Brink of Freedom Community

fam-prepper-blue-apple-ios-retinaBrink of Freedom Magazine was redone and released as version 2.0. This was weeks ago, and it looks better than ever.
Once that major update was released work begun on the community side of BOF. The work is done and is now up and running as version 2.0. It looks great, and there is a ton of new features with even more to come. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

8 Responses to Brink of Freedom Community

  1. Who disliked it? Wtf!?!?

  2. Gator Bee Gal

    Looks great! I love the new logo.

  3. “Dislike” buttons provide too many opportunities for trolls to click away and give an impression that’s not accurate, IMHO.

    I’ve really enjoyed the articles and features on BOF. I can tell a ton of work went into the site and the articles as well. Now that the overhaul is done I’ll be checking out the community as well.

    • I agree. That’s why a lot of sites now make you login to your personal account to ‘dislike’ something. Some people just want to be difficult. I understand there probably isn’t a way around that on these posts though, at least not that I can think of now.

  4. Ok I clickedy “dislike” to see “Why” people were disliking this topic. Falsely assumed it would show comments.

    For the record I very much like the BOF community.