TSP Merch – by East Texas Homestead

TSP Merch – by East Texas Homestead
Just another TSP Merch site created by a professional graphic designer and web professional. We sell TSP Shirts, But-Out-Bags, Hats, Bottle Openers and Coolers, and much more! Want to make 15% when someone buys from TSP Merch? Check below…

Hey, I’m Eric and I’m a graphic designer, YouTuber, and web professional. I’m also a long-time listener to The Survival Podcast. When I was presented with the opportunity to design and sell TSP Merch, I had to jump on it. If you’re a fellow TSP junky or MSB member, show your support by picking up some TSP Merch.


Sell TSP Merch:

Do you want to make money selling TSP Merch but don’t know where to start?
Get paid a percentage of sales when you share TSP Merch products on your blog, website, and through social media!
Each time a visitor clicks on your referral link and makes a purchase on TSP Merch, you can earn a 15% referral fee on that sale. It’s free! Here’s how to get started.

Start Here: (I’d give you a link if I could. you’re going to have to copy and past this into your browser)

If you need help from that point, email me and I’ll help you out. ?


Check out my homesteading YouTube channel:

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  • TSP Merch – by East Texas Homestead


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TSP Merch – by East Texas Homestead