Another Announcement about the Coming PDC from Geoff Lawton

Note I have been told at least at first the online PDC will have limited seats, so I made an error.  I have now though gotten with Geoff’s web team and as soon as the PDC becomes available the MSB discount will be available with it.

I am not sure why the seats are limited, perhaps due to the initial classes being live online with interaction?  When I find out I will let you know but I wanted to update you guys as soon as I found out about this.

Again though, if you hear the PDC is live, go to the MSB and the discount info will be on the benefits page right away, I now have the info for that.

16 Responses to Another Announcement about the Coming PDC from Geoff Lawton

  1. do you want us to just keep checking back on the site for the announcement?

    • Modern Survival

      If you are on Geoff’s list you will get an email as soon as it goes live but yes I will post it as well,

  2. Awesome.. and of course I’m on the list.. I’ve got 35 acres of Colorado forest with a canyon to design that only grows Juniper trees at present… We’ll see what we can do.

  3. Ashaldaron

    You mentioned first, does this mean he will be doing more? Or just hoping he does?

  4. I wondering the same thing, if this is an ongoing or more than one PDC online, does the MSB discount only apply to this first class or any other classes…just in case we dont get in the first time. Thanks Jack.

  5. Live webcast…bummer. My schedule is horrible. I’ll have to wait for the replay or downloadable version. All in good time I suppose…can’t do much until we move to TX anyway later this year…just excited to learn all the Permaculture stuff I can.

  6. Roundabouts

    Got the Cold Climate Permaculture Interview. Very good as usual. Hard to focus cuz I am waiting for the course info to come out. It’s worse that being 8 yrs old waiting for Santa.

  7. Ashaldaron

    Yeah, I got the fanboy thing going bad.

  8. I’m a new subscriber…what exactly is MSB?

  9. Joe Moraca

    Well it is live …. at least one person signed up 😉

  10. make that 2!

  11. how do I get there?

  12. mike from nj

    Make that three!

    Keith go to link in the msb page or check your email if you’re not msb.

  13. Bonnieblue2A

    Rats, I registered directly through Geoff’s e-mail and did not know there was to be an MSB discount.