Another Reminder – Tickets to the TSP 10 Year Anniversary Party will Be Available July 7th

We will have a private bar, a personal wait staff and private room for our 10 year anniversary, will you be there?

As previously announced we are doing a 10 year party at a place called Meso Maya in downtown Fort Worth and the date will be August 11, 2018. Originally we were going to allow 50 attendees and cover the cost of food for everyone, as I want to give something to you guys. But I have been blown away by how many people have contacted me about coming and traveling to do so. I realize that we are going to have to set a limit but we have moved that limit to 100. Here is how that will work…

  1. The first 50 reserved spots will be free
  2. The second 50 will be sold for 25 dollars a piece

That 25 dollars is my cost for food per person. The way it will work is on Saturday the 7th at 9 A.M. I will put a link on the home page of the MSB, you can log in at that time and fill out a form that link will take you to. Make sure your email and cell phone is correct. If your number is 50 or lower you are in for no cost. If your number is 51-100 you will have the opportunity to buy a ticket for 25 dollars.

We will contact everyone that is in the first 50 with details and to get an RSVP for their spots. We will also contact the next 50 to confirm they want to make payment. If they confirm they get the spot, if any don’t we will offer them to others.

This is really the best we can do. Anyway if you want to come be on stand by Saturday at 9AM central, I will push that link into the MSB exactly at that time, then post here to the blog. Once we get up over 100 I will shut it down, I will likely let it run to about 120 to create a list of stand by folks.

I wish I could accept everyone but this is the best solution we could come to. More details on today’s TSP Episode.  Please note we are covering food for the first 50 and only charging our cost for the second 50.  The bar however, is a cash bar, you pay for what you order.  We will have a private waitstaff in the room we have reserved including our own private bar staff.

Some new stuff as well.  Every person that comes to the party will be getting a free TSP 10 Year Anniversary Shot Glass and a few will be getting some cool stainless steel custom flasks.   You can check those out below.  I am doing these reminders because I think this thing is going to fill up VERY FAST and don’t want anyone to miss the opportunity.

10 Responses to Another Reminder – Tickets to the TSP 10 Year Anniversary Party will Be Available July 7th

  1. Hey Jack- Quite a while ago you mentioned something along the lines of licensing out the TSP brand for people in the community to just create cool merch with it that listeners could buy. Did anything ever come of that? Would love to buy some TSP gear one way or another.

  2. Ronnie in Iowa

    Ten years…a whole decade of educating people and expanding their horizons.

    Wish I could be there…..

  3. Abigail Shafer

    I have a question about this. My Husband is a member of the MSB but I am not. Both my husband and I want to attend. What is the best way to attempt to get 2 tickets?

    • Modern Survival

      That really is not an issue, he should log in, fill out the form, hit the back arrow and fill out a second form.  I am not going to check names against the MSB data base or anything.

  4. Abigail Shafer

    Awesome!! Thanks so much, I really hope we both get in!!

  5. Ben Hampton

    Hi Jack, I’ve been on the TSP website since 9AM, and I do not see the link for the tickets to your anniversary party.

  6. Am  I the only one who hasn’t seen a thing since 8:30?

  7. Diane Shearer

    Hey Jack, any chance you’ll make the shot glass and flask available for purchase after the party? I’d LOVE to have them!