.