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The Regenerative Agriculture Facebook Group
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Regenerative Agriculture Facebook Group exists to encourage practical discussion of all sustainable and regenerative agriculture techniques and methods. To include permaculture, restoration agriculture, urban farming, spin farming and basically any and all methods of agricultural production that encourage ethical treatment of the land.

Note – Please Read Fully before Joining or Posting to this Group.

Regenerative Agriculture Facebook Group exists to encourage practical discussion of all sustainable and regenerative agriculture techniques and methods. To include permaculture, restoration agriculture, urban farming, spin farming and basically any and all methods of agricultural production that encourage ethical treatment of the land. We seek to share ideas that allow for production from back yards to broad acres.

Our goal is to allow producers to share what works for them, ways to remain profitable, productive and regenerative at the same time. This group therefor is limited to discussions about practical techniques and methods.

We do not allow discussion about topics like social justice, increasing diversity, etc. Not because they are not valid topics and worthy of discussion, simply because they are not what this group is designed to discuss. There are plenty of outlets for such discussions, trying to force them into this group will be seen as trolling and if done more than once, result in a ban.

Great Escape Farms
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Great Escape Farms
Great Escape Farms specializes in unique edible plants, permaculture gardens, and homesteading. We provide a daily blog post and weekly podcast on subjects for the gardener and farmer. Our nursery, Great Escape Nursery, provides rooted cuttings of unique edible plants that can be used in food forests and permaculture gardens.

Great Escape Farms provides a daily blog post on; unique edible plants; book, magazine, DVD, product, and company reviews; beneficial and pest insects; and aspects of permaculture concepts. Other topics include: how to deal with deer, electric fence, soil biology and composting, solar, food forests and much more. Each week we provide a podcast outlining the topics covered the week before. Great Escape Nursery will open in the spring of 2016 with a limited supply of rooted cuttings and will have much more to offer in 2017 and beyond.

Great Escape Farms
West Virginia
Fertilizer For Less
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Fertilizer For Less
Fertilizer-For-Less is a licensed distributor of AGGRAND certified organic fertilizers. We provide a safe, economical alternative to chemical fertilizers that saves you money up front while building soil and reducing your long term dependence on off-farm soil amendments.

Farmers can treat an entire acre for less than $25. Homeowners can treat their lawns and let the kids go out and play the same day without fear of toxicity.
AGGRAND fertilizers maintain and build the soil by encouraging microbial growth and the breakdown of nutrients. The liquid formulation allows for rapid uptake when diluted and applied directly to leaves (foliar feeding). In emergency situations, or critical phases of the growth cycle, AGGRAND is your rapid-acting ally in the struggle to produce healthy, disease-free plants.
We have products suited for everyone from the backyard part-time homesteader to the farmer who manages 500 acres. You can purchase by the quart, or buy a 275 gallon tote. Retail orders of $100 or more qualify for free shipping within the continental US and to APO/FPO military boxes. A standard charge of $8.50 applies to domestic orders under $100. If you have any questions about our products, give us a call at 205-363-8612 and we can process your order over the phone.

Firefly Meadows Farm
Firefly Meadows Farm
Firefly Meadows Farm offers grass-fed beef, raw honey and pastured soy-free eggs. Our farm was started out of our desire to find nutritious food for our family, and our goal is to produce the healthiest food possible. We do not use chemical sprays or fertilizers in our farming practices.

Beef: Grass fed and finished, starting from birth, no growth hormones or steroids.

Pastured eggs: from hens fed organic, non-gmo, soy-free feed.

Raw honey: Product of our bees which receive no chemical treatments.

For more information, signup for newsletter at www.fireflymeadowsfarm.com/sign-up

Grass Fed Beef Lancaster PA
American Pride MicroFarm
Specializing in micro greens and quail eggs. Grown organically in Naperville, IL. Supplying grocery stores, restaurants and available at several local farmers markets. Visit apmicrofarm.com

We use organic soil and seeds o foe our greens, all we add is water. We our harvest our greens to order and we always have live trays of all our greens at our market booths. Our quail are fed organic feed and supplemented with micro greens, our eggs are delicious, super good for you and always fresh

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Go beyond organic with your farm for a fraction of the cost of USDA certification. Agritrue is a place to connect local consumers and producers of nutrient dense food.

List your farm starting at less than $1 a month. Gain access to marketing exposure and product labeling when you sign up. Agritrue is perfect for farms of all sizes. You can even list value-add products such as artisan soaps, pickles, or candles. Just verify that your supply chain meets the standards of certification. Once you submit your listing, you get access to product labels and an Agritrue Certificate for you to display at the farmers market. This is perfect for farmers who are looking to transition to organic, but fear the waiting period and cost required to meet USDA standards. Start your transition to natural farming today with Agritrue.

OakLeaf Landscape and Tree Service
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We are a small family owned Landscape and Tree service company based on honesty, integrity, and hard work.

Small full service customer oriented landscape and tree service company, taking care of all your outdoor needs from lawns and flowers to trees.
Some of the services we provide
Tree trimming
Tree removal
Stump grinding
Flower bed clean out
Flower planting
Mulching – local hardwood mulch and commercial dyed mulches available
Fertilizing – I recommend organic options
Shrub trimming
Garden soil and sand – bulk quantities available
Stone and gravel – Bulk quantities available
Mowing and weed eating
Brush removal
Poison Ivy control
Driveways graveled

Visit us on
https://www.facebook.com/oakleaflandscapeandtree/ and also on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/oakleaf_landscape_and_tree/?hl=en

Located in Red Oak, Texas. Just 20 minutes south of downtown Dallas.

972 515 1169
Texas Edible Landscaping
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Permaculture Consultation, Design & Installation

Texas Edible Landscapes specializes in consultation, design, phase planning, cost analysis, installation and maintenance of permaculture designs. We design anything from large scale farms and ranches to schools and churches and specialize in urban and suburban ecological edible landscapes, especially stealth design that works within the restrictions of many HOAs!

If you’ve been wanting to design your property but don’t know where to start or if you have a plan but want to have it looked over by a professional before you begin installation, we have solutions for you. We have many tiers of service ranging from full-on design consultations to “pod” installations and even just walk & talk and telephone consultations. Whatever you need, just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs!