Episode-313- Audience Questions for 11-09-09

It is Monday and we are back with another round of listener questions.   Some great ones today on topics like dealing with livestock during a SHTF, a complex real estate problem, basements in Texas, building home grown generators, operational security and spreading prepping and self sufficiency to your friends, family and acquaintances.

Tune in today to hear answers to the following questions…

  • What do you do with live stock if you have to bug out and how do you prep to care for them if you bug in?
  • Where and how do you store extra propane tanks?
  • What is a spot price, how high above spot is reasonable to pay for silver coins?
  • What about platinum and palladium as alternatives to gold for investing?
  • How to handle a complex real estate situation where the owner wants to sell the land but continue to live in the house?
  • Whats up with the new iPod nano, is it worth the upgrade?
  • Are plans on how to build a generator from old parts a good investment/idea?
  • Why are there no basements in the Texas Hill Country, if you want one what are some alternatives when building a new home?
  • Why am I personally so loose on OPSEC, what advice do I have for others as to OPSEC (operational security)
  • How can you open minds about prepping in 60 seconds?

Resources for today’s show…

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4 Responses to Episode-313- Audience Questions for 11-09-09

  1. Congratulations on the nomination at podcastawards.com under “General” lets hope this brings in more listeners to the community!

  2. mark the limey

    Britain had coins with some silver content in circulation untill 1946. Any coins up to 1919 are 92.5% silver (sterling siver) between 1920 – 1946 50% silver. Ebay is the place to go You can usally buy coins well under the silver spot price if you are patient.

  3. I have started to buy silver also…ear rings, rings, etc. As long as they are ALL sterling & has to be stamped as such.
    Some coins from Canada are also silver.
    Thanks Jack…keep the powder dry!

  4. You mentioned a place to get an 1800W generator for less than $200. You said that you would post a link to that site in today\’s show notes. I am currently looking for a generator and would like to check out the site you know. Could you please post the link?