Episode-2176- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 4

Today Steven Harris and I answer your questions on Bug Out Trailers.  Big trailers, small trailers, what to put in them, what to have as an electrical system. Using cargo trailers as an emergency shelter and camper. Toilets in these trailers, storage and transportation of water for consumption and hygiene.

This is the third in a multi part series that began with Episode-2117- Steven Harris and Jack Spirko on Bug Out Trailers.  As this is clearly going to become a multi episode series I have created the tag BOT Shows so that all of them can be found at one location.

The response to the first in the series was overwhelming, Steve compiled and sent me 14 pages of questions, I printed it out and it feels like a small book, and these are just questions and a few notes here and there.  So we are going to run about 1 hour and 15 minutes on the interview and break it into pieces parts over the next few months.

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22 Responses to Episode-2176- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 4

  1. Super excited to listen to this episode, these Bug Out Trailer episodes have been my favorite thing the Survival Podcast has released so far. I feel like Jack and Steve could do one hell of an amusing YouTube series too.

  2. Nick Cardone

    In regards to bug out trailers,Since they are dual purpose size and weight may  not be a big issue. but if you take into consideration  concealment and get away issues ,how do you mediate the two ? Size and weight vs. light and fast the only thing is how adaptable you can be .My prepper motto is infinite adaptability.And i hate being caught without or unprepared.

    • Modern Survival

      Then jump on your Roken bike and head for the hills with a back pack!

      Now seriously though that was to make a point. Get away from what? A flood, fire or hurricane, or some imagined James Rawles style fiction?

  3. Just wanted to comment and say this series on bug out trailers is bad ass. Thank you to Jack and Steven for putting it all together!

  4. Hi Jack, can you list the episode numbers for episodes 1 & 2, ?

    A colleague at work is interested in listening to them, but we cant find the episode 1 & 2

  5. Christina Fong

    1 – 2117
    2 – 2137
    3 – 2160


  6. For female urination, The SheWee is wife tested, wife approved!
    SHEWEE Original – Aqua https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I58VJHG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_mLYNAbKV0BNF2

  7. yeah A-A-Ron, but you gotta see the video of how to use the one that I have on http://www.PEE1234.com !!!   You’ll never give it up and it will never let you down.  Steve

  8. This tire infiltrator says it takes any size co2 cartridge.


    • Modern Survival

      Yea all sizes but I mispoke, it only takes threaded cartridges. That is the issue.

  9. Here a old trick my Dad did in the 50′ -60′ tent and trailer camping. Put a red clay flower pot upside down on the camp stove or cook stove turn on the burner. The clay pot  heats up puts out heat all around and out the hole now at the top. Use a big one more heat, it cheap too!

  10. I took a quick look for those CO2 tire inflators. It’s easy to find ones that use threaded cartridges. But hard pressed to find any that use standard 12oz none threaded ones.

    However I found this that would be cool for paintball guys. http://amzn.to/2twnCVc

    It uses a standard paintball tank. That can be filled anywhere. If I remember right you can fill them with any high pressure air pump also. Which would save you the time of having get out your 12v air compressor.

    Just a thought. Maybe this will help. It’s a little pricey. But I think it’s a good idea.

  11. Ronald Kleinow

    Jack Spirko  Steven Harris  Could this be used as a heat source or a heat sink to be used as a heat source? I’m thinking add some to a hot water bottle or any watertight container add some water and you have instant heat.  https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/130523-zeolite-thermal-storage-retains-heat-indefinitely-absorbs-four-times-more-heat-than-water

  12. Ronald Kleinow

    Jack Spirko  Steven Harris   here is something else I’ve stumbled onto that could be an interesting heat source  http://www.technologist.eu/salt-for-heating/

  13. Ronald Kleinow

    You can rent a U Haul much cheaper than owning a truck. Great ideal, you could put your preps together on a cart with your cooking and fuel source (LP) clean water and sink, pantry and on the side if it is a concern mount a toilet seat that would fold down and sit on a 5 gal. bucket most of your preps could be in this one unit and you can just roll it in. If you break down you’re covered. I think this is a great idea, hell even for a vacation.

  14. In regards to bugging out in an enclosed trailer or rental truck, take precautions that you can’t be locked inside by dirtbags.  Secure the outside latch somehow, but have a way to secure the door so it can’t be suddenly opened all the way- at least you’ll have early warning.  Also, it might be a good idea to have a hatchet (or other cutting implement) and lighting inside the enclosure case you find yourself locked in there.

  15. 32 oz Gatorade work well as pee bottles too. Usually $1

  16. On deadfall trees, I work on a dead end road. Once there was a deadfall across the road when leaving. It was bigger than I could lift or drag. I chopped the top third off with my machete still couldn’t lift but, I dragged it clearing one lane

  17. The funny thing is I have no driving desire or plan to put together a bug-out-trailer, yet I’m finding these are among the most enjoyable episodes.  Keep it up guys!

  18. As a self storage owner, I would have no trouble kicking out tenants that sleep over night.   Think of the cost analysis from the owner’s stand point.  If I get caught allowing tenants to sleep in my facilities, I would loose my insurance, which means I would loose my mortgage, which means I would loose my facility.  Millions of dollars versus letting someone stay.  That is the harsh reality.  Now using a unit as a cache, I have no problem with that.  In fact, if they even hint at that, I give them a discount.  Cause you never know.