Be a Part of Episode 1000 and Revolution 2.0

Episode 1000 – I Need Your Help

Right about the beginning of the fall of 2012 TSP is going to reach an incredible achievement, Episode 1,000.   Episode 1,000 will be just like…

Except that it will bigger and include more members of the audience then ever before.  Please consider calling in for this show, I have set up a special 800 number just for this show to help me easily sort out all call for this show.  This number is ONLY for calls for episode 1,000, please use the THINK line for regular calls.

The number is 866-691-5353

For those that called into 224 and 550, please consider calling for episode 1,000 as well, it has been a long journey.  Episode 550 was 144 minutes long, I am expecting episode 1,000 to more than double that.

You are not alone folks, join me in sending that message to all of those out there looking to change their lives toward liberty in Episode 1,000.

Revolution 2.0 Send Me Your Pictures

When we release episode 1000 we will also be releasing a new version of the “Revolution is You Video“.  So send me your pictures of you and your families communities working on your own personal independence, liberty and freedom.

Please send me pictures with people in them, not just gardens and solar arrays.  Stand up and be seen, the revolution is YOU, it isn’t a garden, a solar array, a gun collection or a backpack, it is YOU using these and other tools to further your personal freedom.

Take a look at the original version to get some ideas and get your pictures into me as soon as possible.  Just put “Revolution 2.0? in the subject line and email your pictures to jack at  please send your pictures as attachments not embedded in the email.  Sometimes the embedded photos can’t be saved to a file for some reason I don’t understand.

13 Responses to Be a Part of Episode 1000 and Revolution 2.0

  1. I sent some pictures but did not put “revolution 2.0” should I send them again. I wrote I wrote pictures for 100th episode.

  2. The Survival Guy

    Keep up the good work I will be listening and watching you all can make a difference you have a great idea. You need to publish the where and when on your broadcast and the difference way to listen.

    The Survival Guy.

  3. Ashaldaron

    Sent my call in today. Can’t wait to hear it.

  4. thewarriorhunter

    just watched the first video and can’t believe how much it affected me. seeing all those families working to make a better life was so powerful… i feel privileged that i can count myself among those numbers now.

  5. After watching the first video I was moved to become involved, and get my kids involved as well. This is the kind of stuff that can cross generations.

  6. I watch and repost that video on a regular basis. Love it!

  7. It can get expensive to ring from overseas… do you have an altenative for your worldwide audience? Perhaps we can send you some recorded audio?
    How would you like it?
    Lucid in WA(Western Australia)

  8. Oh gosh. Just left my voicemail. Hope it’s ok!

  9. Put my call in yesterday, this time I wrote it down which was a lot easier than rambling.

  10. Does anyone know how long our messages can be before the answering service cuts us off?