Episode-72- Audience Questions – Bug Out or Bug In and More

Today’s show answers several questions from the audience and provides some information about our new survival forum.  Tune in today to hear…

  • Another update on the Listener Appreciation Contest – We may have a new winner tomorrow
  • We have new boards on the forum including a “Swap Meet”, “Around the Campfire”, “Lady Survivors” and more.
  • Update on our Five Item challenge – please join it and keep the discussion on track.
  • When and where self promotion is OK on our forum and where it is not
  • The value of online collective intelligence in survival planning
  • Making the choice, bug out or bug in and several examples of each choice
  • There is no one right answer to “bug out or bug in” as each individual and threat is different
  • Examples of times when you always leave
  • More on the “fantasy world” of some fringe survivalists and how to keep it real
  • Caching food, weapons and supplies to make it safer
  • Remember to keep your prepping to yourself in many areas
  • How to not be paralyzed by “what ifs”
  • Thoughts on growth stocks in the new economy (not financial advice)
  • The real stuff on sale soon (trucks, boats, RVs, Houses, Land)
  • Why gas is dropping (the good news and the bad)
  • What the rebound from this global depression may look like and what it will do to oil prices
  • Where is the best place in the country for setting up a retreat or even to just make a permanent move to
  • Think about taxes, land use, cost of living – not just a remote piece of ground
  • Some spots that many would not think about to look for remote land
  • The area with the best “deals” today, combination, remote, low cost, long growing seasons, low taxes, etc
  • Getting a remote real estate agent doing your leg work

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2 Responses to Episode-72- Audience Questions – Bug Out or Bug In and More

  1. How do you know gas prices aren’t going down because of an upcoming election ?

  2. Modern Survival

    On some levels it is! You can be the Saudis and other semi friendly to the US Arab states want a McCain Presidency. They have upped production to bring prices down some.

    That said a drop from 144 down to 81 dollars can’t be done by just the Saudi’s, Kuwait and the UAE alone. The fact is a global economic slow down is the main (but not the only) cause of oils drop.

    The important thing to comprehend is nothing the President did or even the Senate or the House did this year really effected oil prices directly for longer then a day or two at most. Oil is priced on a supply and demand scale in the global market and unfortunately OPEC has a lot more say about all of those things then we ever will as long as we rely on imported oil at current levels.