Bugs In the MSB Sale Have Been Killed Off

Okay so I am currently running an MSB sale the deal is 25 dollars a year and it applies to recurring billing as well.  The discount code is “upgrade”.

We had multiple issues and they didn’t happen to everyone but they happened to some folks, we think we have all the bugs well sprayed with electronic Raid at this point and legs up as they should be.

A few of you signed up and didn’t get the discount, if that was  you by now I should have refunded you your discount, if you feel I haven’t please let me know.

Also the recurring discount was not showing up for some of you, it should show up for everyone now.

To join the MSB for only 25 dollars a year just click here and use code “upgrade” on sign up.  You can also use the code to pay by mail, if you are paying with crypto just send the reduced amount with the instructions provided during sign up.

3 Responses to Bugs In the MSB Sale Have Been Killed Off

  1. You should consider covering how to accept Crypto currencies with your MSB upgrade as a 5 minutes with jack episode!

  2. Jack, does this include renewals? I just signed up a few months ago and would like to add another year if its good.

    • Modern Survival

      No it doesn’t work that way, it isn’t my policy it is how stuff works. If I let you add a subscription now, your new subscription will start immediately. You will then be double billed, there is no way around this. Trust me if people could sign up and today and their old sub would stop and the new one would start when that old one expired I would be happy to let you do it.

      Credit card services and paypal simply do not work that way.