Bacon, Trolls and an MSB Sale – Read fully to appreciate this!

We have an annoying shit pot stirrer at the TSP Facebook Forum (located here by the name of Travis. He constantly posts crap in our group about veganism and socialism, clearly he doesn’t get the TSP Ethos, or he does and enjoys trolling.

His latest troll attempt is a meme that says the Non Aggression Principle (NAP) applies to cows, pigs, etc, you get it.

I was going to ban him, because he really adds nothing to the discussion.   

To be clear we do have other vegetarians and vegans that don’t constantly stir up shit, so that would not be anti vegan, it would be anti shit stirring troll. I have nothing against vegans until they attempt to shove their beliefs down your throat so banning him would be totally worth doing.

But I have a better idea, an idea I got from the AWESOME John Willis.

Here is the deal for the next week the MSB is on sale for 25 dollars a year and that locks in that price for renewals, the code to get this amazing deal in honor of Travis is “bacon”, yes yummy yummy bacon.

The catch is if you use the code you must swear on your honor to eat at least one pound of bacon in the following week in Travis’ honor. This pound of bacon must be in excess of the bacon you would have consumed anyway during the same period of time.

You must also promise to give a gift of bacon to a friend of your choice.  Any friend, any form of bacon but you must promise to spread the bacon addition.

This offer can only be used online if you are a new customer, or if you have an expired account because you can’t renew early online. However anyone can use the mail in form to renew early at any time and for as many years at one time as you wish.


You can sign up or get the mail in form for a membership at this page.

P.S. – If due to religious beliefs you don’t eat pork, you may substitute the meat of your choice on the consumption and gift side of the coin.

15 Responses to Bacon, Trolls and an MSB Sale – Read fully to appreciate this!

  1. Might that be $25 per year?  I love bacon too!

  2. Tom from NY

    I love bacon 🙂

    My daughter wants a pet pig.

    I offered to buy her a pet pig EVERY year for Christmas, but we would have to eat that pig for Thanksgiving next year — sadly she didn’t like those terms.

  3. Mmmmmm… bacon…

  4. I think I already eat a pound per week LOL!  My son and I enjoy bacon with breakfast on the weekends and its the only thing that will get him out of bed.  We’re in!

  5. Thanks Jack!  I was waiting for exactly this promotion to sign up for the MSB.  Thanks for not disappointing.

    Signed up and ready to eat a few plates of bacon for dinner tonight.


  6. Yet another amazing offer!  Today (and, in fact, any day you want), join The Survival Podcast NotAFacebookForum for the amazing low price of $0.00!  This is a full 1,000,000% off our regular $0.00 price!

    The one and only original Survival Podcast Forum, where trolls get their bacon handed to them on a ban-platter!

    (I don’t know what that means either, but now I want some bacon.)

  7. I tagged you in the comments, but didnt expect this! 😉 Bravo sir, bravo!

  8. What I like about the post is finding a way to laugh at the negative-minded attackers. That crap is all over the internet. It greatly affects my church, and because of that sort of activity it was impossible to talk about my religion on certain targeted forums. It’s possible some of this is being generated by AI “chat bots” that aren’t even real people. So: Gotta laugh it off; that’s the best choice!

  9. Thinking there should be a National Bacon Day holiday that is celebrated with the giving of bacon to loved ones, friends, co workers and random strangers you meet.

  10. Brian Kabulisti

    This makes me sad.   While I do like bacon, I much prefer sausage links.   I would happily eat a dozen links of good pork sausage every day for the cause, but  I’m getting hurt feelings and don’t feel safe in this conversation.

    • Modern Survival

      I approve of your substitution. Come out of your safe space and enjoy your meal. LOL

  11. That was a good giggle to start my morning 🙂

  12. Duncan MacDuff

    Here is an alternative to Pork Bacon for the non Pork eaters.

    Beef Bacon

  13. I already do at least a lb a week. However in his honor I will smoke three pork shoulders this weekend.
    Somewhere out there in a one legged pig.