Episode-87 Barack Obama Won – No the World Isn’t Over

I don’t know may be I am taking the Barack Obama victory better then most freedom loving, fiscally conservative Americans that love the U.S. Constitution.  Why?  I think it is like loosing a loved one to a tragic accident rather then a long term illness.  A lot of people opposed to Obama and many of his policies still thought McCain could win, I knew we were going to have President Obama the day it was clear we were going to have McCain as the Republican nominee.

No I am not happy and the prospect of a fully democratic controlled government but we don’t need to loose our heads here either.  Tune in today to hear…

  • How the clueless and unknowing put the president in power and how they are the most likely to turn against him.
  • Why we should be proud to have an African American president even if we disagree with his politics
  • This was democracy in action, in a democracy you don’t always get what you want
  • Why sweeping change won’t be priority one for Obama, he has learned the lessons of Bill Clinton
  • Why calling your congressmen and senators matters now more then ever
  • How we can unify and fight individual issues at the same time
  • 6 Economic Issues that are real threats that the democrats now have to deal with
  • Why gas is about to skyrocket due to Russian and Saudi interests
  • How President Obama is already being tested by the Russians
  • Why now is the time to just keep doing what you have been doing
  • No this is not the “end of America” unless you decide it is
  • Why I think John McCain was a Manchurian Candidate
  • Remember that what you do matters more then what anyone in the government does
  • Keep building your dream lifestyle

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