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Professional Services

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Dynasty Wealth Partners
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We help you take control over your money by creating your own Private Reserve Account by implementing the Infinite Banking Concept®. We are Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioners, we use this system for our own family. We also provide low cost Term Life Insurance.

We don’t invest people’s money. We help people develop a large cash position (Emergency / Opportunity Fund) that is SAFE and eliminates the need to borrow money from banks. We are experts in design and strategy to allow you to build your Dynasty for future generations.

• Financial Privacy
• Creditor Protection
• Legal Asset Protection
• Lifetime Tax Advantages
• Flexible Real Estate and Equipment Financing
• College funding for Children/Grandchildren
• Tax Free Retirement Supplement
• Competitive returns when compared to CD’s/Bonds/Savings accounts

We believe that the Infinite Banking Concept is one way to allow individuals freedom from the fractional reserve banking system. In the book “How Privatized Banking Really Works”, you can learn how Austrian Economics matches perfectly with the Infinite Banking Concept®. We are dedicated to helping individuals and families learn about this process through educational tools such as books, DVD’s, webinars and newsletters. We also provide quality Term Life Insurance that is very competitive with most carriers. “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” ~Greek Proverb

(931) 546-9338
Wealthsteading Podcast
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Wealthsteading Podcast
The Wealthsteading Podcast provides stock market commentary and investment insight based on 10 simple wealth building principles.

Learn to manage your wealth by first managing your life. The Wealthsteading Podcast promotes the ideal that disciplined people can attain financial independence by learning to EARN+SAVE+INVEST…in that order. We don’t believe in get rich quick schemes or complex strategies. Each episode helps you increase your knowledge by reflecting on the news and events of the day in light of 10 simple wealth building principles and includes stock market commentary and John’s personal trading insight. Topics range from developing the basic skill of saving to trend identification and active swing stock trading strategies. Hosted by John Pugliano, a long time individual investor and late blooming entrepreneur. John is the money manager and founder of Investable Wealth LLC. Subscribe via iTunes or visit the podcast website at: www.wealthsteading.com

IoT Foundry
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IoT Foundry
Hello fellow TSPers! Do you have something on your homestead (or somewhere else) that you’d like to automate? If so, check out my new blog. It’s just getting started, but my passion is helping others design and build their own automation projects.

I’ve been building projects to automate my homestead for years. Examples include an automatic duck enclosure door, an intermittent misting bed controller, temperature and humidity sensors, a remote beehive scale, a water level sensor for my chicken waterer, garden moisture sensor, a remote water meeting & control valve, and a whole lot more. Jack’s talks about entrepreneurship and following your passion have motivated to share my enthusiasm for DIY automation with others. My blog will provide you with a step-by-step overview of how to build these projects yourself. I really love this stuff and am more than happy to help answer questions and offer advice. If you get really stuck, or just want someone else to build pieces (or all) of your project, I also offer a paid consulting service.

Check out the site (www.iot-foundry.com) and sign up to get notified of new posts if you like what you see.



IoT Foundry
Lilac City Real Estate, LLC
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We are an independent specialty real estate services firm located in the heart of the American Redoubt in Eastern Washington State – in Spokane County. Owned and operated by a 24 year Navy Veteran, now with more than 10 years in the real estate industry. If you’re looking for a homestead retreat with on acreage, a suburban farm home, or a place for an urban permaculture paradise we can help. This is a great area for this type of home and close to a town of about 250,000 with all the amenities you could want.

I am also an MSB member absorbing the daily survival podcasts, yearning for a more back to earth lifestyle with the ideal of being more self-reliant and self-sufficient by providing for more of my needs. Over this past year we also left city life, making our Walk to Freedom, selling our home and rental properties searching for some acreage to starting an array of new possibilities. We have found a home on acreage that pleases us and are planning the next steps of our permaculture lifestyle. I have agents working for me that care for the majority of the clients desiring a typical home in town while I am specializing working with people looking for a modern homestead or the off-grid retreat. I know what the permaculturist/homesteader/retreat seeker is looking for because I’ve recently been through it myself. Don’t let the fact that my business name has “city” in it keep you from taking advantage of my ten years of experience in helping people find the home of their dreams. I chose that business name long before I got the desire to move into the country, now I am stuck with it for now. Call me for a consultation and I’ll take care of you personally. I won’t let you down.

(509) 280-2792
Patrick Goodmon Plumbing
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Plumbing company in Garner, North Carolina, 8 minutes outside Raleigh. Specializing in residential plumbing. We perform service and repair on plumbing systems, do plumbing on remodels and renovations of homes, kitchens and bathrooms and install plumbing from the ground up on new homes.

Patrick Goodmon Plumbing is owned and operated by Patrick Goodmon. In business since 2001, Patrick is a P1 Unlimited license holder in the state of North Carolina. Fully insured with both workmans compensation and liability policies, Patrick is insured for up to 1 Million in coverage. Although he does occasional commercial jobs such a restaurants, bath and kitchen up-fits and some not for profit camp bathing facilities Patrick prefers to put his unique problem solving abilities to work in custom renovations and new homes. Custom showers, odd pump systems, grey water design, geothermal de-super heater connections, radiant heat floor pipe installation, tankless and hybrid water heaters are just some of the things Patrick has done in his plumbing career. If you need a plumber to work on a project or just need a plumbing consultant that can help you by phone or skype just give Patrick a call. Patrick understands plumbing systems, modern plumbing code, and also what can be done when a little creativity is used.

Training Concepts of Texas
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Concierge training services provider for individuals, familys, private groups, and businesses.

Training Concepts of Texas is a multi-discipline training provider. We take a concierge approach to training you. We provide affordable training to individuals, groups, businesses and private organizations. We are located an hour north of Houston, however are not limited to Houston and surrounding areas. We are willing come to you, and in most cases we prefer to teach you in the environment your training will be most used.

Let us tailor a training program or training session for you.

Disciplines & skills we teach:
NRA firearm courses
Texas LTC
Custom / Blended training (home defense, concealed carry, ect..)
Industrial safety training
Pediatric / Adult CPR, First Aid
Automotive repair and maintenance / Mechanical skills

We also offer private consulting and design services for safety, security, defense, emergency planning, and disaster recovery planning. For both individuals and businesses.

REspace Design LLC
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REspace Design LLC
Residential and Commercial Architects

REspace is a newly opened, virtual Architecture firm located near St. Louis, MO. While we are a new firm, both partners have extensive experience (18 year average) working on projects throughout the country. We are able to take your project from the initial design stages all the way through to occupancy or just assist in any specific area that you need. We are adept as the team lead or valuable consultant and as a virtual firm we connect with you, on your schedule. Architecturally, we are fully licensed and insured in Missouri and Illinois however, we may act as a design consultants or provide our other services anywhere in the country. Some of the services are: Architecture, 3D Modelling, Photo-realistic Rendering, Architectural Photography and Existing Building Surveys. As we are a new business in need of project diversity we have particular interest in rural, remote and off grid projects currently. Please visit our website to contact us and tell us about your project.