Battery Bank Workshop Starts Thursday this Week

Just a quick note that due to a typo in one post about the event at least one student felt the workshop we are doing was for Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week.  It is NOT.

The workshop is Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  This was accurate on all other posts about the event, it is accurate on the sign up page, you can see it here and it is accurate in the detailed schedule in the document that was sent to every student once they signed up with all event details.

If anyone is inconvenienced by this I apologize.  We will work with anyone that ends up a bit late to the show and make sure you learn everything we promised to teach you.  I don’t expect that it will be much of an issue but where and if it turns up we will work and teach around it.

For all registered students there are phone numbers for myself and Josiah in the document, if you have any questions or special needs just get a hold of us and we can help you out.

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