Episode-150- Are all Survivalists Right Wing Politically Speaking

A recent forum thread stated that part of the reason survivalists concepts do not attract more people is because we all come from such a right wing stand point.  Clearly as a Libertarian I take exception to this, the reality is most survivalists have a strong believe in following the Constitution.

Those that acutually respect The Constitution are often painted as “Right Wing” by the media but are they?  Is it exclusively a republican ideal to support The Constitution?  Of course not, do not Democrats invoke The Constitution when it suits them?

My view is Survivalists are often seen as “right wing” simply due to the communities overriding belief in the “right to keep and bare arms” applying to “the people”.  Yet many of us have what are called “liberal beliefs” by many as well in regard to things like alternative energy, restrictive social pollicies and even the unconstitutional practice of certain aspects of drug prohibition.

What are the real reasons the survivalist community doesn’t grow as fast as it should, tune in today to hear my take on that.

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22 Responses to Episode-150- Are all Survivalists Right Wing Politically Speaking

  1. First, a disclaimer, I’ve not listened to today’s episode.
    To the subject though, I would say that no, not all Survivalists are right-wing. Many might be, but I for one am not. I agree that the constitution of the nation in which you live and the laws that you live under should be observed (and fought against when they are stupid or unlawful (hey, it happens)) and that you should have the right to defend yourself; does that mean right-wing, no. I am a “left-leaning” socialist (in the frame of the Scandanavian model of how it’s used); but I still think of myself as a survivalist; though I differ in my view of it, as I think we need to (as this podcast is doing and many local groups are too) create local communities (where possible) of like-minded people who have diverse skill sets and are willing to share them for the betterment and increased self-sufficiency/reliance of all in the group.

    I don’t think that owning a gun or belief in the right to bear arms is necessarily a “right”; but that’s just my viewpoint. I agree with the concepts of being a survivalist as well as being a socialist. And if the media want to spin it their own warped way, so be it.

    That’s my rant on the topic.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. government = the political direction and CONTROL exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states; direction of the affairs of a state, community, etc.; political administration: Government is necessary to the existence of civilized society.

    I am tired of the word and the concept. I didn’t hire people to tell me what to do. I hired them to do what I tell them to do. Given this, they should be PUBLIC SERVANTS. They are puppets of the corporate oligarchy, the same bunch of elitists that have ruled since the 10th century (“The rich and the super rich.”) They still believe in a feudal system. It makes it a lot easier to control with a Federalist system that only has about 500 or so people to buy off – er – influence.

    It also helps when the laws enacted by this centralized system supersede local and state laws. The heart of the system is the problem. The community concept becomes ineffective and the population becomes isolated, apathetic, depressed and ripe for believing anything tossed from above. It was set up to control the population by its very nature.

    The 2 party system is a joke and it is a poor form of democracy. What, there are only 2 views that can be represented, dems and the gop? Give me a break. We will never have true freedom or a true democracy until we reign in and re-define the Fed. Let’s start by eliminating the word “GOVERNMENT” and replacing it with “PUBLIC SERVICE.”

    More to follow in the form of solutions

  3. Modern Survival


    Great and thought provoking comment as always. The only thing I must as always take exception to is this,

    “I don’t think that owning a gun or belief in the right to bear arms is necessarily a “right”;”

    That is fine as long as you can accept that in my nation, defended by my Constitution it is my right guaranteed by the foundational document of my nations government.

  4. Jack,

    Just a correction to today’s podcast. In general we think very much alike. Like you, I am sick of both parties because neither represents me well. I do consider myself to be a Libertarian but on the conservative side.

    My beef with the podcast today is the use of the word fascist. You used it as follows, “. . . the big business, fascist, involved with our government, you know, energy corporations, pull all the people a little more right wing minded to the complete other side of the spectrum . . .”

