Episode-216- Survival Podcast Audience Questions 6-09-09

We are continuing a series of listener questions today.   Since it was done from the “mobile studio” there are no call ins or anything.  These are all questions sent in by email, asked in comments, asked on the survival forum, etc.

I would like to continue doing this type of show often so if you want to have a question answered send me an email to jack@thesurvivalpodcast.com with the subject line “question for Jack”

Tune in to hear me answer these questions today…

  • What is an Earthship and what advantages do they offer?
  • Is is safe to use a document shredding company?
  • Are the little compost bins at Home Depot and the like useful?
  • Is it safe to put worms in a compost bin that you “spin”?
  • What can you do to ensure full protein requirements in a post SHTF world?
  • What about hunting if the ammo runs out?
  • What do archers have to think about as well post SHTF?  What about snares?
  • What zero energy tools and appliances should we add to our preps?
  • Is morse code valuable for SHTF or other emergencies?
  • What is a “book code”?
  • How do you provide an acid soil requirement for blueberries?
  • How do you keep providing food during the winter in norther climates via a garden?
  • Is there a difference between sustainable and survival gardening?
  • What do you take into account for a Bug Out Location in a Northern Climate?

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4 Responses to Episode-216- Survival Podcast Audience Questions 6-09-09

  1. Canadian Nomad

    Actually living in British Columbia Canada(and at one time Ontario Canada as well) solar ovens will work in the winter, the issue however is sunshine. On the wet err west coast we get a LOT of rain-cloudy weather, and thus we don\’t have much sun. Also being further north usable sunshine is reduced, as the length of day is reduced in the wintertime as you get further north, get to the Yukon or Alaska and your day is very short in the winter… but in the summer you have the opposite. Solar Ovens are great, but requires sun, but then you can use alternative methods under a lack of sun situation.

  2. Trevor 983tzero

    hey jack it’s trevor in bradenton florida hey let’s go fishing and find what our neighbor found a freakin live missile in the gulf while grouper fishing. heres the link http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20090609/ARTICLE/906091063?Title=Fishing-for-grouper-he-catches-a-missile totally love the show be here since day 2 lol over slept on day one

  3. Jack the home invasion thing is funny.Well lets just put it this way if a person is that stupid they deserve what they get.Also if you live in the north make sure to keep your firewood in a shed or under a tarp or plastic.The last thing you want to do is after a rainstorm and a major freeze is to be out there with a sledge hammer trying to bust it loose.

  4. So where are we supposed to be able to view the video of the podcast?