An Important Update from Jeff Gleason “The Berkey Guy”

Loyal Sponsor and Long Time MSB Supporter Jeff Gleason (AKA the Berkey Guy) wanted me to share the following important update with The Survival Podcast Community.

To the TSP & MSB community from Jeff “The Berkey Guy” @,

It’s no surprise that recent world events have impacted and are continuing to reshape the world as we know it.  Product/Service providers along with their customers are all experiencing the effects of such dynamic history.  As an affiliate privileged to serve the TSP/MSB community, we want to thank Jack Spirko for the opportunity to support his endeavors.  He provides practical content and valuable insight which we appreciate.  We offer this letter of intent addressing the availability of Berkey® products.

As many of you might already know, the Berkey® Water Purification systems have grown in exposure over the last few years, especially the last 6 months.  Demand is increasingly steep and the trend is vertically positive.  As an authorized dealer for the manufacturer (New Millennium Concepts, Ltd.) of the Berkey® products for almost 6 years, we want the TSP/MSB community to know that although specific models of the stainless steel systems have approached back order status, namely the Big, Royal, Imperial, and Crown, we will continue to make the Berkey Light™, Travel Berkey®, Go Berkey Kit, Sport Berkey® available, as well as Emergency Seedbanks, Aquatanks for water storage, and other preparedness products.

For real-time status updates & information, we encourage TSP/MSB community-members to subscribe to our newsletter at our site

Almost needless to say, shipping times adjust with increased demand, but we will continue to do our best to ship products directly and to expedite processing for those which we have fulfilled by our partners/manufacturers. We are fortunate to have strong relationships with our business partners and this strengthens our resolve to serve you.

A little insight: We are committed to being upfront about shipping times and product fulfillment expectations and will not accept backorders when the uncertainty of availability requires us to compromise our integrity, although many others are not pursuing this course. We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing our service to the TSP/MSB community.

Personally I think it says a lot that Jeff is basically saying when any item goes into back order status to a point where he can’t commit to a ship date he will not be taking orders on certain product.  It takes integrity for a supplier to do this.  I am also sure Berkey is taking steps to minimize future back orders.  If you do have questions please understand I will be deferring to Jeff on this and it may take him longer to respond than what you have come to expect from my response times.

~ Jack Spirko


13 Responses to An Important Update from Jeff Gleason “The Berkey Guy”

  1. Open communication with customers is just plain good business practice. Thank you for not taking my money and putting it in a black hole of uncertainty.

  2. Thanks Jack for posting this update. I will be emailing everyone on our email list as soon as we have more available.


  3. Thanks for being forthright. I have a “Big” on order for a week or so? I’ve never had one thus far, and should be fine until I get it.

  4. I purchased two systems from Jeff a couple of months ago. I can ensure you that Jeff cares about his customers. I had some questions about which model to purchase and Jeff personally called to help me with my decision.

    I can also tell you that the product is worth the wait. We are very satisfied our systems.

  5. Yep – I had the big berkey in my cart – needed to get something at work and “poof” – I ordered the travel size which was the largest metal one still in stock.

    I think the smaller unit will be a better fit for my needs.

    He is a very good person to talk to, always nice to hear the true back order status.

  6. I posted this on the forum, but would like to mention it here.
    I e-mailed Jeff with a question regarding the Sport Berkey bottles. Within 10 minutes Jeff phoned me. Great Guy, very knowledgeable and very helpful.
    I recently placed my order for 3 of the Sport Berkeys (we have a Big Berkey in daily use already) and I received a tracking number within 2 hours.
    Jeff epitomizes excellent customer service and will certainly receive my business again in the future, as needs arise.
    Thanks for having Jeff on board Jack.
    Jeff…Thanks for supporting the community and our prepping efforts.

  7. Update.
    I just checked my mailbox and lo and behold there were my 3 Sport Berkeys! 🙂
    I ordered them on 3/31 and they arrived today (4/2).

    I’m impressed.

    Thanks Jeff and Thanks again Jack.

  8. Been putting off buying one, just because of the money. This put me over the edge and got the travel Berkey! Thanks for the info and the honesty.

  9. Jeff is great and he is a asset to TSP. However Millennium concepts grinds my gears. I got faulty flouride filters and am having trouble getting them replaced.

  10. okay to post the message on my blog in it’s entirety?
    Thanks in advance either way.

  11. With all the people out of work, why doesn’t the manufacturer hire some extra workers and produce more of these? We are wanting a Royal model, what are are options now?

  12. The folks from Berkey Guy were great about returning calls, however I received my Royal Berkey with a leaky spigot. The answer from Berkey Guy was “sorry, warranty issue, call New Millenium.” Long story short, after over a month and four phone calls to New Millenium, (the lady that answers the phone was always very nice, just full of excuses)I finally got the replacement part.

    It seemed to me at the time(January)that New Millenium’s success had far outpaced their ability to keep up. I don’t think there was any bad intent, they just seemed totally overwhelmed, and without a plan in place to keep up with the increased demand.

    As for the unit itself, I would say the taste of the water is better than tap, but not as good as the water store. (the Berkey doesn’t cost $100 grand either though). I am happy to have a guaranteed supply of safe water to drink.

  13. Thanks for the update, I have had one on the list for some time and finally pulled the trigger on the Travel. I probably would have bought the Big, but maybe I will need two at some point.