Episode-1971- Future Business, Political and Entrepreneurial Trends

Today we are going to take a look at where we are and where we are headed in 2017 and beyond.  We will start off with a brief look at current politics, and how I expect to see the health care fiasco play out.  I will also discuss where I think relations with China will head under the Trump administration.  Lastly will we see major tax reform in Trump’s administration, if so what will it look like.

Next we will look at trends in business for the next 4 years, who will the new winners and losers be?  Why we will see death and a limited rebirth in retail.  How block chain technology will be embraced by some of the largest corporations in the world and what that might mean for us in the future.

We then turn to entrepreneurship at the individual level.  I tell you the types of jobs and side hustles I think will be effective in the next 5-10 years.  I will talk about why you should profit from things even if they are short term trends as well.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • The Obamacare mess is right where I said it would be
  • Why Trump will make things in the end even easier for China
  • Why tax reform will likely happen, why it frankly has to
  • How retail is dying and being reborn at the same time
  • Why the banks have to move to a block chain like technology
  • How marketing will become laser targeted in the next 10 years
  • Some entrepreneurship level opportunities and why they have merit
    • Home and homestead level automation
    • Unique high end food and beverage items
    • Real Estate – get creative
    • Block Chain Technology Is The New Internet
  • Above all think agility and adaptation

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8 Responses to Episode-1971- Future Business, Political and Entrepreneurial Trends

  1. I have a question about wars and digital currency. If we turned to digital currency on a global scale and major countries ever went to war with each other again and conducted targeted strikes on the data centers that house that currency information, or maybe even sabotage those data centers without dropping bombs. I understand there would probably be some redundancy, but in theory could somebody bankrupt another country by doing something like that if they took out enough data centers. Is that a vulnerability. What would happen if all that data were to go away. I don’t fully understand how all of it would be work, so I might sound ridiculous, I was just curious if that was a possibility.

    • I think its a good question. I would also like to hear someones opinion on this.

      • Modern Survival

        Consider that right now only 3% of US dollars exist as cash.

        Almost the entire global economic system of modern nations is run with electronic currency already.

        Cryptocurrencies are not housed in a data center, they are distributed network wide. Could they be vulnerable to targeted attacks with bombs, sure, no more so than current US dollars though, in fact less so.

        The bigger threat if a nation used a single crypto currency is cyber, even if it fails, rattle confidence and start a currency dump.

        As always the solution is not in government.

  2. Hi Jack! In honor of the song of the day you played, here’s a joke for you:

    Q: How many bass guitar players does it to take to screw in a light bulb?
    A: None. We’ll just let the keyboardist do it with his left hand.

  3. Just wondering, when eventually the internet & automation has replaced every last job out there, then what is the ruling class’s plan for humans?
    Will they exterminate us or keep us as zoo animals ?

    • Modern Survival

      No because they need us and it won’t replace EVERYTHING that is going to the far extreme.

  4. History segment:
    An important point to consider, to truly understand what was going on in the “American War,” as it is called in the Vietnamese government indoctrination centers (schools,) you need to get past the propagandized notion that it was a “war we could not win.” It absolutely was winnable, all the way up to the point where a friend of mine was setting off thermite grenades to destroy documents at the US Embassy just before jumping on the last UH-1 out. The thing is, at no time post-Kennedy was there any intention of winning, you shouldn’t confuse the intentions with the abilities. Under Kennedy it was an anti-communism, humanitarian and intervention operation. Under Johnson it was a for profit operation for the “industrial military complex.” Just look at Lady Bird’s investments and LBJ’s buddies at the time. Under Nixon, well, I think it was little more than a balance between putting on a show for Russia and China so they would not see us as a bunch of wusses (rolling thunder), and getting out before his approval numbers started to drop too much.

  5. Commented before I finished listening to the segment, again.