    Fascism has been misused and redefined, incorrectly in recent years. The same has been done with the word liberal. Today’s “liberals” are actually progressives or socialists. But that is a different argument. I would argue that today’s “conservatives” are actually classical liberals. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

    “Fascism is a radical, authoritarian nationalist ideology focused on solving economic, political, and social problems that its supporters see as causing national decline or decadence. Fascists aim to create a single-party state in which the government is led by a dictator who seeks unity by requiring individuals to subordinate self-interest to the collective interest of the nation or a race.”

    I point out the concept of the government “requiring individuals to subordinate self-interest to the collective interest of the nation”. Compare that concept with that of the current presidential administration. That is somewhat true with the last president as well.

    The point I’m trying to make is that using the word fascist in reference to energy corporations is not correct. Greedy? Sure. Evil? Maybe. Fascist? Doesn’t fit.

    I agree with the point of the podcast and most all the arguments you make. Keep up the good work and congrats on your 150th episode.

  5. Modern Survival

    Fascist, indeed does fit. Not natzi’s, not Hitler’s but fascist economics.

    From Wikipedia – “The fascists opposed both international socialism and liberal capitalism, arguing that their views represented a third way. They claimed to provide a realistic economic alternative that was neither laissez-faire capitalism nor communism.”

    This “third way” is business and government working together with one hand guiding the other to ensure

    1. Those doing the governing stay in power

    2. Those running the businesses continue to make large sums of money while preventing smaller companies from effectively competing.

    Sound familiar?

    Look you are right about the word not being used properly! People have so ingrained in their heads that Fascism = Nazi that they have lost on them what many fascist economies were like.

    Look into the fascism practiced by Benito Mussolini who had no “death camps”. The concept was sold as follows.

    1. To the working class, this will remove the “class system” and free you to have something of your own, a given amount of success in life not available in a truly socialist economy.

    2. To the elitists- this will allow you to remain in control and stay on top. Either we give the little guy the illousion that he can compete and let him have some level of success (and unbeknown to him make him a puppet) or soonner or later they are going to snap and put all the heads of the wealthy on a pike (the French Revolution was still in the memory of many of the elite at the time).

    Yep the collaboration of big business and government today in the U.S. is closer to fascist economics then any other system. In short fascism is capitalism full blown for the elite, pseudo capitalism for those that claw their way up the system and socialism for everyone else. Again sound familiar?

  6. The word survivalist has been twisted so much what is wrong with living in the country having a garden having livestock etc at one time that was considered saving money. Now the court of law will and can use the word against you. In missiouri evan if you are 100 percent right in protecting yourself if you end up shooting a robber or murderer if you shoot them with reloaded ammo or have more than 3 firearms or more than 200 rounds of ammo. They can and will claim you are a survivalist and that is wrong

  7. Modern Survival

    Oh and this was in your post,

    “Fascists aim to create a single-party state”

    And how do you do this and get away with it?

    You create a “two party system” and convince people that it is real but no matter who is “in power” there remains the same results.

    We don’t need an individual dictator in America. No matter who controls the senate or house or even the white house by and large businesses are writing our laws.

  8. What you have in America right now my friends is the making of Stalinist America.
    Capitalism maintained for the elitist. and Serfdom for the rest. The middle class will become non-existent. Those that challenge or question will become pariahs and relegated to the FEMA camps and Hoovervilles that Stalin called GULAGS..

    As Americans and as Individuals, we need to secede from the systems that bind us and keep us dependent. Jack I am still waiting for more on the secession ideals you speak of.

  9. “Fascists aim to create a single-party state”

    Jack since 1776 until the present we are now the proud owners of the single-party state.

    And how do you do this and get away with it?
    You create a “two party system” and convince people that it is real but no matter who is “in power” there remains the same results.

    We just appease the serfs enough so they dont revolt and start picking up weapons.

    We don’t need an individual dictator in America. No matter who controls the senate or house or even the white house by and large businesses are writing our laws.

    Bingo.. We already have that dictator.. Just look at the back of any piece of paper currency and look for the pyramid with the eye at the top.. Big brother is watching you. You just think you are free and have a COnstitution..

