Big Month for 299 Days

Book 10, Audio Books, and New Merchandise!

October is a big month for the 299 Days book series by Glen Tate. The 26th of this month marks the 299th day of the year, and with it, the release of the 10th and final book of the series. It also marks the release of the audio book version of all 10 books. There is also great new merchandise available including the Pierce Point T-shirt.

In this final book of the 299 Days series, The 43 Colonels celebrates the many “ordinary” men and women who did extraordinary things during and after the Collapse. Set in the chambers of the New Washington Legislature during a joint session of the House and Senate, Governor Ben Trenton honors Colonel Grant Matson and 42 other individuals who helped start the Restoration. The stories of these modern-day Patriots, both heart-wrenching and inspirational, demonstrate how anyone can help in a revolution.

For the audiobooks, author Glen Tate got one of the very best narrators in the audio book world to narrate and produce this series. Kevin Pierce has narrated more audio books via Audible’s ACX system than any other person on the planet. The story really comes to life when Kevin Pierce reads it. Listening to the audio books, even if you’ve already read them in print, adds a tremendous new dimension to the story. You get much more out of the story hearing it than simply reading it.

Lastly is the amazing new Pierce Point artwork that was created by TSP community member Nicodemus. TSP Gear Shop took great care in finding a vendor that could print every detail of this beautiful work on the new shirt. It is their best shirt so far. Note from author Glen Tate – “Want to show that you’re a 299er – but don’t want to attract too much attention? Want to have a “low signature” “insider” shirt? The Pierce Point shirt looks like a normal resort shirt, but 299ers you run into will know that you’re talking about the place where it all happens: Pierce Point.”

Don’t forget all the other great TSP merchandise that is available at TSP Gear Shop Shipping is always free and MSB Members get 10% off all orders!

One Response to Big Month for 299 Days

  1. Hello, I am reading Book Four “The Stronghold” right now and I have enjoyed this series so much.
    The story line is a good read, the characters and likeable and refreshing. The books are well done with informative tips on what to do for possible scenario’s too. It gives you things to ponder.
    I happened on this series by accident and I could devour them, but I am trying to make it last. It’s just a really good read. Even though it’s a ‘guy’ book…it still appeals to me. It has a nice balance. I am glad to hear there are so many books to the series.
    Good job folks.