Episode-962- The Bug Out Bus with “stateofmind” (Paul) From the TSP Forum

The Bug Out Bus

The Bug Out Bus is a Canine Friendly Environment

Paul better known as “stateofmind” on the TSP Forum has had a huge hit with his thread entitled “Bug Out Bus“, which chronicles his multi-year journey of the transformation of a diesel powered Blue Bird School Bus into one hell of a kick ass RV and BOV.

Paul joins us today to discuss a variety of things, such as why he chose to customize a school bus vs. buying an RV.  How much work is required for a project like this and how making it a hobby and taking your time will be a huge help in getting it the way you want it in the end.

He also tells us what types of vehicles are good for projects like this based on what the builder is trying to achieve.  How to deal with power requirements including solar power installation and the role of a generator in this type of set up.  We also cover heating with a wood stove and how to do it safely but for operation and stowage during transport.   Of course he gives you some good ideas for where to find a project vehicle to start with.  This was a fun show and I think you guys will really enjoy it.

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11 Responses to Episode-962- The Bug Out Bus with “stateofmind” (Paul) From the TSP Forum

  1. Hey all! Hope you enjoy today’s show. It was fun doing the interview with Jack. Take a look at the thread too and please feel free to fire away any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them. Take care. Paul

  2. I have not listened thus far but really looking forward to this episode. I have a 6acre plot in PA that at the moment I can not afford to build on but have been considering a small cargo van outfitted for short term camping so this episode is great timing.

    My thought was that making a short term camping van now and using it for recreation would be great as when the time comes to break ground on a structure I will have it available for use then.

    • That’s pretty much where my idea started. So far it has been BETTER than I had hoped. A Step van or similar vehicle is an excellent choice.

      • I also live just outside of Baltimore City and wanted something that would a)be easier to travel with then a full size bus and b)that I can use in the city if I find myself unable to drive after perhaps indulging in a beverage or two. Have to think ahead 🙂

  3. Travis Shute


    Looks amazing! Good interview as well. Listened while I mowed the grass. Awesome work on the solar setup.

  4. Paul,
    Right on, man. Way to represent Maine! I was just curious where you’re from & where in “northern Maine” your land is at. I’ve been hunting out of Northeast Carry since I was a kid. That’s “northern” to me. Are you in the County? Be only as specific as you’re comfortable being, as I’ll only be marking your location for SHTF> (that’s a joke)
    What an inspirational show. I’ve already hit up Ebay motors looking for my Blue Bird.

  5. Awesome Show, one of my favorites! I’ve always wanted to turn a bus into a RV or Camper.

  6. Glad you all liked the interview. It’s a fun project/hobby. Plan on a few years to accomplish it, even longer in my case. I still have another year or so to go… But to be honest, I’ll probably continue tweaking it as long as I have it. It’s a project that keeps on keeping on.

  7. Jack…..the gov is buying algie diesel at 25 bucks a gal.when you add in front money you closer to 35 a gal. If this kld is not blowing smoke then you should call for an investigation.