Episode-290- An Interview with John McCann

Today on The Survival Podcast I have the privilege of interviewing John McCann, owner of Survival Resources and the author of, “Build the Perfect Survival Kit”.  John has appeared on the Martha Stewart Show and been published in the New York Times.

John has a long history in the survival industry and you talk to him and read his work you quickly realize that he really loves what he does for a living.  He has spent years in the bush out of a pure passion for the outdoors and over those years experimented with various components, configuration and construction techniques for making survival kits.  He continues to this day to refine the process and personally train students.

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4 Responses to Episode-290- An Interview with John McCann

  1. Hey guys! Jack and John, you guys sounded great today!

    Thanks to both of you for doing this interview today! 🙂

  2. The Wilderness

    Excellent interview.

    John and his wife Denise are two of the nicest, down to earth people I have ever met.


  3. Great Show Jack!

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