Episode-1001- James Burnette from the Survival Punk Blog

Today on TSP we are joined by James Burnette from the Survival Punk blog.  James takes a rational, creative approach to self-reliance, applying a punk DIY ethic to survivalism without any of the fear mongering or “tinfoil hattery” found in some other areas of the survivalist movement.

James is a long time listener to The Survival Podcast and has even been out to our personal homestead to share some of my 18 year old Scotch with me, so you know he must be a good guy.  I don’t break out 18 year old Highland Park for just anyone after all.

His blog covers a huge range of his projects, both success and failures along with a healthy bit of myth busting.  He also provides a ton of dirt cheap creative solutions to common prepping needs and does a great job of integrating the paleo lifestyle with the prepping lifestyle.

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16 Responses to Episode-1001- James Burnette from the Survival Punk Blog

  1. Holy crap you fixed the server AND published a new show?! Hat’s off to you!

  2. Published just in time to share with my Arizona family while preparing dinner. I’m here visiting and have been telling them about TSP and so will download and play. Also, I’m encouraging them to attend the Mesa Expo on Oct. 26 and 27 – unfortunately I’ll be returning home to Upstate California this Saturday and so will miss meeting you, Jack!

  3. Love the idea of the cheap indestructible usb drive. Going to have to try that.

  4. Rigel dip mentioned by James ( my variation of it) :
    1 lb of hot Italian sausage ( not in casing) cooked.
    2 boxes of cream cheese
    1 can rotel

    Throw in a crock pot for 30 minutes on low and then stir together … this stuff is HIGHLY addictive … I recommend seeking a support group 🙂

  5. like, good show dude. I like, liked it.

    Sorry. I had to.

  6. Karim I’ll have to try the hot Italian sausage variant, sounds tasty!

    • Hot italian sausage adds just a *LITTLE* bit of heat, I usually just find the “mild” ro-tel at my local store but a friend who made this for family while in ohio had found the “Hot” ro-tel and said that it adds quite a bit more punch to the flavor…. you should try this dip with the tostitos (or any other brand) “Scoop” chips 🙂

  7. I didn’t realize I kept saying like. My mom just told me the same thing.

  8. Now that’s pretty good Scotch.

  9. From one punk to another – great show!

  10. All in good humor bro, enjoyed the show and will check out the blog!