Episode-1224- Bug Out Planning and Documentation (orig epi 148)

Today’s show covers the formalized planning and documentation process I have personally developed to handle any situation where bugging out is required. This plan is designed to keep decision making logical and get family members in touch with each other and to rally points on the way to your Bug Out Location should the ability to rally at home fort be compromised.

Tune in today to hear…

  • Planning your initiation sequence and requirements
  • Setting up and utilizing means of communication during a bug out
  • Know where to go – 3 locations – 3 routes and for both long distance and short distance
  • Procedures for arrival and waiting and departing rally points
  • The need for full documentation including maps, plans and contact data
  • Why your data must be “uniform”
  • Basic op sec for your data, with out paranoia
  • Multiple routes for all BOLs and Rally Points
  • Grab and Get lists beyond your basic kit (short and long)
  • Chane of Command – Group Hierarchy for Civilians
  • Planning for Pet Evacuations and the Doggy Bug Out Bag

Resources for today’s show…

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6 Responses to Episode-1224- Bug Out Planning and Documentation (orig epi 148)

  1. Hey Jack, how about replaying the Steve Harris interviews some time this month. The back up power ones.

  2. Jack mentions getting a disposable prepaid cell phone for just in case situations. Since he recorded this years ago things may have changed. All the prepaids I can find have expiring minutes AND want to link you personally to the account (huh? it’s prepaid). I don’t think re-loading minutes in an emergency situation is a good thing, and continually loading minutes every couple months to keep the phone ready is impractical. I also don’t care to have my emergency phone linked to me and a CC. Am I looking in the wrong places?
    Is there a decent prepaid that I can have minutes on that don’t expire? Does it require a link to me and/or a credit card?

  3. Jack,

    I would love to see how you have the pages made up. Is it something fancy and easy to follow? Part of me is envisioning a power point masterpiece, and the other part of me is thinking it’s just quick print outs of Google maps with pins stuck to them and highlighter with a word doc or too. If possible could you link a copy to a generic set up that would give folks ideas on how to organize all the information.

    • Modern Survival

      I have never released it because it is TMI (to much information) basically just lists and maps. I have thought about templatizing it but never gotten around to it. I will try to do so this year.

  4. Christopher de Vidal

    EXCELLENT show. Two comments on backup cell phones:
    1.) There’s no way to load up a prepaid phone with minutes and lock it in a glove box, then expect those minutes to be available a year later.

    The best bang for the buck is the T-Mobile pay-as-you-go gold plan. Most carriers require renewing at least every 90 days but with T-Mobile if you buy $100 worth of airtime up front, you get gold status. Gold status lets you keep your minutes for a year. Then you just renew again for $10 and get 30 more minutes. That’s 83 cents per month. You do have to remind yourself to keep paying every year; they have an auto-refill but it is monthly and the minimum is $10. So just add a reminder to your calendar to refill a few days early.

    (This was as of February 2012 so it might have changed.)

    2.) You mentioned having a phone on another network (such as AT&T and T-Mobile), but I believe as long as the technology is the same they often share towers. Instead, consider having a backup phone on an entirely different technology. There are two main technologies in use in the United States: GSM and CDMA. If your phone has a SIM card, it’s GSM. If not, it’s CDMA. Look for a backup phone that has the opposite of what you have, and you’ll have more redundancy.