Episode-299- Becoming a Rifleman

What does it mean to be a rifleman?  Ask different people and you will get different answers, askan officer in the Marine Corps and he will tell you, “every Marine” ask a woodsmen in Tennessee and he will say the ability to put venision in the freezer.  While there are many answers there are many commonalities and many common steps along the journey.  Join me today as we discuss a small portion of the history, science and practical aspects of becoming a monden rifleman.

Listen in today as I discuss.,.

  • What is a rifleman
  • Starting out with a smooth bore and a round ball
  • The advent of rifling and not all was well
  • Going to a breech loading rifle and what that meant
  • Accuracy defined
  • What is oscillation
  • What are harmonics
  • What is trajectory is there any true arch to a bullets path
  • How does velocity effect trajectory
  • What is sectional density and ballistic coefficient
  • Slow and heavy or light and fast, the debate that can’t be won
  • Selecting a round, the magic formula
  • Selecting an action; semi, lever, pump or bolt

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6 Responses to Episode-299- Becoming a Rifleman

  1. Appleseed is a lot of fun. The training is great and the sense of camaraderie is rare. They have them monthly all around the country. Don’t miss it!

  2. PistolWhipped

    Fantastic show Jack! Being a “Rifleman” is a subject I’ve taken an interest in lately, and it’s fantastic to hear you produce a show on it. Thanks for the show!

  3. Great show today Jack. Great video also, and thanks for both. As for me, accuracy is to be able to 1 shot 1 kill WHATEVER I am shooting at. Be it game or for protection. 🙂
    GunsandAmmo Guy AKA Frank

  4. I own two rifles:

    One is the WWII Garand .30 and the other is a Ruger Mini 14 .223 Cal.

    My question relates to the type of ammo that I need. My use would be for security and/or practice rounds.

    I notice that there are rounds with different grains in them. What guide can I use to pick the best round for my rifles

    Any help or reference would be appreciated.


  5. Super show.

    I liked that you took non-gun people from the beginning to the modern era very logically and clearly. Calling a muzzle loader a “load from the front gun” was great. You walked people through ballistics without sounding like the science class in high school I slept through. You also didn’t use a lot of gun jargon, which is key to having non-gun people follow along and get something out of the podcast.

    I also really liked the point you made about accuracy being “hitting what your target is” and acknowledging that each person has a different target. The line about paper targets not attacking you or providing you food was very good.

    I bench rest shoot a little but try to limit it because I find myself getting all worked up over a half inch at 100 yards. Then I realize that this won’t help–it will actually hurt–with practical shooting just like you explained. If you want to obsess over a half inch and that’s your hobby, that’s cool. But sweating details is what I do all week; I don’t need that on the weekends at the range.

    Another great point, and that preppers really need to hear, is that a .22LR is a “centerfire simulator.” So, so, so true. I shoot way more .22LR now than anything else. And I can clearly tell it improves my centerfire shooting.

  6. A great show on the theory of rifles and bullets.
    One can always learn from this young man.
    An amazing wealth of knowlege.