Beers With Jack and Other TSP Folks in Des Moines

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Meet me for a Beer at Jimmy’s Big 10

Okay folks on Friday and Saturday I will be at the Self Reliance Festival in Des Moines Iowa, you can learn more about that if you are late to the game here.

While I will be presenting on Saturday from 1-3PM one of the biggest reasons I do these events is to simply meet audience members and also to serve as a way to make sure you guys meet not just me but each other.  So I always try to set up after hours mixers for you guys.

This time we will be meeting Friday night at Jimmy’s Big 10 Restaurant and Bar in West Des Moines.  Their website is here and their Facebook page is here.

Right now we have the patio reserved for about 7:30 but I have asked Robert (Scot’s event coordinator) to try to move that to about 6PM.  I know a lot of folks have to get back home early and what have you so I try not to start these things to late.  Even if we don’t get the reservation moved I will likely head over to the bar about 6-6:30 anyway.

I hope to see a lot of you folks there.  As for Saturday night there is an event being put on by the Des Moines Prepper Group and Scott Valencia.  I am still not sure if there will be any headcount limit but likely there won’t.  If you want to hang out with me on Saturday evening just ask me about it at the event on Saturday and I am sure to have full details by then.  I will also post details on Saturday night here as soon as I have them.

4 Responses to Beers With Jack and Other TSP Folks in Des Moines

  1. Extremely cool, especially considering my hotel is less than 100 yards away. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

  2. Just want to let everyone know that we did get the reservation moved to 6pm. We will have a very nice patio bar… It’s not the one you see from the parking lot…lol. Go inside and tell them you are there to meet Jack. Hope to see you there after the festival.
    Thanks & Keep Prepping!

  3. Bonnieblue2A

    Great! Thanks fir the update Jack. See you there.

  4. Coming in from Nebraska…see ya there. Also staying 100 yds