Episode-1731- Business Concepts, Mead Making and Bullshit Inoculation


Monday’s are usually a feed back type show but today is going to be like three mini shows.  I am going to cover business concepts, mead making follow up stuff and give you a much needed political bullshit inoculation for the coming election season.

First on business I am going to cover a few definitions, and concepts, nothing super high level just a basic how to think about, plan and judge your efforts with any business.

On mead I have some things I see people posting with ciders and meads that can be pretty big mistakes, I want to warn you about, specifically a need for more patience on some things.  I also have some new cool things to share, an update on meads of the week and some other cool stuff.

To wrap up I am going to cover a new story and one that will be all the rage (literally over the next few months), the death of Justice Scalia and how it is going to be used to entrench unconstitutional behavior.  Why the election will be one big circus and even if you vote and want of o the clowns to win, why not paying attention to the show is your best hope for making 2016 a good year for yourself and your family.

Join Me Today For Three Topics…

  • On Business…
    • Why you have to do the math
    • ARPU – yes this matters
    • COGS – this is the most screwed up number in small business
    • Burn Rate – you have to know this
    • Three things you never say in a real business
      • When things “pick up”
      • The market is simply down for now
      • We have no competition
    • Four things that most people just don’t get
      • Features tell and benefits sell
      • Marketing is story telling
      • Sales is belief transfer
      • Never use words you have to explain to your market
  • On Mead Making…
    • Cool way to make a cheap glass 2.5 gallon fermenter
    • If you are bottling something that is cloudy you are wrong
    • Meyer lemons and honey make “mead chardonnay”
    • Barrel aging with no barrel on the cheap
    • Some really cool things about small batch
      • Easy to cold crash
      • Short time to bottle
      • Easy to rack and move around
    • Check out meads of the week on Youtube
  • On Politics and Bullshit
    • The democrats will now bitch about what they did in the past
    • Both times it is wrong, and it may not even matter
    • Why this election is going to be a disaster no matter who wins
    • Things more useful to you than watching the ass clown circus
      • Build a business
      • Grow your own food
      • Ramp up your preps
      • Build your social and experiential capital
  • Final quote of the day, – “Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically your own.” ~ Bruce Lee

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21 Responses to Episode-1731- Business Concepts, Mead Making and Bullshit Inoculation

  1. When is the next episode of Mead of the Week on You Tube scheduled for?

  2. I am in full agreement with you that not a single one of the candidates, either side, is worth voting for. I don’t agree with Sanders as President simply because he may be the next shoe to drop after 8 years of the Marxist. I don’t think there will be grid lock but rather more of the same, possibly worse.

    Better not to pay attention. Good idea. It’s a who cares situation because they are all liars during the campaign and do whatever benefits the “owners” as Carlin used to put it and completely ignore the voters who put them into office (Allegedly anyway, with voter fraud who really knows?).

    On the other hand, he might be the best choice because he will create more chaos and push along the process of our decline to collapse faster rather than drag it out as they are doing now.

    Supreme Court? We lost the Constitution when the delegates at the ratification conventions ignored the clear warnings of the Anti-Federalists that the court would be vested with Supreme power to determine in all cases that come before them what the Constitution should mean. Now 5 men or women control the interpretation of what is Constitutional when some vested interest wants to press their case.

    I give you Obamacare as a recent example of the uselessness of the Supreme Court in following the Constitution. Blame the framers and the ratifiers for the erosions that have occurred over time to dismantle the supposed intent of “limited government”.

    Now we have a government with no limits and a debt with no end until collapse. Thanks framers for giving us the biggest loophole- the Supreme Court.

    Constitution? What Constitution? Oath of office? A veritable joke these days just like the elections. Frankly, I’m considering not even bothering to vote. Why waste the time when no matter who gets nominated will be toxic for the country anyway regardless of party or so-called liberal – conservative label.

    Nice song. Strikes a chord with me for sure.

  3. Really fantastic podcast, Jack! I will send you an e-mail about it, but you hit three heads with one swing. The last 15 minutes (especially the close) of this show just…..well, I’ll just e-mail you. Really, really powerful.

    Let’s get shit done.
    New MSB Memeber

  4. RE your thoughts on Bernie winning….

    I said nearly the exact same thing to my ladyfriend the night go the NH primary. With Bernie as president and a R congress, not much will get done. And thats a good thing for America. Less damage. Kinda like when DC gets a blizzard. No one is working there and there is less time for them to figure out how to make our lives miserable.

  5. After teaching entrepreneurship to high school students, and applying COGS to various scenarios again and again, there’s always that one kid… “I don’t understand Cost of Good Souls…” Ahhh, here we go again.

    🙂 I love my job; at least the students never ask, “when are we ever going to need to know this?”

