CAC Team Status Report as of 8-30-17

This is just a smattering of what is and has been going on.  Right now we have at least 7 people active on the ground in South Texas.  We have people currently north of Houston and all the way over to the west in the Aransas Pass area just east of Corpus Christi.

We have been directly helping people on the side of the road, supplying clothing, food, water, hygiene products, etc. to shelters and our people are now hooking up with work crews to provide labor to clean up debris and more.

Right now we have one group that will be arriving at my place tonight to rest before heading south in the morning, that group alone is made up of 6 more responders.   A friend of mine right now has gone out and worked with others to fill a trailer with supplies, he is bringing it to my place today, and the team of six will be taking it south with them.

CAC is doing exactly what I envisioned, totally unconstrained by bureaucracy we are able to adapt to the situation and make best use of opportunities as they present themselves.  Here is one example.

A gentleman named Chris was one of our first responders to come down, he stayed at my house for two nights.  The first day he and two others drove south an actually had a hard time finding people in need of aid.  They made a decision to relocate further south the next day to another safe house.

During that first day though they did locate a church which was in need of clothing for evacuees.  They had a pretty specific list of stuff they were in most need of.  That same day on I located a neighbor that said she had a 10×10 filled floor to ceiling with clothes.  I connected Chris to her, she got the list and started pulling stuff aside based on it.

The next morning Chris and the other two gentlemen rolled out with two vehicles stuffed to gills with this clothing.  So yes we are using our funding to buy food, hygiene, water, etc as needed but we are also using our man power to find any resource and any need, match them up and put them together.

With this I ask you to please if you have not done so consider donating to CAC Team today.  I don’t know of any other group that is putting 99% of all donated funds DIRECTLY into supplies for those who need them.  Our staff takes no salary and the only costs we cover for our field responders is gasoline.

To help you you can find out how to become a responder by emailing Steven Harris at support =at= knowledgepublications (dot) com with “I Want to Help CAC” in the subject line or you can make a financial donation at our website here.  Check out this video of our responders in action below

Learn how you can help at video was edited and produced by our team member the Awesome Nicole Sauce

7 Responses to CAC Team Status Report as of 8-30-17

  1. Great things y’all have going down there Jack. Kudos to Steven Harris for taking the ball and running with it.

  2. Joe Chiarelli

    Awesome stuff. I signed up to be a regional volunteer so that I can help in the future due to the recent show.

  3. Already donated. Good work guys!

  4. Hello,

    This is Calvin Deelah. I have been working through Jason staometons program and have been listening to you since i heard you on his lrogram, it’s amazing. That said, I am one of many in Houston who just got pummeled by Harvey. My business was beginning to reap huge successes by implementing your program – but now we are set back to ground zero.

    I am, again, rewriting my concrete countertop business to now be a general contracting business – focusing on helping those with no flood insurance. The truth of the matter is, 75% of those hit hardest by the flood have no flood insurance because they were on 500 and 800 year flood plains. The impact on my business is that my contracts are at a stand still. The impact on my community is that they don’t see how they can rebuild.

    IF you are looking for a way to help, consider donating to our company so that we can begin helping families rebuild. I figured it might be nice to donate to someone who is already actively promoting you and working through your program – while also helping our family of 7 stay above water.

    If this is something you’d be interested in, let me know as I’d love to share with you more.

    I sent Jason Stapleton this request as well as Eric Post.

    It would be great to work with you guys on this.


    Calvin Deelah

  5. Stay safe

  6. Hey Jack, in the episode about CAC you mentioned being prepared to bug-out ahead of time and the need to prep for your animals.

    If you lived in the Houston area that had a history of flooding…

    Can you share what your plans would be for all your birds, dogs, cats and fish if you had to leave your house? Would you take any plants or equipment? What about safes full of guns & ammo- take them all or leave in the safe?

    With the number and diversity of animals I’m interested and learning from you on this point.

  7. If you are CAC team in Houston and need fuel reply here.