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  11. Modern Survival


    You said “Jack I am still waiting for more on the secession ideals you speak of.”

    Listen to today’s show my friend.

  12. already downloaded it. will be listening on the commute home.
    also on a lighter note the homegrown salad idea was ok but still needed some greasy sustenance to go with it. SO i had some Dumpie found frozen chicken fried steak w/ gravy and some dumpie found french bread.

    It takes alot of sustenance to work behind a computer all day.

  13. Jack, to quote you above “That is fine as long as you can accept that in my nation, defended by my Constitution it is my right guaranteed by the foundational document of my nations government.”; I have no issue with it being your right under the US Constitution; I personally don’t see it as a right (but that is just as a right for me and myself, I am not saying that others don’t have the right). I am even thinking of getting my FAC (fire arm certificate) here in Canada, is that a contradiction? I don’t think so. 🙂

  14. Jack,
    Afraid of is that you’ll turn off your tv” Hell yeah,
    Obama postponed the go digital date from Feb 17 to June 12 becasue too many people would be without TV.

    I would say that he felt he had too much to say to those people who could not afford to upgrade to digital, even though the program ran out of money helping people get the boxes at a discount.

    How does each one of those types of government pay for itself? More work for me to look up.

    I am wondering how much he has to say between now and then, then after that?

    Great show, good topics. Thanks for the help.

  15. Excellent show Jack. One of your best.

    I have my secession statement written and ready to go. Can’t wait to read yours!

  16. I’m just getting ready to fire up the podcast. however, I stopped reading the forum because of the way it looks. I hate all that imagery and those wierd pictures. Sorry, I can’t get past it.

  17. I think your reason #2 is the main thing.

    Those of us who don’t like guns and aren’t even vaguely conservative have the same problems convincing our friends that peak oil is something that *will* affect us all in our lifetimes (and may already be affecting us now) and that our monetary system may fall apart even sooner. I’ve sent the link to Chris Martenson’s Crash Course to more people than I can count, and I don’t think any of them have actually bothered to watch the videos yet.

    All it took was bread and circuses to keep the Roman citizens in a stupor. We’ve got cable. The people have no chance.

  18. Episode 150 was one of the best, Jack.

    It will be joining Episode 69 on how to bring your spouse on board that I have saved as an MP3 to play when I need to convince a certain someone of stuff.

    Why is Episode 150 so good? Because you explain to non-preppers what we are–and what we aren’t. This episode will convince people. And we need that.

    If a person has been waiting for an episode to share with a friend or family member to get them on board, I suggest Episode 150.

  19. Thou dost protest too much, mr. Global Warming denier.

  20. Modern Survival


    Yea, now that made your point did it not? Ya, got me I am a denier. Your damn right I am a denier just like THOUSANDS of scientists.

    What flavor koolaid are they feeding you today?

  21. Just listening to the show. I find it rather amusing that, in the US, survivalists are assumed by many as politically right wing, while here in sweden, we are labelled as leftist. Especially in view of the fact that most of our right wing would be placed in the “very close to left” political niche.

  22. There is one division which I think is valid, which you did not really cover. You say we should stop looking at liberal v. conservative, republican v. democrat, and this is true. But the division which IS important is the division where people seek to enforce their will on others through government, vs. the people that do not. Many of those people would be classified as liberals or democrats, and I would say the overlap there is fairly good. Many would be classified as Republicans too, and a few as conservatives, but I would say the overlap there is not so good. But the defining characteristic of these people is that when they view a thing as good, when they think it ought to be done, they say, “There ought to be a law.” And you can’t believe in the Constitution AND believe in your right to do that. You just can’t, because the Constitution forbids such an attitude. You have to pick.

    That is the division we have to be mindful of, and while it often follows the liberal/conservative split (note I didn’t say the Democrat/Republican split), it doesn’t always follow it and that is where I think what you’re saying is relevant.