  6. Jack, How does labor factor into your duck egg business. At $700 a month above feed costs you could pay yourself about $10 an hour if you could run the business for 2.5 hours per day. How does your actual time spent compare to this?

    • Modern Survival

      It certainly isn’t podcasting money but I spend very little time, if I didn’t have to dump the pools it would be minutes a day.

      Perhaps me 15 minutes and Dorothy 45 a day, at the top end.

      As they are integrated into our system though it isn’t that linear. The first year we moved in on the parts of the land that grow grass I had to cut grass every two weeks in spring and summer and early fall. In the last two seasons I cut may be two small high patches that they refused to browse I mean like 20×10 sections. They fertilize everything, so no money spent on that. They control pests we went from a hopper Apocalypse in year one to almost none to be found by last summer.

      Also remember scale? The only thing that would take more time if we had 200 more ducks would be collecting and washing eggs. Taking care of 50 ducks or 250 is really about the same.

  7. I reckon I’m a Buffet fan because The Captain and the Kid has always been one of my favorite songs. I had the misfortune recently of being within earshot of someone who wouldn’t shut up about the ass clown circus. This guy was pushing 60 and it was, “Bill Mohr this..” and “Jon Stewart that…” and he was supporting Clinton. Sucked into the circus and carrying on loudly about the most completely useless bunch of crap I’ve heard anyone over thirty espouse in a long time. All of this noise and caterwauling in a state (GA) that a democrat has absolutely, positively, not a chance in hell of even coming close to winning! They can count the votes RIGHT NOW and know where the money will have to be spent regardless of the candidate. It’s a dog and pony show, nothing else or if you like an ass-clown circus.

  8. Ronnie in Iowa

    You….like the media….neglected to mention Dr. Carson.

    • Modern Survival

      I also didn’t mention Rubio, Christie, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, Jeb, Kasich or anyone else with not a snowballs chance in hell of winning.

      You are down to four probables ALREADY just like always, it is what it is.

  9. Jack, I hope you’ll reply to this…

    … can you please either do a show or provide a link teaching how to build social capital?

    This is something I don’t know shit about and it seems pretty important.

  10. The San Antonio Express quoted Poindexter who opened the door to Scalia’s room that he was found with a pillow over his head. A very bizarre comment and more bizarre that no autopsy was done.

    • Modern Survival

      A 79 year old fat guy dies. Not exactly unexpected!

      Covering your head with a pillow, I do this all the time. You’d think if a stealth assassin snuck in and did the deed so perfectly no one noticed, that he’d of been smart enough to take the pillow off the guys face.

      Occums razor.

    • Sure, why didn’t I think of that.

    • Modern Survival

      Long time friend of the show and chronic listener of Glenn Beck, parrots Beck and Cruz to me all the time in defending Cruz. Willing to ignore that Cruz’s wife is a VP for Goldman Sachs, former Bush staffer and former member of the CFR.

      Also that Cruz was a political NO ONE until he hooked up with her. LOL

      He is a good friend, seriously but still believes in the system really going nuts with the Supreme Court thing now! Jose you and he would get along well.

  11. This election cycle is going to be a disaster no matter who gets elected. I have become so disgruntled with the state of our political system, I have simply given up. I spent almost half my life pretty deeply entrenched in our fed gov system in one form or another.

    I constantly get asked by friends and their friends at gatherings my opinion of the current election pool of candidates. I take my Libertarian stance and experience working in and around both sides, as they both suck and we are screwed. What surprises me the most is the lack of knowledge of the background of the candidates. One such person who has not worked in 20 plus years, and that was part time, and has no experience or real knowledge in how our political system works, berated me and said I have no clue what I was talking about when I said old Bernie was no outsider. Never mind the fact he has been in politics for 45 years, which didn’t seem to sink in to this individual. I think for me the most insulting part, was someone who is completely clueless, telling me who has decades of fed gov experience working with these ass clowns, that I didn’t know what I was talking about. That is the biggest problem today is the average American is a complete arrogant idiot. The clueless are the voting majority today, and I just don’t see a way to fix that. I think it will only change when their stupidity starts to effect them directly, but I don’t think that will even matter.

  12. granite city brewery makes a whiskey infused scotch ale my understanding is that they take the oak dowels and let them sit in whiskey for 2 weeks then put them into the beer. When I asked if they did this in the primary fermentation process or the secondary they wouldn’t tell me but I got the feeling that it was during the primary.

    Man I gotta tell you this is one of the best beers you will ever drink. It’s called up your kilt if you get a chance try one.

  13. Jack,
    Do you have a specific URL for Three Flowers Blend. My Googlefu is weak.


    • Modern Survival

      You have to make it yourself, equal parts of elder flower, chamomile flower and heather flower.

      You can get those many places but the best I have found is Mountain Rose Herbs.

    • Ok. Got it. Just went back and watched episode 1. I misunderstood the first time.