Battery Bank Workshop – Now With Solar Power

On February 20-22 we are running an awesome workshop at the TSP homestead with Steven Harris.  You can get all the details on it at this link,

Back Up Power Workshop with Steven Harris

Up until now I have been saying that doing solar after this workshop will be easy to do because adding solar to this type of system is easy.  Well, Steve and I just discussed it and we are going to simply add it in.

Yep we will be adding solar power to some battery systems as well.  What this means is if you attend this event, not only will you know how to make a mobile power station out of a vehicle, not only will you know how to build back up systems in your home, you will also know everything you need to know to build off grid solar power systems.

I mean everything, you will know exactly how to size a systems and install all components of it.  Exactly how for instance to set up off grid solar at a BOL cabin or hunting cabin.  We will even show you how to augment that with your mobile power station as well.

This will be an incredible workshop and hey it just got better!  Imagine being able to bring power to any location, having the exact knowledge you need to do so and do so on your own terms and as affordably.  Our goals at these workshops is to empower students with actionable knowledge and give them an incredibly fun time as well.  So come join us, gain new skills and have a blast at the same time.

Back Up Power Workshop with Steven Harris

4 Responses to Battery Bank Workshop – Now With Solar Power

  1. wow, awesome Jack… cherry on top!

  2. I have the first in NV combo on and off grid residential 5.5 / 6.0 kW PV system utilizing a battery bank, charge controllers, AC & DC bus box, and provisions to tie my generator(s) to the system if desired. Please reply and give me an address where I can send email and attached photos if you are interested. I also installed a Master cool unit for my garage to “bug in” in the event of a power failure in Summer, and use pool water to feed the cooler. I am a longtime member of ASHRAE which helped me layout and configure this system based on 28 Evergreen polycrystaline panels, two 600 VDC charge controllers, one Xantrex 6048 inverter/PLC, and a 3.0 kWh GSM battery bank. Total expense $24 K doing myself, hiring electric contractor where required, and programming for how I use. Rebates from utility plus tax credits reduce cost by about $13K. Payback estimated at 8 years. Peace of mind? Priceless.

    I can hang out minus grid power in summer for weeks, keeping the frig running, the garage cool (or a section of the house), and cooking food for me and my neighbors. Add four spare APX 1.0 kWh UPS systems in a box and we’re just fine in case of a grid failure (except EMP attack). Of course recharging the multi-band ham handhelds will be easy.

    Looking forward to sharing with others….

  3. plz send info