Episode-291- An Interview with Dave Canterbury

Today we have Dave Canterbury on The Survival Podcast.  Dave is most widely known for his amazing videos on YouTube where he has about 250 videos posted.  Watching his youtube videos is like getting a college degree is like getting a college degree in bush craft with both primitive and modern methods.   In fact he will soon be appearing in series on The Discovery Channel about wilderness survival thanks to all his hard work.

Dave is also the owner of Wilderness Outfitters Archery and “The Pathfinder School”  He is an amazing resource and has worked tirelessly to help people learn to reconnect with their roots by spending quality time in the wilderness.

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12 Responses to Episode-291- An Interview with Dave Canterbury

  1. Great interview, Jack. I\’ve been watching Dave\’s videos for some time now. It really is like an education. He has really inspired me to get out and do things in the wilderness. =-]

  2. Very nice interview. Im a big fan of Dave and Pathfinderschool.

  3. Great show Jack, also did you hear about Gulf oil producers and China, Japan, Russia and Brazil had secret talks to phase out the dollar for the oil trade.

  4. The Wilderness

    Good job Jack and Dave!

    Dave is a real good guy,it was a lot of fun hanging out with both of you at DT09. Looking forward to DT10.

    The Wilderness

  5. Dan Maddalena

    Jack, another great show!
    Last Spring I put together one of Dave’s Versa-Shelters and tested it with my 10 year old daughter. Like you touched on today, we found ways to improve it to better meet our needs and now we both feel confident in using it. So much so, that she can put it up by herself.

  6. Newb Survivalist

    I love the interview shows. It was fun listening to the show today while i was practicing with the “sling-bow” Dave invented. I was grouping arrows into a 5lb charcoal bag from 20 feet in my backyard. Great way to start the day. keep em commin Jack.

    -take care

  7. My favorite of the interviews thus far. I d/led all of Dave Canterbury’s YouTube videos and play them over and over while I cook, clean my guns, etc..

    I learn quite a bit from his videos.

    (Please include the mistakes. It helps me learn why (or why not) something works.)

  8. Let your guest speak more. My 2 cents…..

  9. LOL! I’m a couple days behind, and just got a chance to listen to this. Jack – the guy who screwed with Alan’s hand drill was Chris (he’s over at the dirt time forum). He’s a hilarious guy, and I agree – the look on Alan’s face when he found out that there was nothing wrong with him, there was just something wrong with his stick, was DEFINITELY worth going to dirt time. 😀

  10. I agree with that wholeheartedly.

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  12. I have been a fan of Dave Canterbury since the first videos on the Versa shelter were ever posted. I have seen nearly everyone of his videos and the Dual Survival shows that have been aired to date. I think Dave and you both have the right perspective on the value of knowledge and practiced skills vs. “Kit” alone. I know folks who watch nearly every video and Bear Grills/Les Stroud and assume they now have the skills needed to “Make it”. They are wrong. Though evil of me I’m sure, I don’t try and correct those who display themselves as knowledgeable because they will only impede themselves and others when the time comes. That will leave more real opportunities for me. (Hence the evil comment) Like Dave, I don’t have a garden. I think that advertising your resources is not a sound thing to do. Rather, I know who has them and may need defending until they can gather what is useful. I’m not about stealing from others. I am about helping those who have taken the time to help themselves and working with that. I’m prepared in my mind, and resources/locations/skills to help others to survive. I teach my friends and their children skills from Navigation, first aid, fire building, shelter making, and small game getting. They help me with friendship and social balance.