Almost 7000 People Joined the Regenerative Agriculture Group So Far – Come See Why


On Oct. 16th 2015 I started a new FaceBook group called Regenerative Agriculture.  I think a lot of people simply thought, “oh another group, big deal”.  Well let me tell you that is not the case.

We are building something special, really special folks.  In only 87 days our group has gone from a half a dozen folks who felt there was “a better way to do this” to 6685 members as of this posting.

It isn’t just numbers though, this is a group totally free of political debates and other things that get in the way of a single topic, getting things done with regenerative agriculture.   This includes every thing from small microgrees business and simple homesteading to everything you can think of including broad acre cattle ranching and more.

Every day people are sharing what works, what does not work and more.  From little victories like making your first value added products like hard cider, meads and herbal medicines to nuts and bolts market level numbers on everything from feed costs to profit margins.

We now are a positive brand already growing and spreading across the nation.  One member made our awesome logo and we make it freely available in open source in small and large files both black and white and color.  One guy ran a run of decals with it and sold out in a day.

Why not come join us and see what all the fuss is about.  Those of you that just don’t like facebook, this group may in fact change that.  Facebook is nothing but a tool, a means of communication.  With this group our moderator staff is tight on what fits our topic.  May be even to tight on rare occasions but we are proving it works.  Trust me you will find one awesome group of people doing epic shit for good in this world.  Some come join us at

If you would like to use our logo to help spread the word again we allow open source use of the logo for that.  Consider adding it to your blog or website.  You can find all the different sizes and options at

3 Responses to Almost 7000 People Joined the Regenerative Agriculture Group So Far – Come See Why

  1. Don’t understand Facebook, so not sure if i signed up but I LOVE what you do and as a 63 year old farmer and Marine Veteran, I agree and appreciate 99.9% with all you do. You are the best. Thanks!!!!

  2. I hate Facebook, but I love the show. I will look at it for that reason alone.

  3. Just Treat Facebook like a loaded Gun….And you should be ok… Groups such as Regenerative Agriculture are AWSOME… The wealth of knowledge out there is unbelievable… What ever your into there is a Group for that… Most likely several groups, at that.