Beer with Jack in Burlington VT, on 8-20-12

Tomorrow I am headed to Burlington, VT for Ben Falk’s Permaculture Design Course where I will be a guest attendee and a guest lecturer.   This hasn’t been promoted much because it is a private appearance for Ben’s students of his PDC.

However since I have to fly back out of Burlington on the 21st at like 6AM I have decided to spend the night of the 20th at a hotel near the Airport.  I figured some folks in the area might want to meet up so I picked a hotel with a decent bar and will be hanging out there if anyone wants to join me.  It could be 3 people or 10 or more, I have no idea who might show up but any and all are welcome.

I am planning to be there from 6-9 PM Monday the 20th.  If you are coming email me at jack at and if I have internet in Burlington I will email you my cell and let you know if anything changes.  I will likely post any changes here on the blog and on Facebook as well.  Here are the hotel details

Sheraton Burlington Hotel
870 Williston Road
Burlington, Vermont 05403

Here is the Hotel Website

Hope to meet a few of you there.

3 Responses to Beer with Jack in Burlington VT, on 8-20-12

  1. Have a nice trip, Burlington is a great city.
    Let me know if you are flying into Boston for a connection.
    I hope to take one of Ben classes next year, there are some great videos on their site.

    Take care,
    Ray (from Massachusetts)

  2. Make sure you have a Heady Topper from The Alchemist brewery. Comes in a 16oz can and it is one of the most sought after beers in the US. Hill Farmstead and Lawson’s Finest are 2 more Vermont breweries that are a must to try.

  3. Have a nice trip Jack. I have many relatives in Vermont. My dad used to take me deer hunting up there when I was a kid and it’s the only state I ever hunted in when I used to hunt.

    I was told I was a traitor for buying land in Maine, but I like Maine because I surf and the ocean is there. The tin foil stuff and all the wars going on has perhaps separated me from some folks up there as well as we don’t agree on certain things either.